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brass like a tuba codycross

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-12 14:31:30

(brass like a tuba codycross)Speaking of retro light luxury, yuppie style,It must be inseparable from the soul element of brass。Let's take a look today,in home life,How to use brass?Both high-end and very suitable。

brass like a tuba codycross

what is brass?

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc,made of copper、Brass composed of zinc is called ordinary brass,If it is a variety of alloys composed of two or more elements, it is called special brass。Brass has strong wear resistance。

The furniture made of brass is waterproof and moisture-proof at the same time,Comes with metallic luster,Instantly lit up an otherwise ordinary space,Sophisticated and nostalgic,Immediately brings out the feeling of grandeur。Shiny gold can add some warmth and texture to a simple space。

(brass like a tuba codycross)in interior design,Designers often use the special material and luster of brass to brighten the overall tone of the restaurant,make it more vivid、interesting、warmth、。Brass not only feels as cold and hard as steel,And it is also permeated with literary temperament。Copper furniture can be applied in any style of shade,either classical style、Nordic style、New Chinese style or modern industrial style,Can be used to sublimate the style of the space,Practical and beautiful

brass like a tuba codycross

The advantages of brass material?

  1. Strong corrosion resistance:Generally speaking,copper vs iron、Zinc、Magnesium and other metals,Copper has strong corrosion resistance。compared to aluminum,Copper is more resistant to non-oxidizing acids、Corrosion by alkalis and seawater, etc.,but in the atmosphere、The corrosion resistance of aluminum in weak acid and other media is stronger than that of copper。
  2. Easy to process and shape:Copper is moderately strong(200 ~ 360MPa),The deformation resistance is greater than that of aluminum and much less than that of steel and titanium。The plasticity of copper is very good,Hot and cold pressure processing that can withstand large deformations。
  3. bacteriostatic:Copper inhibits the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria,water99%of bacteria in the copper environment5hwill all be killed。This is for drinking water transmission、food utensils、Marine engineering, etc. are very important。
  4. high compressive strength:Copper is a profile of copper raw materials,This type of copper has high strength,A stable structure can be maintained during application,Not susceptible to external influences in terms of construction。
  5. good patience:Due to the characteristics of copper,Copper profiles have good resistance,It is not easy to deform under the influence of external force during application、destroy etc.。With this advantage,This type of copper can perform very well in long-term applications。
  6. Good ductility:Relying on good ductility,When copper profiles are applied,with this feature,Resist the negative effects of external forces,Avoid being affected by external forces,This type of copper material can show a stable and firm application effect。
  7. Strong construction:With high compressive strength、Good patience these characteristics,The overall structure of the copper profile must be very appropriate,such a structure,stable and reliable application,always perform its function normally。
  8. long application life:Because of the excellent characteristics,and its many advantages,Copper profiles can be used when applying,Effectively avoid the negative influence of various external factors,In this way, the copper profile will have a long service life.。

Brass has a wide range of applicability,Able to adapt to various occasions,It can also be well matched with furniture of various materials,Suitable for various decoration styles。often used as a wall、lighting、ornament、bathroom、rack、door lock、handle etc.

(brass like a tuba codycross)brass like a tuba codycross

Brass all-match style?

  • brass + leather = retro

Brass furniture products mostly appear on coffee tables、The legs of a side table or desk chair,Full shape with sculptural beauty,Not only makes the furniture itself dignified and stable,It has become the visual responsibility of decorating the space。

  • brass + marble = light luxury

Brass and all kinds of furniture can be“good friend”different flavors,Its retro and golden shape and marble、Furniture with simple texture such as bricks and stones,Collide with different beauty。

  • brass +solid wood=Chinese

When brass meets solid wood,It's the perfect fusion of rigidity and simplicity,This time we explored interesting ways to combine two materials。Brass with solid wood,creates a contrast that is both strong and harmonious。put the two together,Absolutely eye-catching。

  • brass +simple=inswind

With the home industry “minimalism”hot,Focused on innocence“Frigidity”style emerges,won the love of many。But some people think,Excessive simplicity but lack of connotation and texture。Can you find a balance between modern minimalist aesthetics and traditional retro luxury??The brass element has become this breakthrough。

  • brass +lighting=gorgeous

In addition to brass can be matched with furniture,Also often paired with lighting。Many designers use brass in conjunction with lighting,Create a colorful slideshow world。

brass like a tuba codycross

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