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diy round brass tube cube

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(diy round brass tube cube)

diy round brass tube cube

(diy round brass tube cube)Brass handicrafts need a clay prototype before making,Clay sculptures are made by the sculptor on the basis of the original design draft.、Re-creation after deliberation。

Brush the surface of the clay mold with silicone,take its shape,resin after drying,Fixed silicone shape,Can be saved and used again

(diy round brass tube cube)Pour the melted wax water into the silicone mold,form a wax pattern。Cooled wax model,To make the pattern clearer,need to be on the surface,More different patterns can be repaired with corresponding tools。

diy round brass tube cube

In the production process, the product needs to be subjected to three paste processes,High temperature refractory materials of four different materials are wrapped respectively,evenly adheres to the surface,It will take about a week to dry,Where to dry the environment needs to be ventilated,Balance of humidity and temperature。

after slime,The wax mold of the inner cavity needs to be removed,when production is required,Firing the dewaxed mold again,The copper melting on the other side will also be carried out at the same time.。According to customer's request,Materials that require solutes vary,Of course, we will choose high-quality raw materials to ensure the final effect and quality of the product。

diy round brass tube cube

When the fired mold and copper water reach a certain temperature,Pour copper water into the mold,cool down。It should be noted that whether the temperature on both sides is too high or too low will affect the casting result.。

The cooled products are generally knocked off the shell by hand to get the final copper.。The details are processed with a desander。

The surface of the product needs to be polished,For the places with deficiencies and trachoma, they should also be polished to perfection after filling.,make the surface smoother。

diy round brass tube cube

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