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harley brass pushrod tubes

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(harley brass pushrod tubes)I like the sound of rolling thunder,Worry about the car being too heavy?Appreciate the overhead valveV2shape,require more power?Hope to be able to cruise,Also for long-distance travel?confirmed eyes,HarleySport Glide,maybe it's yours“vegetable”!

harley brass pushrod tubes

Harley'sSoftail(soft tail)series is long、Unique product family。from1984Harley's earliestFXST Softailsince listing,Various models of softtail models continue to be introduced,LetSoftailBecoming a Harley Classic。HarleySoftailnewcomer to the family,Newly developedSport GlideDress up!

harley brass pushrod tubes

Revolutionary cylinder head

mention harley,Riders immediately think of vertical placementVType two-cylinder engine,And the accompanying low-speed high torque、Unique vibration rhythm and powerful exhaust rhythm。indeed,This is standard on Harleys and even American cruisers,But while sticking to tradition,this oneV2The engine is actually improving all the time,from Fhead、Flat head、fist、pan head、iron head、shovel head to“double cam”、“evolution”、“reform”,Harley's power heart keeps evolving。

harley brass pushrod tubesharley brass pushrod tubes

again,Harley-powered heart has come to an evolutionary moment。This engine is a new generation of new research and developmentV2engine。over the years,Harley's powerplants all have distinct personalities,for exampleOHVvalve train,This is a relatively old engine intake and exhaust technology,The camshaft is mounted on the lower side of the cylinder,Push the rocker arm up with the longer push rod,Then press down through the rocker arm to open the valve;The valve is set on the cylinder head,This way the combustion chamber can be optimized to be hemispherical or wedge-shaped,Thereby improving the compression ratio and thermal efficiency of the engine,However, this advantage is only relative to the side valve train.。The overhead valve engine has the characteristics of low speed and high torque,and can be adjusted byVThe angle of the two cylinders to obtain different vibration rhythm and exhaust sound,has a strong personality,This is why, although more advanced overhead camshaft engines appeared later,But Harley still sticks to production technology“outdated”ofOHVengine reason。Now,Harley's latest generation of power heart still insists on overhead valves,But for the first timeOHVmake major innovations,each cylinder2valve increases to each cylinder4valve,This ensures compliance with current emissions and fuel consumption、On the premise of reliability and other requirements,Enhanced power and torque output。

harley brass pushrod tubesharley brass pushrod tubes

stronger power

last generationSoftailThe family carriesTC103engine,Displacement is1690mL,Able to burst the maximum torque132N·m(3000r/min)。Now,SoftailThe newest member of the familySport Glidemore broad-minded,Expand the engine displacement to1745mL,increased55mL。

harley brass pushrod tubesharley brass pushrod tubes

exist4With the support of valve cylinder head and larger displacement,Sport Glidegained more power,The maximum power is62kW(5020r/min),Maximum torque up to145N·m(3250r/min),Enhanced over the previous generation10%。Of course,Harley's unique low-speed and high-torque characteristics are still outstanding,When the speed is as low as1700r/minTime,output strong power,continued to increase since then、maintain high torque output,until the speed red line is reached5500r/min,The electronic speed limiter starts to interfere with the speed。Harley claims,With more valves、Larger displacement and bull-like low-speed high torque,compared to the previous generation,Sport GlideAccelerate from start to100km/h,it's running out10%,Create more power for the rider、More refreshing speed stimulation!

harley brass pushrod tubesharley brass pushrod tubes

test the water“light”travel

asSoftailThe newest member of the family,Sport GlideIt can be said to come from behind,Take advantage of the latecomer,That is to absorb the advantages of the brothers,both brothersHeritagetravel features andFat Bobathletic performance。

Batwing windshield,It turned out to be the standard configuration of the Harley travel family.,now thisDNAalso inheritedSport Glidespan。but,Since it is located in“light travel”,Sport GlideThe bat wing becomes very mini。Modeling design by computer fluid dynamics software,Wind Tunnel Tested at Wichita State University,And the actual test drive under various road conditions, Sport GlideThe mini batwing combines function and personality,Not only provides the right amount of wind protection when driving,Reduces the pressure of storm winds at high speed,Makes the rider less prone to fatigue during long-distance travel,And no heavy feeling,will still give you the wind to fly、Embrace the Air Free Cruise Experience!

harley brass pushrod tubes

Two side boxes as standard,Not only is it convenient for riders to store luggage when traveling,and compact design,Integrated with the vehicle,No bulky feeling at all。Better yet,Either the two side boxes or the batwing windshield,can be easily removed in seconds,No additional tools required。so,“light travel”ofSport Glideshaken up,Immediately convert it into a simple and tough standard cruiser!

harley brass pushrod tubesharley brass pushrod tubes(harley brass pushrod tubes)To further improveSport Glideof“light travel”Function,Harley engineers put a lot of thought into it,such as improved frame,hardness increased34%;The caster angle is set at30°,than brothersFat BoyandBreakoutall come small,Then match the diameter18inch front wheel,Improved linearity when leaning into corners;Replacing the upright front fork in the conventional configuration of the cruiser,Switch to an upside-down fork with better upper sport performance;By adjusting the installation position of the clutch pump,Reduced the width of the drivetrain by nearly20mm……

harley brass pushrod tubesharley brass pushrod tubes(harley brass pushrod tubes)Harley claims,Located at“light travel”ofSport GlideRealize flexible control,The left tilt angle reaches28.7°,right side2combine1Certain influence of exhaust system,but still27.9°。Of course,this“light travel”only in relative terms,althoughSport Glidethan the same doorHeritagelighter11kg,Lightest than travel family“king of the road”lighter62kg,But the net mass is still more than300kg!

harley brass pushrod tubes

Harley-Davidson Sport Glide

engine type:Oil cooler,OHV,Vtype double cylinder

(harley brass pushrod tubes)Displacement:1745mL


Maximum power:62kW(5020r/min)

maximum torque:145N·m(3250r/min)

(harley brass pushrod tubes)compression ratio:10.0:1

fuel supply method:Electronic fuel injection system

Transmission system:6speed

ultimate drive:belt

frame:Steel tube frame

Seat height:680mm

Minimum ground clearance:120mm

caster angle:30°

(harley brass pushrod tubes)drag distance:150mm


suspension system:(forward)43mmInverted front fork,journey130mm

(harley brass pushrod tubes)(back)Monotube shock absorber,journey86mm

Braking System:(forward)300mmsingle disc,stationary4Piston Caliper

(back)292mmsingle disc,floating2Piston Caliper

Tire specifications:(forward)130/70B18 63H BW

(back)180/70B16 77H BW

fuel tank volume:18.9L

net mass:304kg