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4.5 mm brass tube

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Most of the way home improvement water pipeline takes a dark way,Owners should know the harmfulness of poor quality water pipes.。Materials used by home waterways can generally be divided into water pipes、Various pipe fittings such as drainage pipes and connectivity。Let's take a look at the purchase points of three types of materials.。

Part1:Pay attention to quality and health Preferably, the water pipe material is

Water supply pipe is the water supply pipe in the family,Provide water required for home life。The choice of water supply pipe can not be casually,Let's take a look at the payment of water pipelines.。

1Selective water pipes

Water supply pipe is a pressure tube,Requiremental testing is required after construction completion,High quality requirements for pipe resistance。At the same time, many families are directly using water in the water pipe as drinking water.,Therefore, whether the water supply will cause secondary pollution on the water.,Whether the pipe with this material can affect health,It is also the owner who needs to be considered when purchasing water pipes.。

4.5 mm brass tube

1、Safety and reliability of pipe

Home improvement water pipes are compressors,Once the pressure resistance of the pipe is not enough,There may be a case where the pipe is bursting。So buy home improvement water pipes,First of all, we must see the strength and mechanical properties of the pipe and the anti-aging.、Heat resistance and other quality performance。High quality water pipes should be able to withstand vibration impact、Water hammer and thermal expansion, etc.,And can withstand longer test,Will not leak、Not burst。

2、Health and safety of pipe

Since the company produces a standard living drinking water,Transfer to thousands of households through water supply pipelines。If you use it, it is inferior pipe.,Very likely to cause secondary pollution of water,The quality of the terminal drinking water will be difficult to guarantee。Therefore, it is necessary to focus on whether the pipe can cause damage to human health when choosing water pipe.。

(4.5 mm brass tube)2At present, more suitable water pipes


4.5 mm brass tube

PPRTube physical properties,Non-toxicity、Light、Withstand voltage、preservative,Not only suitable for cold water pipelines,Also suitable for hot water pipelines,Even pure drinking water pipes。PPRThe interface of the tube uses hot melt technology,It is completely integrated between the pipes.,So once the pressure test is installed,There is no time, like aluminum plastic pipe, long aging leakage phenomenon。alsoPPRThe price is low,Convenient installation,Therefore, it is currently widely used in home improvement water pipes.。

Editorial reminder:Current marketPPRMany management manufacturers,There are shortcomings of many bad vendorsPPRTube,Therefore, the owner needs to pay attention to the screening time.,It is best to choose a reputable brand product。also,Dividing the cold water pipe at the time of purchase,When you purchase, you can use hot water tubes.,Water pipeline also uses hot water pipes,But you can't use the cold water pipe as a hot water transport pipeline。

2、Copper tube

4.5 mm brass tube

Copper tube is corrosion-resistant、Sili and other advantages,High physical properties,Is the upper and other products in the water pipe。However, due to the higher price and complex construction of construction, etc.,Use the penetration rate is not very high。

3、stainless steel pipe

(4.5 mm brass tube)4.5 mm brass tube

Stainless steel pipe performance is similar to copper tube,Good corrosion resistance、Hygienic、Does not rust、Not more fouling、Do not sep,Self-cleaning,long lasting,Environmental protection and other advantages,However, the price of stainless steel is equally high.,It is difficult to construct,So use the penetration rate is not very high。

Part2:Using long-term most important Preferably, drainage material

(4.5 mm brass tube)Home drainage tube is generally a sewage tube,Non-pressure tube。The rough room generally has a preset drain pipe,But in the decoration,According to the needs of the design,Often need to purchase some drains。Let's take a look at the water supply pipe.,What should I pay attention to when the drain pipe is purchased?。

1Drainage pipe selection consideration points

1、Pay attention to service life

4.5 mm brass tube

Compared with water pipe,Drainage pipe is small and used in sewage water,Therefore, it is not high on the pressure of the pressure and environmental safety of materials.,The most important point is that the anti-aging is strong.、Long service life。Drainage pipeline if there is a water leak,It is likely to affect the residents downstairs,And repairs are also more difficult,therefore,When purchasing drainage pipe,You can't careful。

2、Select appropriate specifications

4.5 mm brass tube

There are a variety of drainage pipes.,Usually divided into40mm、50mm、75mm、110mmWait。40mmGenerally used in the basin、Flooding water and balcony;50mmGenerally used in the kitchen water;75mmGenerally used in the kitchen、balcony、Total drainage, etc.;110mmGenerally used in the toilet、Outer wall。At the time of purchase,You need to purchase according to the required specifications of the location used。

