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(1 1 16 brass tube)Source:Global Times

2moon16day,Is the US intelligence department“count on fingers”Out“Russia offensive Ukraine”,US President Biden officially notified the EU and NATO。But the facts of the facts of the United States——In the early morning3The hour hand is overlapping in the dial.,And Russia has announced part of the Russian border to,The United States and the West have been blown up in the past few days.“Ukrainian war crisis”The bubble finally broke。Some netizens ridicule:“Due to the cause of the epidemic,This Russian War War is changed to。It is inconvenient for this,beg to be excused!”

The world has witnessed a group of American intelligence departments again.“Career”Shameless and absurd。at the same time,People also see how deep the US topic settings and public opinion mobilization。perhaps,This is what the American politician needs“intelligence”。Just as the spokesperson of China Foreign Ministry16At the date,It is the beauty of the United States to constantly incite false information.,Add more turmoil and uncertainty to this original challenging world,I am exacerbated and untruthful and split。We hope to stop such false information offensive,Do more things that are conducive to peaceful mutual trust。

Eastern“Intelligence farce”Rare in today's international political narrative。The parties who have been conflicted by the hype to have said that they are not willing to fight。Russia repeatedly stressed that it would not attack Ukraine,Ukraine will come out to clarify the situation is not so nervous.,Instead, the US West is not stopped, the fight against the battle is imminent.,Even forecasting the accurate time point of war eruption。Ukraine is huge,Driven by panic atmosphere,Exchange rate straight down、Capital escape、Flight stop……

So awkward“Offensive day”lie,Explain that the US is not afraid of shackling,Because of its self-righteous words in a global,Can arbitrarily manipulate public opinion。In this crisis,The US is playing two gambling games:Whether Russia does not play Ukraine,Both is the United States“win”In。If it is really hit,The US will say that they have long been expected and have repeatedly reminded;Not hit,North of the US,It is their sanctions.,Help Ukraine to avoid or postpone a war。

As for the US why do you want to do this?,Everyone can only speculate on facts according to facts.:War forecasting and rendering from the United States is not based,But there is a realistic motivation。A usual saying is,The US wants to make Europe's situation very nervous,Relationship between Russia and Europe,Further strengthen the cohesiveness of NATO,Hit the EU“Strategic autonomous”tendency,And prompt capital back to the United States,Harvest European leeks with this。

(1 1 16 brass tube)also,Enlarge“Russian threat”,Future the facts of the United States,Transferring the discussion of NATO Eastward,Create yourself into so-called“Guardian guardian”and“Peaceful”。then,Obviously the crisis induced by NATO East Expansion,It is the problem that Russia should be invaded by Ukraine.。This is the geopolitical operation of typical transfer focus.。

(1 1 16 brass tube)However,The result of US Deli is also damaged by other parties.,Allies and abroad friends including the United States。The United States is still the United States that is the United States。The United States actually pitted the quasi-all of Ukraine.,Through manufacturing war panic,Make Ukraine“Fortune”。Europe is also losing,Even Russian withdrawal,But the trust between Russian Europe produces serious cracks.。

but,Even US manipulation of public opinion,It can only fool some people,Long-term look,This thing will be like a War of Iraq、Afghan war,Further consumption of many international reputation left in Washington。The attitude of Ukrainian President Zelinski has recently changed significantly.,He asked Russia to provide“Intrusion”evidence,And complain that assets outside,Obviously, there is no trust in the United States。More people know from this matter,Running with the US butt,Not only fishing less than a half point,It may also put yourself in.。

2022year2moon16Over the past,It has become a historic mirror,Put the real US is getting clearer and thorough,Also give the world a permanent mirror。