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0.3mm brass tube

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C5210HQHigh quality phosphor bronze

Main performance:high strength、Highly processed phosphor bronze has excellent bending performance,Provide a very smooth stamping surface to reduce impedance,And can reduce the loss of the mold while stamping,And have excellent fatigue strength,Good stress relaxation。

(0.3mm brass tube)application:

usePDeep copper and bronze (Cu-Sn)The oxygen in the middlePAnd to improve mechanics Can wait(toughness、elasticity、Wear resistance、Corrosion resistance)Add1%Pof Cualloy。Mainly used as wear-resistant parts and elastic components。Computer connector,Mobile phone connector,High-tech industry connector,Electrical and electrical spring,switch,Electronic product slot、button、Electrical connector,Lead frame,Vibrating tablets and terminals, etc.。

Industry Standard:

All gold has forged and casting alloy,Japanese industrial standard(JIS)Phosphor bronze plate and stripC5111P、R,5102P、R, 5191P、R,5212P、R;Spring with phosphorus bronze plates and stripsC5210P、R (P:plate,R:strip);Phosphorus bronze castingPBC2、2B、2C、3B、3C(back MarkerB:Metal mold casting,C:Continuous casting,Noble:sand mold Casting)。

(0.3mm brass tube)

chemical composition

(0.3mm brass tube)copper Cu :margin  tin Sn :7.0-9.0

Zinc Zn:≤0.2

(0.3mm brass tube)lead Pb:≤0.05

(0.3mm brass tube)iron Fe:≤0.10

phosphorus P :0.03-0.35

copper+tin+phosphorus:more than the99.5%.

0.3mm brass tube(0.3mm brass tube)

0.3mm brass tube

C5240HQSuper phosphor bronze

(0.3mm brass tube)excellentR/TCompare、Strength and fatigue,Can be bent to a small angle and fractured,Excends the smoothness and increase the life of the mold。

Features:electronic,Electrical spring,switch,Plug-in,Lead frame,Connector,Terminal,Vibrating tablets, etc.

chemical composition:








Physical properties:


Electricity rate%IACS:10

Thermal conductivityW/m.k:50

Thermal expansion coefficient10-6/K:18.4

0.3mm brass tube

0.3mm brass tube

0.3mm brass tube