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(brass tube price in india)【Editor】As a country that is lacking in copper resources,India has recently brushed screen,Way Dan Tower first40Thousand tons of smelter,Second, the Nipap virus broke out restricted exports.,Plus, the Indian Bank announced the interest rate hike on Wednesday,The growth rate of strong copper demand in India is also the focus of market attention.。

Wei Dan Tower Factory Close capacityIndian copper imports will increase

Previous,The Indian government ordered permanent closing WendanaTuticorinSmelter,Smelter2017Annual output is40.2Tens of tons,About the total production of copper in India48%。

rating agenciesCare Ratings Ltd.say,India's copper is inlet or will increase four times,When the demand begins to accelerate,The country's largest copper smelter refinery closes to local supply to bring impact。

Vedanta Sterlite CopperCEOP Ramnaththink,Tamil Nadu government arbitrary offlineTuticorinCopper smelting plant will not only greatly fight the economic long-term development of nearby communities.,It also has a profound impact on the overall economy of India。He expects,TuticorinThe closure of the copper smelting plant may also be on the current price,Increase Indian imports20One hundred million U.S. dollars,And may result in the loss of Indian society3Wan Direct or indirect employment,A large number of small and medium-sized enterprises that depend on the smelter supply may also suffer heavy losses due to the supply interruption.。

Bloody reality behind the conflict:High disease、13People are taken

(brass tube price in india)Turkolin is a harbor city in the southeastern Tamil Nadu, India.,Heartbar Bay,It is also one of the oldest Christian communities in India.。More than 20 years,Subsidiary of Wade Tower Resources——Stroduch Company has continued to operate this copper smelter in the suburbs of the city.。

According to relevant media reports,Earlier this year,Localized100Day protest,They claim that the bronze refinery pollutes Turkin's water and air,A abnormal high cancer incidence of abnormal villages,So try to prevent the government from approval Wedda resources to continue to expand the factory。5moon20day,Residents launched the largest protests in history,And very violent,Throw stone、Incinerate car、Threat burning public building。5moon21day,When thousands of people go back to the street,Police shooting shoot,Leaded to kill within two days13people,These include a girl。

The resistance between copper mine and residents can actually be traced back1997year,Hundreds of fishing boats are facing the port,Blocking two Australian vessels from moored in the copper mine。same year,Natural gas leakage of smelting plants causes nearby flour manufacturers,Lead to20People hospitalized,Smelter is forced to shut down。The climax of protesting activities occurred2013year,At that time, the natural gas leakage,The entire town has been affected,Smelter is closed again,And fined1000Sterling,However, in a group of experts judge its pollution without the legal scope,Re-open factory。

(brass tube price in india)2016year9moon,Wenda Tower resource application will double the production capacity of the smelter,Make it a largest bronze refinery in India,This has become an angry guide that ignited the brewing of residents. fire Rope。

Tirunville Veri Medical College 10A study found before the year ago,Villagers around the copper refinery、bronchitis、The chance of otolaryngology infection is higher,The iron content in their underground water is up to acceptable20Multiplication。But Vedan Tower Resources denied that the factory has any association with the health problems of the surrounding villagers.,He said,“Factories have been running under all applicable environmental regulations and standards。”The company is still in a statement.:“Any allegations that connect cancer and marine pollution incidents and the Stryter Co -ry refinery operations are not based.。We are a zero liquid discharge company,Will not affect marine ecosystems in any way。”

Smelter、government、The content between the people is still continuing:

Of course,Part of the most important asset,Wenda Tower is permanently shutting down for the smelter. It will not be bundled.,Recently, Wendan Tower said,The company has never given up the appeal of the government to shut down its largest copper smelter.。And a background file issued by its official website says the copper smelter will drive the development of Indian economy.,Wendama is currently able to persuade some people to believe that the presence of this bronze refinery will bring economic benefits to its local Tamil Nadu.。And some reporters in India also said,The road infrastructure facilities where the plant is located is well developed.。

