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5 16 brass compression ring tube fittings

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5 16 brass compression ring tube fittings

Locke ring connection process

past,When the aluminum evaporator is connected to the copper or Bondi,First use argon arc welding or electrical resistant welding copper-aluminum joints,Then use the copper-aluminum joint with the copper tube or Bondi to complete the open fire welding.。The disadvantage of this process is:Two solder joints,Leakage risk;Unoperate,Welding quality is controlled by the operator;Welding in the freezer,It is more difficult to operate,The quality of welding is difficult to guarantee。And Locke ring,Simple operation,Shape cleaning,Two welding points become a welding point reliability,Reduce costs,That is, the cost of the original two solder joints and copper aluminum head is completed by one ring.,There have been a domestic refrigerator factory,Comprehensive cost can be reduced after a refrigerator uses the Rocke ring process20RMB。This author:Renxingfeng,Sun Qingjian。

Raw material

1 Pipeline

(5 16 brass compression ring tube fittings)Once the system is designed according to the system requirements, once it is determined,Its corresponding Locke loop joint specification and corresponding technical parameters are also determined。Pipeline size needs to be controlled including pipe outer diameter and wall thickness,Pipeline tolerance range is determined according to the specific situation。Pipe connection section is not bent,No oil。

2 Locke ring

Locke ring(See Figure 1)Is Germany FolkanglokringCompany's patented products,Locke ring technology is the principle of cold extrusion plastic deformation,Dacted between aluminum and aluminum、Aluminum and copper、Copper and copper、Copper and steel、Tight connection between copper and titanium,Specially used to connect small diameters of non-ferrous metal pipes,Design maximum nominal pressurePn=7Mpa,Test the maximum pressurePp=4Pn=28Mpa,Suitable-50~+150℃。For Locke loop monoclope joints,Coping with softer pipe expansion,Such as aluminum copper,Aluminum tube(See Figure 2)。In Figure 2D1=Original outer diameter of outer casing,D2=Internal intubation original outer diameter,D3=Inner diameter after outer casing expansion,inD3=D2+0.2△=Coat wall thickness,L=Row-axial length of straight line segment,inL>=Coaxial length+3。The Locke ring process is an alternative process of welding process in the production of refrigeration appliances.。

High volume production can use hydraulic clamp to carry out Rock ring,Need to be equipped with a hydraulic station。Small batch production or product trial,Manual pliers can be crimped。Repair multi-Luke ring,Especially suitable for different pipe diameters of different materials,Manual pressure。dedicatedR600aPneumatic sealing clamp,Can also be used for the sealing of other refrigerant,Use a Locke ring plug-in,Replace ultrasonic welding machine in small batches of production。

(5 16 brass compression ring tube fittings)5 16 brass compression ring tube fittings

5 16 brass compression ring tube fittings

Figure one Locke ringFigure II Extension
(5 16 brass compression ring tube fittings)Operation,Insert the inner tube into the outer tube(Outer tube expansion;In some cases, there may be no need to expand or need to scale the tube of a certain end.),Then put the Rocke ring in the correct direction in the inner tube, Remember to drop a special sealing liquid in the corresponding part before crushing(See the right picture),Axial trench that flows into the surface of the tube,Once you have solidified, you can ensure the sealing reliability of the entire structure.。The working pressure that can be affected by the Locke ring structure after the connection is5MPa,And you can withstand a certain draw、The role of external force such as bending。

3 Sealing liquid

The role of special sealing liquid is very important。Since various metal circular tubes are substantially extruded,This process and subsequent transportation,It is inevitable that the scratches in the axial direction are generated in its internal and external surface during processing. 。When the scratches are relatively deep,The radial compression of the Locke ring cannot guarantee that all refrigerant leak channels are blocked.。The dedicated seal is actually a filler,It can enter the gap between the internal intake and the outer casing by capillary phenomenon,And flow into the intermediate curing of the axial scratched trench described above,Thus completely sealing all leak channels。in addition,Special sealing liquid also combines the role of cleaning pipeline surface。

Note that the sealing is stored time,Do not use expired sealing liquid,Valid expiration bottle yellow label,Store ambient temperature5~25℃。The metal material and the on-site ambient temperature are changed in the curing time of the sealing liquid.,Specifically, as long as one is a copper tube,Then the curing time is20~25℃Approximately2~4minute。If both heads are aluminum tubes,Then the curing time is20~25℃Be15Minute。If the ambient temperature is lower than10℃the following,The curing time is longer,If necessary,Locke loop jointly completed1600WHair dryer heating to accelerate curing。


(5 16 brass compression ring tube fittings)

5 16 brass compression ring tube fittings

5 16 brass compression ring tube fittings

Figure three Manual pliersFigure four Hydraulic station

Manual pliers(See Figure 3)Is a manual tool for production with Locke ring,Through it, it can complete the connecting ring of the crimped various specifications and the small diameter aluminum tube.,It is suitable for refrigerators using connecting ring technology、Colder、Air conditioner after-sales maintenance,It has become a must-have tool for refrigerator refrigeration industries。

(5 16 brass compression ring tube fittings)Hydraulic station(See Figure 4)The parameters such as stress in the factory have been adjusted in place.,Never need to transfer again,If you need to adjust the pressure after long use,Can be carried out according to the guide,The pressure of the welding pressure pump is generally adjusted15~18Mpabetween,The team uses a pressure gauge every two hours to verify a pressure。


