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10in central brass tub faucet

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10in central brass tub faucet

The faucet is a necessity used in modern home to control water.,Not only can we bring our daily water to bring great convenience,And there is water saving efficacy。Next,Cough!Talk about the purchase of the faucet、Installation and maintenance,Trinity,Resolutely control the water“Flooding”!

Minute kind

1 According to the material

There are many main materials in the faucet.:cast iron、plastic、Zinc alloy、Copper alloy、Stainless steel。The first three have various drawbacks,So let's see the next twookLa!

10in central brass tub faucet

(10in central brass tub faucet)Copper alloy is currently the most popular material material,Because copper ions can be sterilized!Is it very powerful??

(10in central brass tub faucet)Most of the faucets are currentlyH59copper,That is, the copper content57%to61%Brass,At the same time, it also contains trace(Be with0.5%)Lead。

There are families, I am worried that the lead content will cause poisoning problems.,Want to completely do the lead in contact,Then choose a stainless steel faucet.!However, this faucet process is more complicated.,There is no copper's antibacterial advantage,So currently is not popular。

2 According to the structure

(10in central brass tub faucet)According to the structure,Common faucets can be divided into single-style faucet:Access cold water pipe or hot water pipe;

Double faucet:Can be cold at the same time、Hot two pipes,Many for bathroom basins and kitchen washing pots supplied with hot water。

Triple faucet:Except for two pipes of hot and cold water,You can also take a shower head。

Also there is a single handle(Use a handle to adjust the temperature of the cold water)And two handles(Adjust the cold water pipe and hot water pipe to regulate the water temperature)Divide,These rooms should know properly!

3 Press the opening mode

According to the water switch, it can be spiral faucet.

Wrench faucet

(10in central brass tub faucet)Lift the faucet

And inductive dragon。

select purchase

(10in central brass tub faucet)The overall structure of the faucet is divided into a spool、Main body and surface layer。The spool is a portion that controls the water flow.,A heart of the faucet,Can you see this time?;The main body is the main components of the faucet,That is the bone,Most water pollution is the material of this part.;The coating is the surface substance of the faucet,That is, the skin of the faucet,It is the value of the faucet。therefore,Pay more attention when you purchase。

1 Look

Faucet surface plated a layer of nickel chrome,Being for beauty,More important is anti-erosion。The less the surface, the brighter, the better quality。If you press the surface with your finger,Fingerprint is quickly spread and there is no trace,Then indicate that the coating is good。

2 掂 掂

The pure the faucet copper, the better,You can 掂 掂 掂 分 分,Solden sense of hand。The alloy faucet is incorporated in other cheap metal materials.,Copper material is small,Will be a lot of hands,It will also lead to over-theme,Seriously threatening people's health。

3 Turn handle

(10in central brass tub faucet)Now the faucet selling in the market basically uses porcelain spools。Gently try with your hand、close,If the feel is easy,It's very pleasing about it.,Then explain its porcelain core hardness.、Wear-resistant。Inferior faucet turns a lot。

4 Listen

Good faucet is the overall casting copper,Knocking up;If the sound is brittle,It is possible to be a stainless steel faucet with a slightly poor quality.

5 Test flow

High-grade faucet is generally equipped with a bubbleer。Time,Open the faucet water inspection,Touch the feeling of water with your finger,Water is soft and foamed,Water flowers do not splash, indicate that the bubble quality is better。

6 Recognition brand

For labels that are just sticky,Even non-regular products or deputors without any certified markings,Be sure to pay attention when purchasing。Need to understand the popular style before purchasing、Manufacturer strength、The brand's popularity and whether the after-sales service is guaranteed, etc.。

finally,It is also necessary to buy the faucet.,Ratio quality、Ratio price、Have more questions,Buy the right faucet in the right price。

(10in central brass tub faucet)install Pack

(10in central brass tub faucet)1 Installation tool ready

(10in central brass tub faucet)First prepare the installation tool,Check if the supporting parts are complete before installation。Common faucet parts:hose、Rubber、Bubble、Handle。

2 Before installation

Before installing the faucet, put water to wash the water pipes.,Remove the debris in the hole,And check the accessories in the box does not incorporate impurities,To avoid clogging or wear ceramic spool。

(10in central brass tub faucet)3 Left hot water right cold water

Take over,Need to pay attention to the left is hot water,On the right is cold water。After the inlet joint position is fixed, then remove the faucet。After the wall mud watermaker is completed,Install the faucet,So from the surface of the leader to be worn、Scratch。

4 Mounting of single hole basin faucet

(10in central brass tub faucet)Installation,Be sure to choose a special corner valve,And the hot and cold water pipe for the wall。When it is found that there is a distance between the roll valve and the tube of the faucet,Need to purchase special lengthening tubes to connect。

(10in central brass tub faucet)5 take a shower、Bathtub faucet installation

After purchasing the faucet,Generally, the faucet's spool is needed in the wall.。Pay attention to the thickness of the bathroom wall before embedding,Wall is too thin,The spool will not be embedded。

keep Guard

1 Regular cleaning tap surface

It is best to clean the faucet every other month.,Mainly use car wax maintenance and cleaning。Usually use clear water to flush the faucet surface,Use soft cotton cloth to dry。

10in central brass tub faucet

(10in central brass tub faucet)2 Internal cleaning

If the water faucet is reduced or the water is branched,It may be due to the bloating blockage。Remove the bubble,Soak with vinegar,Clean debris with small brush or other tools,Then reinstall。

(10in central brass tub faucet)10in central brass tub faucet

(10in central brass tub faucet)3 Pay attention to avoid scratching the faucet when cleaning

Cleaning the faucet,Do not use any friction cleaners、Cloth or paper towel;Do not use acid-containing cleaners、Polishing and rough cleaners or soap。

10in central brass tub faucet

说了这么多,Can not be afraid?

(10in central brass tub faucet)嘿嘿,Flooding,

家具使用寿命就可having said so much、延长、再延长~

Houses are not more old when buying a faucet?、改造的


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10in central brass tub faucet