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glory brass tuba

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-12 15:45:11

Hello everyone,I am a small series of phlegm——cowboy。

Before starting today's article,Small animal husbandry asked everyone a sentence,You feel that the king's glory is a whole hero,How much is the whole skin??

(glory brass tuba)Of course, the whole skin will be a bit exaggerated.,But except for some because of time reasons,Basically, there is,It is also a full skin.。

If you really want to get money,Small animal husbandry is estimated to have tens of thousands of RMB

glory brass tuba

Small animal husbandry recently saw a sister online,Over your own hero,All skin account。

The sister of the glory of the king is really a lot,You know that this game is the only female user greater than the male user's mobile game.。

More users,Naturally,There will be some golden players exist.。

Let's take a look:

glory brass tuba

(glory brass tuba)This girl has a collection,The king's glory so many heroes,She looked at the store.,So she took tens of thousands of money to buy these things.。

(glory brass tuba)The following is a screenshot of a female netizen.,Please be mentally prepared:

glory brass tuba

All heroes have at least one skin!

glory brass tuba

Zhao Yun's so many skin have,This sister seems to be more likely to be the parent son.。

Wu Zetian's oriental!

You think it is finished.?

glory brass tuba

Many limited edition skin,She has。

This collection,It's terrible.。

(glory brass tuba)Small animal husbandry is seriously suspected that she is not a person who is officially sent by Tianmei to seduce us.。

but,This sister!

He only played a hero!

And this hero,Everyone knows,Be right,Arthur!

glory brass tuba

This girl collects so many skin and heroes in front of,All is just to make yourself feel comfortable.,Some desires to meet their own。

(glory brass tuba)But she has bought very little.,The most heroes she play is Arthur.。

(glory brass tuba)Her segment is just brass。

An aristocracy hidden in a brass8Player!Whole hero,Full skin!

Can you think of this??

Netizens also leave a message:

Such a mood,Never play the king glory,Not to be a good friend with us!

So many skin,What parameter do you want?,Tell me directly!

glory brass tuba

Today, small animal husbandles and everyone share the glory of the glory.,Dear friends,How do you see this thing??

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