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Switzerland Mochui Energy Group reached a transaction last summer,From TurkeyBietsanCompany purchase3600Wan Diming Brass。When the goods arrive,It was originally equipped with brass containers filled with pigments.。

(c36000 brass tube)Turkish police believe that this is organized and crime。Bloomberg News Agency, USA9Day report,The police have been detained related to brass.13people。Report,This incident is quite like the plot in the gangmail。

Mocery said,The goods are in front of the port near Istanbul, Turkey.,Exceed300About the container6000Tons of brass has been removed,Changed to a plate of paint。

Motony has filed criminal proceedings in Turkey,identifyBietsanCompany cargo suspected of furnishing bags and insurance fraud。BietsanThe company has not yet made formal responses。

(c36000 brass tube)Mocos Ruo Lawyer Southern·Bolovali said,MOU Rui last year6Monthly agreedBietsanCompanies buy brass。MOU Ruiqi has been doing business with this Turkish supplier。

Bolovali said,These brass is loaded into the container of the first batch of goods,Container posted a seal。But under the night cover,Someone opens the container,Changed brass to slate。Be free to be aware,Replace the true sealing strip with a false seal。Until the goods faster,The package was discovered。

usually,Traders can claim according to the goods policy。But Mocery,BietsanThe seven insurance contracts used by the company,Only one is true。(Bumen)【Xinhua News Agency Micro】

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