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1 1 2 inch brass tube

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one、what isPFATube

(1 1 2 inch brass tube)PFAEnglishPolyfluoroalkoxyabbreviation of,Chinese name is called soluble polytetrafluoroethylene。PFAPlastics are copolymers of a small amount of perfluoropropyl per fluible ether and polytetrafluoroethylene。Melting adhesion,Solution viscosity,Performance compared with polytetrafluoroethylene。

PFATube(Craftsmanship/Production Method)YesPFAThe resin is directly processed by a normal thermoplastic molding method.。

PFATube:PFASuitable for making corrosion resistance,Grow oversecting、Seals、Insulator and medical device parts,High temperature wire、Cable insulation,Antiseptic equipment、Sealing material、Pump valve bushing,Chemical container。

1 1 2 inch brass tube

Figure one PFATube source :Dankai

two、PFAWhat are the specifications of the tube?

(1 1 2 inch brass tube)PFATube/PFAhose

1、name:PFATube,Soluble polyfluoroethylene,Transparent Teflon tube 。

2、Common color:Transparent,black;

3、use:Semiconductor manufacturing device,Heat exchanger,Steam pipe,Corrosive medium delivery tube,Wire and cable sheath,Slot tube,All-inclusive fluoroplastOType seal tube。

4、Common specifications have spot:the inside diameter of*Outer diameter(unit:mm)Other specifications can be customized

1 1 2 inch brass tube

Figure II PFATube source :Dankai

Metric system:2*4 3*5 4*6 5*7 6*8 8*10 8*12 9*12 10*12 12*14 14*16 16*18 18*20

(1 1 2 inch brass tube)British:1/8inch(1.6*3.2),1/4inch(3.96*6.35),3/8inch(6.35*9.525),1/2inch(9.5*12.7),3/4inch(15.88*19.05),1inch(22.2*25.4);

Production specifications,the inside diameter of0.5mmInner diameter200mm,Wall thickness0.12mmarrive3mm。

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