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kingston brass soaking tub

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wife:“Install a bathtub,take a bath later”。

husband:“Dress up whatever you say,Don't blame me for being idle”。

The bathtub was once commented by netizens as the idle in the home improvement industryNO·1,many people say,Have good fantasies when you are not pretending,I can take a bath and drink red wine,so comfortable。But,I found out after I actually installed it90%All of the above are idle。

kingston brass soaking tub

Reasons not to install a bathtub:


①take up space

Most of the family bathrooms in the just-needed houses are in3㎡about,It's really hard to put another bathtub in it。correct:Bathtubs are not just a choice for bathrooms,expand the idea,It can also be placed in the bedroom、balcony、cloakroom etc.。

(kingston brass soaking tub)kingston brass soaking tub

▲in the bedroom

(kingston brass soaking tub)kingston brass soaking tub

▲on the balcony

②water cost

Anyone who believes this,Maybe you didn't calculate the cost yourself。correct:According to the water price set by the state,Residential water:2.80Yuan/cubic meter。The amount of water in a typical domestic bathtub is170~200L,That is to say,Every time you use the bathtub,cost less1dollars。Uh......The average family can still afford it.。

kingston brass soaking tub


Some netizens summed up the ceremony of taking a bath:cleaning the bathtub(5minute)—release water(20minute)—take a bath(30minute)—Clean the tub again(5minute)

The entire process requires1Hours,really time consuming,This is also the biggest reason why the bathtub is idle。correct:The correct way to take a bath is,Shower and cleanse,Re-enter the bathtub,The bathtub is actually not that dirty.,Saves a lot of cleaning time。

(kingston brass soaking tub)kingston brass soaking tub

Is the bathtub worth it?,I thought if you really like to take a bath,It's okay to have one,After all, it's rare to have something you like that can improve the comfort of your life.。

bathtub design


◑Common bathtub lengths are1500-1800mm,width in700-750mm。

◑The minimum size of the shower area is900*900mm。

(kingston brass soaking tub)kingston brass soaking tub

◑The minimum size of the toilet area is900*1200mm。

◑Bend over to wash your face in the pool area、Hand laundry is required at least900*1200mmSpace。

(kingston brass soaking tub)so,If your bathroom is4㎡about,It's okay to have a bathtub。

①4㎡toilet,Recommended Embedded、Soaking tub or oval tub。

Due to space constraints,Shower area and bathtub may be combined,A little less comfortable。

kingston brass soaking tub

②5-8m²'s bathroom,Recommended freestanding bathtub,The bath area can be separated from the shower area,Wet and dry separation,Comfort rises。

Buyer-shaped bathtub is recommended,Can be placed against the wall,Don't waste space,Also avoids hygienic dead ends。

kingston brass soaking tub

③>8㎡'s bathroom,then it's optional!

(kingston brass soaking tub)Recommended shower area、bath area、toilet area、Complete separation of wash area,If empty is big enough,It is better to make a cloakroom in the dry area for storage。

(kingston brass soaking tub)kingston brass soaking tub

bathtub purchase


The material of the bathtub is generally5kind:Artificial stone bathtub、cast iron bathtub、wooden bathtub/bucket、acrylic bathtub、Steel bathtub。

Artificial stone bathtub:expensive and heavy,Good shape and texture,keep warm、Antibacterial、Anti-fouling ability is better。

kingston brass soaking tub

cast iron bathtub:more expensive,Low water injection noise,durable,good cleaning。

wooden bathtub/bucket:easy to mold,not durable,not clean,expensive。

kingston brass soaking tub

It should be emphasized here:good wooden bath/The barrels go through a special cooking process and dozens of processes,Paint the surface with tung oil,Guaranteed to be completely watertight,Really warm and environmentally friendly。but,The vast majority of wooden bathtubs on the market today/Barrels are difficult to do these crafts,The paint finish is also not very environmentally friendly。so,It is not easy to buy a good wooden bathtub。

kingston brass soaking tub

acrylic bathtub:low cost,Diverse shapes,good finish,It will change color after using it for a long time,Cost-effective。

Steel bathtub:cheap price,Poor thermal insulation,loud noise。

Recommended choice:Artificial stone bathtub>cast iron bathtub>Steel bathtub>acrylic bathtub>wooden bathtub

kingston brass soaking tub

Although many people think the bathtub is tasteless,but have to admit,It does provide comfort to life。Get a bathtub,Occasionally take a bubble bath to wash off work、A bad thing in life!

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