It is reported that,The Copper Metallurgical Refinery of Weddan Tower is approximately5300Employee,Two-thirds of the employees come from the local community。The company also stated that it is also actively supporting the development of local medical and educational facilities.。

Demand increase production reductionIndian copper city is facing shortage risks

Consultation companyICRA LtdIn a report last month,Indian copper demand growth rate is every year7-8%,If there is no new plant put into production,arrive2020year,India may become a net importer of copper。

according toWBMSLatest announced India2018yearQ1Refined copper demand13.16Tens of tons,Increase in year-on-year14.1%。Quarterly production is also self2010The second peak since the fourth quarter,second only to2016yearQ3of13.5Tens of tons。I can see that Indian refined copper demand is strong in the first quarter of this year.。

also,India2018The refinement of refined copper needs in the first quarter of the year accounts for the total demand for global refining copper.2.25%,Gifted in the same period last year2.09%,Consumption is in the near future。

Increased consumption,This year3moon,India purchases refined copper from overseas from the past12Monthly4Tens of thousands of tons17Tens of tons。

Care RatingsAnalystJagashethPoke,This year3moon,The closure of Wade Tower reduces the production of copper production in the country.40%to51Tens of tons。At the same time, India's consumption growth15%to53.5Tens of tons。Demand will continue to rise,In the next decade, it will reach near200Tens of tons。

Indian copper resources are scarceChinese companies do not involve Indian copper mines

Indian copper ore resources are lacking, All are hot liquid types, Mineral、Small, Mine is more lenticular, Small thickness, Birthplace, Mainly distributed in the northwest Rajasthan Alvalikla Tong uphmlaw Tila structure belt and northeastern part than Harbon Singer。According to estimation, National nationwide, Gentle1%Copper reserves800 Tens of tons, Distributed250 Ore。

(brass tube price in india)India's copper reserves530Tens of tons,The world's total reserves are approximately4.7Billion ton,Distributed200Ore,JustanKhetriRegional copper mine is one of India's important mines。

2017year11Indian mining ministerArunKumarExpress:India plans to take Rajasthan in the next two yearsKhetriRegional copper mine for auction。The copper minerals of the auction can be expected20-30Tens of tons。

Indian stateHindustanCopper companies are located in RajasthanKhetriNearbyBanwasThe deposit is considered to be potential brown ore resources,The copper content of ore is as high as1.94%,Production capacity27000Ton。

It is worth mentioning that,China has no refinery and copper mine in India,With the continuous creation of copper prices in recent years,And the domestic high quality copper resources is limited,This Indian auction copper mine is not a happy event for China and enterprises.。

(brass tube price in india)6moon12The news said that Due to India, Nipapi virus,China Customs Release Announcement,6moon11All from India:Transportation、container、goods、Luggage items、mail、Express mail、principal、Carrier、agent、The owner must accept and cooperate with the health quarantine implemented by the customs.。

Saudi Arabia announced the ban from importing frozen and processed from Kerala、Vegetables and other products。

This is not the first time in the Middle Eastern country because of the Nipapi virus, the Nipapi virus in India has banned from Kerala.。5moon29Japanese early, UAE official announcement,It will be banned from imported from Kerala100Ton、vegetable、Fresh agricultural products。

(brass tube price in india)17People die in Nipapi virus:

(brass tube price in india)Report,India may have approximately2000People infected the virus,Currently accepting monitoring。Nipapi virus is listed by the World Health Organization2018Annual need10One of the potential high risk infectious diseases。This virus can attract people and animal lungs and brains,Symptoms include fever、Headache、Sleepiness、coma、Awareness,The mortality rate of people and animals is as high as75%and60%,Currently no vaccine and effective treatment。

(brass tube price in india)recently,India Minister of Health and Family Welfare Department, Ashvini Road, Ashvini,Nipapi virus has been controlled,The people don't have to escape the epidemic area。He said,up to now,Kerala has already17People die in Nipapi virus,But there is no new infection case。The family of the deceased has taken quarantine。

