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kingston brass wall mount tub filler

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(kingston brass wall mount tub filler)kingston brass wall mount tub filler

tub various kinds、Convenient

(kingston brass wall mount tub filler)Material Speed

①Tired a day,After returning home, take a bath with a bathtub.,Can relieve fatigue,Make life more fun。

②The bathtub is not a must-have sanitary ware.,Suitable for place in a large area of bathroom。

③A wide variety of bathtubs,Can choose according to home style。

④Bathtub for home space,Provide bath for residents。

(kingston brass wall mount tub filler)⑤The price of the bathtub is different depending on quality.,The price of the massage bathtub can reach tens of thousands。

Common bathtub species

kingston brass wall mount tub filler

Buy point

1. Size bathtub,Its depth、width、The length and contour are also different,If you like water depth,The position of the overflow port is higher。

2. Bathtub on a skirt on a single side,Pay attention to the water at the time of purchase、Wall position,Pay attention to the direction of the skirt,Otherwise, I can't install it.。

3. If you have a shower head on the bathtub?,Choose a slightly wider bathtub,The bathtub part under the shower position is flat.,And anti-slip processing。

4. The choice of the bathtub should also take into account the comfort of the human body.,Normal ergonomics。

Material installation and acceptance

①Installation:Pre-construction,To avoid placing heavy objects in the bathtub,Easy to cause surface wear。

②Installation medium:Massage bathtub should pay attention to the drainage system when installing,Pipeline should be properly reasonable,Pay attention to the motor to use the mute installation,Only no structural low frequency resonance。Other types of bathtub is paying attention to the bathtub base to do waterproof treatment.,After the waterproof is made, then the bathtub is installed.;In addition, the support of the side wall should be considered when the bathtub is installed.,If the support is not enough,The wall will cause cracks,Soily seepage。

(kingston brass wall mount tub filler)③Installation acceptance:Remove the spilled cement after construction,Otherwise it is difficult to clean up after curing;in addition,Silica gel curing is required for the bathtub installation.24Hour,Do not use the bathtub during this time,Avoid seepage conditions。

kingston brass wall mount tub filler

Bathtub's drainage system installation。

Material maintenance

(kingston brass wall mount tub filler)Neutral cleaners should be used when cleaning,If a strong base or strong acid is hurt the bathtub。If the material is acrylic,Use soft cloth to remove dirt when wiping,Not available,To avoid scratching surface;If it is a solid wood bathtub,Pay attention to ventilation sunscreen;Jacuzzi daily cleaning available general liquid detergents and soft cloth,Detergent without ketone or chlorine ingredient。Disinfect,Disinfectant containing carboxylic acid and formaldehyde。

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