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gerber brass tub drain

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-12 14:50:03

Embedded bathtub installing is a more space-saving way,Embedded bathtub installation should take into account the load,water proof,repair,Beautiful,Use of performance and other factors。Dawu An at one end of the bathroom。

(gerber brass tub drain)one、Embedded bathtub installation specific steps

1、After doing a good job,Supple with slotted parts to do waterproof,24Hour water storage test ensures no leakage。

2、Take bricks according to normal,Finish。

3、Install the bathtub:Bathtub with foam tile pads。The tub is highly600mmWithin。Pick up the water,Keep a smooth。Then use the foam brick wall to ray。Be careful to stay in the corresponding position in the corresponding position,250x300mmabout。

4、What material is used on a table?,Can be used with a model wall tile,Mosaic,man made rock,marble,Stainless steel, etc.,See the style you like。

(gerber brass tub drain)two、Embedded bathtub installation consideration

1、There is enough support for the short wall or strengthening of the bathtub.,Sands around the surrounding pressure;2、Do not support or other hard objects at the bottom of the bathtub,To avoid damage to the glaze during use;3、The bottom of the bathtub and the four weeks are in contact with the full force.;

4、Pay attention to the joints of the overflow tube and drain pipes;

5、When you pick up the brick, you should leave a sigh of water inspection.。For the surface look,You can use glue to stick to tiles on the inspection entrance,This can't be seen from the outside,It is convenient to remove the tile when maintenance。

(gerber brass tub drain)6、Place the bathtub,Do and do24Hours closed water test,See if you are leaking at each joint。

7、Placing a bathtub,Note that the lower water port is slightly lower than the other end。One end of the outside is slightly lower than one end。

8、The actual size of the bathtub may not be consistent with the nominal size.,Some first measurement before purchasing and installation,And reserve normal tolerances to facilitate installation。

9、The water pipe is best to be slightly fell.stype,This will prevent odor。

Embedded,Let home space get the maximum release。now,Embedded floor tub gradually enters our lives,Become the trend。

Embedded is a surprise bathtub design concept,Luxurious life is redefined on the upper bathtub on the overflow。Embedded floor bathtub,Full open space,Using a lot of natural elements,For example, the edge is using a wooden floor,Or use the pebble as a border around the bathtub,The surrounding environment is also a natural breath.,Great floor window,Outside is a variety of flower grass。