Customs Department:Strictly prevent Napas virus disease epidemic in my country

6moon11day,Customs General Administration issued an announcement,Prevent Napa virus disease epidemic from entering my country,Protect my country to the health and safety of Indian people。

According to the World Health Organization,2018year5Since the month, India has emerged in Nipapi virus.,As of6moon4Report case34example,die17example。Niphopa virus is a new and sexually transmitted disease caused by Nipapi viruses.,Duration of mortality75%,Can be directly contacted by patient secretions or excrement、Eat food propagation contaminated by Nita virus,Can also directly contact the organized organism、Secreates or excrement propagation,Most incubation4-14sky,Longest45sky。The clinical symptoms in the initial path of illness are mainly fever、headache、muscle ache、Symptoms such as throat and vomiting,Dizziness can then occur、Sleepiness、Symptoms such as unscrupulous,Severe people can appear,even death。Currently,Special effects and vaccines that have no treatment of Nipocci virus disease。

Announcement,People from India,If you have fever、headache、Dizziness、Sleepiness、Vomiting and muscle soreness and other symptoms,Health quarantine declarations should be carried out during entry,Team to do body temperature monitoring、Medical inspection、Health quarantine work such as medical investigation。Customs will take medical measures in accordance with the prescribed procedures to find that the immigration personnel of the above symptoms will follow the prescribed procedures.;Suspicious patient secretions or excrement,Take strict disinfection measures。After entering45People who appear in the sky,Should be medical treatment immediately,And tell the doctor to the recent history。

Transportation from India、container、goods、Luggage items、mail、Express must accept health quarantine implemented by customs,Person in charge、Carrier、The agent or the owner should cooperate with customs health quarantine work,Pollution to may be contaminated by Nipa Virus,Health treatment should be accepted in accordance with the regulations。

Personnel to India,Consulting to Customs and Its International Travel Health Care Center before going out,Or Log in to the website health quarantine column of the General Administration of Customs,Awareness of preventive disease prevention should be enhanced,Maintain good personal hygiene habits,Especially avoid touching bats、Pigs and other animals,Avoid secretions directly in contact with patients or infected animals、Excrement, etc.,Avoid eating by the animal feces、Food contaminated with urine or saliva,Discover related symptoms,Should be medical treatment immediately。

Last Wednesday, India's central bank announced the interest rate hike,Adjust the repurchase rate25Base point,from6.00%Raise6.25%,Self2014year1First time since the month。Reverse feed rate is also raised25Base point,from5.75%Raise6%。at the same time,The Indian central bank said it will maintain neutral monetary policy.。

This raising interest rate is quite unexpected,because,Previously by Bloomberg44Economist only14Predicting India's central bank will increase interest rate25Base point to6.25%,Most economists predict the Indian central bank will maintain interest rates.。

Yusu Village Securities,The Indian central bank decided to maintain neutral stands,It doesn't want to go“Tightening cycle”,And will continue to rely on economic data。Bank said,Because economic growth and inflation may rise in the next few months,therefore8Month may raise interest rates again25Base point。

Bloomberg Macroeconomic CommentatorSivabalanMany pessimistic views,India's interest rate hike can lead to a new round of emerging market crisis。SivabalanListThree threats to the Indian economy:

first,India's central bank to curb inflation growth by means of interest rate hike,This will not be conducive to economic growth,India5moonPMIFalling is proof。Data released yesterday show,India5moonPMIFall back to51.2,Ended the trend of the past 10 consecutive months。

Secondly,Some Indian government consultants have begun to oppose continuing interest rates.,This makes the prospect of the central bank of India more complex。

third,India Prime Minister Modi can win a big election next year.,At present, the Indian People's Party and its ally he led5Only winning the month14Seat in a seat3indivual,If the opposition goes together, it will make a bigger challenge to Modi.。

SivabalanSummarize,投资者应该密切关注印度央行,Investors should pay attention to the central bank of India。以印度目前的经济状况,To determine their attitude towards the rupee depreciation。 如果印度的办法只剩下让美联储停止缩表,India's current economic situation。上海有色网整理

Further tightening space is very limited

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