Operators in the Rock ring welding station must have1More than year。Block the evaporator tube,Rocky ring to the refrigerated evaporator out of the air,Then insert the refrigerated evaporator inlet to the frozen evaporator out of the air end2~3cm,Dropping sealing liquid between the inside and outside before crushing,Add a gap at the pipeline joint1~2Drip sealing liquid,But only can be added to the capillary contact1drop,And the capillary insertion depth is12~18mm(See Figure 5),After dripping the sealing liquid must be20Complete the crimp in seconds,To avoid its curing affects the sealing effect。The distance to the Locke ring is reached3~6mm。Clake the Locke ring with Lockene,Locke ring is approximately0.5~1mm。Locke ring connector is not reversed,Internal intubation must be plugged in。Under the pipe with plastic plate,Prevent sealing droplets from loading,Press the press fitter to fix the tube to the frozen evaporator connection tube,Press the pliers to activate the card mouth card to the Locke ring position。Crimping forceps,Vertical with the pipe to be pressed and the pipe is in place,Otherwise, easy card clamp、Sander。Push the button,After the crimpper clamp is automatically left,Release the button again,Then gently remove the lower pressure。Check if the joint is pressed in place,At the end of the tour, the end of the outside1~3mm。Check if there is a sealing liquid drop to the liner or evaporator,If there is,The sealing liquid should be used immediately with a wet towel.。Every50tower,Pulling path,Observed。

(5 16 brass compression ring tube fittings)Copper and copper、Internal copper tube outer aluminum tube,Temperature is higher20℃,The curing time to the vacuum line is greater than10minute。Cyclic15~20℃,Curing time should be greater than15minute。Aluminum tube and aluminum tube,Temperature is higher20℃,The curing time to the vacuum line is greater than15minute,Cyclic15~20℃,Curing time is greater than25minute。The entire tube and the Locke ring welding station cannot be too close,Must be guaranteedl5Unrelated operation within the minute seal。When the evaporator is shaped, don't pay attention to the Locke ring contact two tubes to vigorously bend.,Apply the end of the contact opening end when you need to bend10mmLeft and right。

Clean metal debris in clamping jaws,Wire or copper wire brush,Once a class,Pay attention to the brush, the clamp head falls into the line in the pipe.。Clean the sealing liquid attached to the jaw, etc.,Can wipe with dry cloth,To avoid solidification。Add lubricants or esters as required to specify。


Hisense(Nanjing)Electrical Co., Ltd.2006year5moon28Day late187H、207H、188U、208U、228UAfter the model refrigerator is online,Locke ring39Stage leak,Leakage rate11%,Is a normal value2%of5.5Multiplication。Supporting manufacturers to identify capillary brazing into the frozen evaporator30mmlength,Repacking the heat shrinkage after using the oil pen logo,And the manufacturer operator carries gloved oil,Residual in the capillary mouth(See Figure 6),Leading the sealing liquid and the surface of the capillary surface。Under the premise of not unplugging the capillary persistence,use1500Shiny paper grinding capillary mouth,Coating the sealing liquid。After being polished,The small ring only leaked on the same day.8tower,The leak rate is polished11%Drop3.7%。5moon29Day and night shift uses a refrigerating evaporator for washing after alcoholic cleavage,The Locke ring is only leaked.11tower,Leak rate drop2.48%。Currently,Use the manufacturer to clean the refrigerating evaporator after the capillary tube,Rock ring craft leak rate is basically maintained0.8%。

Qingdao Haier Refrigerator China Second Division,2004year6Lock leakage2tower,7—10There is no on-site feedback from Rock leakage.,finished0tower/Month live goal,Take extending the long distance and Rocke ring welding,Adaptation after welding15Unmanched in minutes。After the on-site welding, the expansion of the expansion is changed from the Rock's ring.3-6mm,Measures to train operators。

5 16 brass compression ring tube fittings

5 16 brass compression ring tube fittings

Figure 5 Brazing tubeFigure 6 Loop is contaminated
(5 16 brass compression ring tube fittings)Precautions:

(1)If the sealing droplets are added to the liner, they need to be cleaned with good adsorption.,Otherwise, it is easy to crack after the gallbladder is frozen.。

(2)Copper pipes and aluminum tubes cannot touch each other,Method for adding and subtracting the shock to avoid,Then put the pipeline in place。

(5 16 brass compression ring tube fittings)Rocke ring as Germany Folkanglokring Company patented technology,First, it is applied in the aviation industry.,Because the Locke ring has replaced open fire welding and improves production efficiency、Reduce production costs,Gradually be promoted in the refrigeration industry。Although this article is from the material、equipment、Operation, etc.,To regulate the Locke ring connection process,But this process has a welding leakage rate,Still plague the majority of users。

Application of Rocklin joint in air conditioning installation

(5 16 brass compression ring tube fittings)5 16 brass compression ring tube fittings

5 16 brass compression ring tube fittings

(5 16 brass compression ring tube fittings)5 16 brass compression ring tube fittings

5 16 brass compression ring tube fittings

(5 16 brass compression ring tube fittings)5 16 brass compression ring tube fittings

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