2Currently suitable drain pipe


4.5 mm brass tube

(4.5 mm brass tube)The current water pipe is generally used.UPVCMaterial,UPVCTube has acid resistance、Alkali、Strong corrosion resistance,Good withstand voltage,high strength,Light,Prices low fluid resistance small characteristics,And there is a long life of the cast iron pipe.,preservative。More quality and lightweight on construction、Easy to transport、Easy advantage。

Editorial reminder:It is important to connect glue

4.5 mm brass tube

useUPVCWhen pipe is used as a water pipe,Need to pay attention to the choice of adhesive。U-PVCandU-PVCTo connect the pipes, use a specialU-PVCglue,Tight connection after evenly applying with a small brush。 U-PVCIf the pipe is connected with the original sewer pipe, if the material is the same, a special one should be used.U-PVCglue,If the original sewer pipe is cast iron pipe, it is recommended to use glass glue to seal。Because the glass glue has a good waterproof seal,while having some flexibility,It can ensure that the water does not leak and does not smell back。

2、cast iron pipe

4.5 mm brass tube

Cast iron pipes use pig iron as the main raw material,high strength,longer life,Can also be used as a drain。However, due to the complicated construction,higher labor costs,Therefore, it is not the current mainstream choice for sewer pipes.。

Part3:Although the pipe fittings are small, they play a big role Preferred plumbing fittings

(4.5 mm brass tube)except for pipes,A major material to be used in waterway reconstruction is pipe fittings。Pipe fittings are the redirection of waterways、Add water outlet、Auxiliary accessories needed to connect the interface。Don't look at these are small things,But according to experts,90%water run above、Water leakage events are all related to the fittings at the interface,Therefore, the owner can not be sloppy when purchasing。

1Introduction of common water pipe fittings

4.5 mm brass tube

(4.5 mm brass tube)According to usage,Pipe fittings are mainly divided into straight、Tee、elbow、winding tube、valve、Tube card、cap、Adapters and Ribbons9kind。

Common water pipe fittings

also called pass-through、Casing joint。Mainly acts as a straight line connection

TeeDivided into same diameter tee and reducing tee,As the name suggests,It is used to connect the water pipes in three different directions.,Used when a water path is to be drawn from a water pipe
elbowIt's for turning the hose,Because the pipe itself is straight,cannot bend,To change the direction of the water pipe,Can only be achieved with elbows。conventionally divided into45degree and90elbow
winding tubealso called crossing the bridge,When two water pipes intersect in the same plane without butting,In order to ensure the normal use of water pipes,transition with winding,like an arch bridge,Avoid direct intersection of water pipes by plane avoidance
valvethe switch,There are two kinds of ball valve and angle valve,The opening and closing of the two valves is slightly different,but the same
Tube cardalso called wall card,pipe fittings for fixing pipes
capalso called plug,Use it when closing unused water pipes
AdapterIf the original water pipes of the house arePETube,Conversion joints are used when decorating,Because it is basically not used in the home improvement processPETube,One end of the adapter isPEmaterial,one end isPPRmaterial,Can realize the conversion of two materials
raw tape

The metal interface is prone to loosening,when picking up,Use raw tape to make the interface more airtight,Reduce the chance of leakage

which directly、Tee、elbow、The coiled tubes have ordinary、inner wire、Outer wire and reducer four forms。The so-called ordinary form means,The size of both ends of the pipe、Material has not changed;Ness also called inner teeth,Those pipes with metal grooves at one end can be called inner wires.;The opposite of the inner wire is the outer wire,also called external teeth,That is, one end of the pipe has a metal flange;Reducing diameter is the inconsistency of the size of the two ends of the pipe。

(4.5 mm brass tube)2Water pipe fittings purchase tips

There are many pipe fittings used in waterway reconstruction,And while a single tube doesn't seem like a lot of money,But due to the large number of,The total price is generally not low。Therefore, you need to avoid buying inferior products when purchasing,When purchasing, please refer to the following purchasing methods。

1、Pay attention to matching

4.5 mm brass tube

When selecting fittings,To choose the fittings that match the water pipes,It is best to choose matching pipe fittings of the same brand and material。

(4.5 mm brass tube)2、look at the appearance

4.5 mm brass tube

When buying pipe fittings,Look at the color first、Whether the gloss is uniform;Check whether the wall thickness of the pipe fittings is uniform,Whether the pipe wall is smooth;Pipe fittings with threads should also pay attention to whether the threads are evenly distributed, etc.。

3、Choose a brand

When purchasing pipe fittings,First of all, carefully read the product manual and certificate,Understand product performance indicators。The safest way is to go to a large、Formal market to buy materials。

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