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brass tube hobby canada

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According toCBCReport,A water tube that is generally used by houses across the country in Canada may cause bursting and water immersion because of defects.。About products reach a conventional compensation in a collective lawsuit,The affected family can get thousands of yuan in maintenance compensation。

(brass tube hobby canada)Report,This problem of water pipes are1995Year2007Sold,Its brand isKitec,May alsoPlumbBetter、IPEX AQUAandWarmRiteBrand sale。

Harryfax water pipe company ownerDimitri PapoulisExpress,KitecWater pipe is very popular,The reason is that the cost is low。He said,Most heating companies2000Used before and after yearKitecwater pipe。

brass tube hobby canada

According to the New Coziso Real Estate Committee2013A brochure,KitecWater pipes are low and easy to install,Alternatives to copper tubes,Install a radiator or floor heating system in houses across the country。

Introduce,This“Flexible aluminum tube in internal and outer layer plastic tube(PEX pipe)between,Bronze joint。”

brass tube hobby canada

Identify this tube only needs to see its appearance is bright orange.(Hot water pipe)Light blue(Cold water pipe),With labeling“ASTM 1281”。

Papoulissay,The problem of this water pipe appears on the connector。Often is mineral and acidity in water, causing brass joint loss。There will be a problem with the water pipe itself.,Plastic pipe and aluminum cause burst due to temperature difference expansion。

replaceKitecWater pipe cost,There will be differences in factors such as housing size.,In$4,000to$15,000between。

Report,KitecAfter the water pipe is recalled,In Canada and the United States,by1100 million2500Wan Dollar。Reconciliation agreement,The affected family can receive maintenance or replacement of water pipes and interface costs50%。Even if your home's water pipe does not have problems,You can also apply for compensation。

The deadline for claiming compensation is2020year1moon。Website is:

brass tube hobby canada

Apply for compensation website screenshot

I don't know how many houses in Canada use.Kitecwater pipe,Interesting group estimation,A total of all North America29.2Wan property is installedKitecsystem。

Real estate broker,In the house trading,KitecWill become a problem。

(brass tube hobby canada)Check if your housing is installedKitec,A simple way is to check if the pipe of the hot water system is orange or blue。

in addition,Different insurance companiesKitecDifferent processing。Some insurance companies will pay for maintenance costs,Other companies will increase the premium of the house。

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