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brass like tuba smaller

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(brass like tuba smaller)one、Classification of copper and copper alloy

(brass like tuba smaller)brass like tuba smaller

two、Pure copper(Cu)

(brass like tuba smaller)Purple red,Therefore, it is also known as copper ; density:8.96 ×103 kg/m3;Mellow point:1083℃;Conductivity and thermal conductivity are second only to gold and silver。

brass like tuba smaller

Different chemical components:Industrial pure copper and oxygen-free copper。my country's industrial pure copper has three grades:

(brass like tuba smaller)No. 1 copper(99.95%Cu),Code numberT1

Copper 2nd(99.90%Cu),Code numberT2

Three copper(99.70%Cu),Code numberT3。

No oxygen-containing oxygen content is extremely low,no greater than0.003%,ThereofTU1、TU2。

Pure copper brand、Chemical composition and use

brass like tuba smaller

three、Copper alloy

(brass like tuba smaller)In order to meet the requirements of the production structure,The industrial is widely used in copper to add alloying elements to a copper alloy that has been enhanced.,Commonly used copper alloy can be divided into:brass、White copper 、bronze

1.brass--Copper alloy with zinc to add alloying elements,Good mechanical properties,Easy to process,Atmosphere、Seawater has a fair resistance to corrosion capacity。

brass like tuba smaller

According to the type of alloy element, it can be divided into ordinary brass and special brass.;According to production methods, it can be divided into pressure machining brass and cast brass.。

(brass like tuba smaller)(1)Ordinary brass

Ordinary brass isCu—ZnBinary alloy。Ordinary brass is divided into single-phase brass and double phase brass:

(brass like tuba smaller)Single-phase brass——When the zinc content is less than39%Time,Zinc is formed in copperαSolid solution。

Double phase brass——When the content of zinc is greater than or equal39%Time,In addition toαSolid solution,Compounds have also occurred in the organizationCuZnMatrixβSolid solution。

brass like tuba smaller

(2)Special brass

Add to the basis of ordinary brassSn、Si、Mn、Pb、AlEqual elements,Copper alloy formed。

Different from the addition of the elements,Tin brass、Silicone、Manganese brass、Lead brass and aluminum brass, etc.。

Ordinary press processing brass plate number:H+ Average copper。E.g:H62A copper62%,RemainderZnOrdinary brass。

Special pressure processing brass:H + Main plus element symbol(In addition to zinc)+ Average copper + Main plus element average content。E.g:HMn58-2,Indicates the amount of copper58%、Manganese2%Special brass。

Cast brass(Including ordinary brass and special brass)Brand number:ZCu+Main plus element symbol+Main plus element content+Other elements symbols and contents of elements。E.g:ZcuZn38,ZCuZn40Mn2Wait。

2.White copper--Copper alloy with nickel。Has good hot and hot processing performance,Cannot be heat-treated,Only use solid solution strengthening and processing hardening to improve strength。

Brand number:B+Nickel content。

White bronze medal of more than three yuan:B+The second main additive element symbol and the ingredient number group other than the base element copper。E.g:B30IndicateNiQuantity30%White copper。

(brass like tuba smaller)3.bronze--In addition to brass and white copper,All copper-based alloys are called bronze。According to the different types of main plus elements,Bronze can be divided into tin bronze、Aluminum bronze、Silicon bronze and beryllium bronze, etc.。According to production methods, it can be divided into pressure processed bronze and cast bronze.。

brass like tuba smaller(brass like tuba smaller)

Pressure processed bronze medal:Q+Element symbol and content of the main plus element+Other additional elements。E.g:QSn4-3Indicates the amount of tin4%,Zinc content3 %,The rest of the copper tin bronze。

Cast bronze grades and cast brass:ZCu+Main plus element symbol+Main plus element content+Other elements symbols and contents of elements。E.g: ZCuSn5Pb5Zn5、ZCuAl9Mn2。

(1)Tin bronze is copper alloy as the main alloy element,It is the earliest metal in human history.。

(2)Aluminum bronze contains aluminum content5%~12%。

(3)Bronze is1.7%~2.5%。

(4)Silicon bronze

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