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brass bass tuba

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In the Western orchestra, there are not only members who joined early,There are also late bloomers,This time, I would like to introduce to you about Western orchestral music."bass prince"——large。

Tuba is a type of Western wind music,one of the brass instruments,As one of the existences who control the bass in the Western orchestra。The appearance of the tuba compared to other orchestral instruments that joined the orchestra,late start。Before the large size was born,Officlyde tuba and serpent tuba as predecessors of tuba,Faithfully fulfilling his bass instrument identity in the orchestra。

In order to discover more beautiful sound and achieve the most ideal performance effect,In the orchestral music that swept the countries of Europe19century,Many musicians and instrument makers began to use their creativity,Produces many unique large sizes。

brass bass tuba(brass bass tuba)

According to records, the instrument that can be called tuba first appeared in1790year,It is a thick tube bass tuba created by German Kladney,Named as"Euphonium"。The second is the bass tuba with a piston mechanism developed by the musical instrument inventor Stutzel.,This musical instrument was invented around the time of1820year or so。The reason why these two large sizes disappeared in history,It should be that musical expression and timbre have not been accepted by mainstream people in society,However, this stage is also recognized as the prelude to the birth of the tuba.。

The time when the tuba officially appeared on the stage of history was1835year,It was made by the German musical instrument maker Johann·Gottfried·Made by MoritzFBass brass tuba,Recognized by the Kingdom of Prussia,and issued a manufacturing patent for it,It is said that the instrument is still in the Berlin Musical Instrument Museum(ps:Conditional readers,You can go and see)。Immediately after,Moretz inFBass brass tuba based on,Further improvement into Bang Padang,The large size is here for the first time。

brass bass tuba

Musicians' quest for beautiful sound never stops,1842year,inventor of the saxophone——Belgian musical instrument maker,After improvement on the basis of the original large size,made a bass saxophone。The result of this improvement is a better sound,and this instrument was used by the symphony orchestra。

at a later1845year,Developed by Vaclav, an instrument maker from BohemiaCTuning brass bass tuba,Also belongs to the type of double bass tuba,Often active in symphony performances。The above is a more general development of the origin of Tuba。The large size with a truly modern look was born in1850year。At this time, the tuba already has a six-piston device,It has undergone a long development,It already has a richer musical color and a perfect mechanical structure。 Tuba can be active on the stage of history,benefit from social needs。The unique bass sound of the tuba is loved by musicians and music lovers,This allowed the tuba to survive in the social environment of the time。Among the masters of classical and romantic music,Brahms is adept at applying large、Wagner、Tchaikovsky and others,When these music masters compose their own symphonies,Will use the tuba to express the emotion and mood of the music。thus,With the care of the masters, the tuba successfully entered the ranks of the symphony orchestra。

brass bass tuba(brass bass tuba)

Germany19The musical works created by the composer of the century Berlioz are far away、vast,in his music,Almost without exception, the bass tuba is used to render the music quiet and profound。The tuba is used after the symphony,Successfully improved Officlyde when working with other instruments,Tone dissonance problem。After transposing the tuba to a higher octave to play with other brass,Discover the music effects become colorful and plump,This provided a steady stream of creative inspiration for later composers。

Large music color texture plump、soft tone、thick tone,Approaching a masculine deep bass,compared to"fat voice"。This vivid depiction,To give people a clear and perceptual understanding of the playing of the tuba。

today,The unique musical color of the tuba and its place in the symphony,It is the result of the painstaking efforts of the composers of the past dynasties and the crystallization of the performance experience of the performers。In a modern society with endless forms of music creation,What attitude should the tuba take to meet the challenges of the times,It is a brand new topic for contemporary artists。

The above is the evolution of the large size,What other stories do you want to know about pipe music??Let me know by leaving a message below。

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