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brass drain tube 3 length 1-1 4 o.d

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one、Size of water pipe:

(brass drain tube 3 length 1-1 4 o.d)brass drain tube 3 length 1-1 4 o.d

DN15(4Branch)、DN20(6Branch)、DN25(1Inch tube)、DN32(1Inch2Tube)、DN40(1Inch half tube)、DN50(2Inch tube)、DN65(2Inch half tube)、DN80(3Inch tube)、DN100(4Inch tube)、DN125(5Inch tube)、DN150(6Inch tube)、DN200(8Inch tube)、DN250(10Inch tube)Wait。

two、Hydrating material:

(brass drain tube 3 length 1-1 4 o.d)brass drain tube 3 length 1-1 4 o.d

1、plastic pipe:PVC、UPVC、PPR、PPRSteady plastic aluminum alloy、Aluminum-plastic composite tube、Bolt tube、PETube。

2、Metal tube:stainless steel pipe(304、306)、Stainless steel liner、Thin wall stainless steel pipe、Galvanized、Copper tube、Cast iron pipe。

3、Copper tube:all bronze、brass。

4、Carbon steel:Hot galvanized、Cold galvanized material。

(brass drain tube 3 length 1-1 4 o.d)three:Which water pipe is material?

brass drain tube 3 length 1-1 4 o.d

Low file class:Carbon steel、Plastic water tube(Use more common use)

(brass drain tube 3 length 1-1 4 o.d)Mid-range class:Copper tube、Composite class

High-end class:Stainless steel

answer:Brass tube is best,Price is also the most expensive。Damei suggests to buy a copper-plastic composite tube,which ispprInner lined copper tube,Affordable,Can kill in water90%Above,Heat heat。

plastic pipe:Convenient installation,Mechanical properties with metals,Easy to cause burst and leakage。

Aluminum plastic tube:preservative,Not more fouling,Temperature and resistance、Not penetrate、Light and easy installation。However, the thermal expansion is high,Poor insulation,Card joints are less water seal,Seepage tendency。

Copper plastic tube and aluminum plastic tube:Length is generally3Mabout,Copper green,Connector。

pprWater pipe:Insulation,But installation difficulties,Connector、Permeate。

Four、Installation size:

(brass drain tube 3 length 1-1 4 o.d)brass drain tube 3 length 1-1 4 o.d

①wash basin、Wash basin、Water pipelines connected to the bathtub,TubeDN32,That is, the lower water pipe diameter size is32mm,Larger useDN40

(brass drain tube 3 length 1-1 4 o.d)②With urinal、Skating, etc.DN50、DN75Two types

(brass drain tube 3 length 1-1 4 o.d)③The drain pipe diameter connected to the big casing isDN110,In touch with the stool、Drain riser pipe diameter is not less thanDN110

(brass drain tube 3 length 1-1 4 o.d)④Shui slotted water pipe or the three urinals above the three urinals must not be less thanDN75

⑤The other water pipes in the house is not small.DN75

Fives、Install water pipe skills

1、Ensure that the basin and basin water sabs have been installed

2、Unpack the purchased basin underwater pipe packaging

(brass drain tube 3 length 1-1 4 o.d)3、One end of the potted water pipe is connected to the basin sewer,Screw this one of the plastic heads

(brass drain tube 3 length 1-1 4 o.d)4、The plastic head that is screwed down is then screwed on the basin water.

5、Set the potted water pipe in the basin waterpool,And tighten with plastic heads that are screwed in advance

6、Whether the water purification test leaks,If there is leakage phenomenon,Can be wrapped in a raw material in the water tube connection,Then perform the fifth step。