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Xinhua News Agency Zhengzhou11moon16Nippon Electric(Reporter Shuang Rui)The earliest known Chinese、What planning for state-of-the-art drainage looks like?one period4000The ceramic drainage pipes from many years ago were recently unveiled at the Henan Museum,There are real things。

This section of the drainage pipe has obvious cracks,but basically preserved。It was unearthed at the ancient city site of Pingliangtai in Huaiyang, Henan,This site belongs to the late Neolithic Longshan cultural city site,about today4000for many years,It is one of the earliest ancient city sites in China discovered by archaeology.。

It is understood,Three sets of pottery drainage pipes have been discovered at the south gate of the Pingliangtai site,Each group is set,height difference at both ends,Drainage can be drained outside the city。Experts analyze the location and usage of drainage pipes,The city site of Pingliangtai was plagued by internal flooding,How to effectively drain the accumulated water in the city to the outside of the city,It has always been a concern of the ancestors。from the use of adobe、Guard house and drainage pipe installation,As can be seen4000The creative spirit of the ancestors in the early city site construction many years ago。

A section of drainage pipe exhibited at the Henan Museum this time,It is the archaeological excavation of the Pingliangtai site40A part of the annual achievement exhibition。The Pingliangtai site was first excavated in the last century70s,A large number of precious cultural relics have been unearthed,Including production tools used by primitive people、daily necessities、The traces of the earth house where they lived and the kiln site where the pottery was fired, etc.。This achievement exhibition focuses on450remaining pieces,Tao、bone、stone、mussel、Jade and other cultural relics。

Exhibition from11mid-month until12mid-month,Will lead people to explore through cultural relics4000The life and wisdom of the ancestors many years ago。