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1mm wall brass tube

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1mm wall brass tube

Pick want:Oxygen has very strong oxidative and fluidity,Combustible substances will decrease in pure oxygen-burn point。Moreover, the oxygen pipeline system itself is high in safety.,Production enterprises have large oxygen、More distributions,Pipe network is relatively complex,Relatively dangerous。Improper use in industrial production,Easy to cause explosion accidents,So you must ensure the safety of oxygen pipelines。This paper provides a simple introduction to the installation and safe use of oxygen pipelines.。   

Key words:Oxygen pipeline Install Safe use safely   

one、Oxygen chemical properties and applications   

The chemical properties of oxygen are very lively,Is a strong oxidant and a combustion。The intensity of the oxidation reaction depends on the concentration and pressure of oxygen.,If the oxidation reaction is carried out in pure oxygen,The process is very violent,Also release a lot of heat。Oxygen and combustible gas(Acetylene、hydrogen、Methane, etc.)When mixed in a certain proportion,Explosion in the fire。Oxygen is compressed,In the process of delivery,If there is a fat、Iron filled or small combustion(Coal powder、Carbonaceous or organic fiber)exist,As the airflow movement is rubbed with the tube wall or the body、Hit,Will produce a lot of friction heat,Pipeline、Machine combustion or even explosion。   

Oxygen is widely used in industrial production,Such as liquid oxygen can act as a rocket in the defense industry;Cutting in the machinery industry、welding;Oxygen steel making steel in the metallurgical industry、Rolling steel and colored metal smelting;Coal chemical industry as a coal oxidant;Medical、A large amount of oxygen is used in deep water operation。

two、Oxygen pipeline and accessories

(one)Oxygen pipeline and accessories  

  1、Oxygen pipeline material   

Oxygen pipeline material,Responsible according to the pressure of oxygen、temperature、The flow rate of oxygen in the pipeline is used.。Oxygen pipelines to satisfy strength conditions as in other pipes,Need to have corrosion、Rust-proof、Fire prevention requirements。   

Considering temperature conditions,Oxygen pipelines at room temperature generally use steel pipes。But due to steel-40℃The following is brittle,Therefore, for the pipeline operating in a low temperature state, aluminum alloy is required.、Copper alloy or stainless steel,These materials still have good strength and toughness at low temperatures。   

(1mm wall brass tube)

2、Selection of flange gasket on oxygen pipeline   

The sealing gasket must meet the requirements of the flange intensity level,Work pressure is not greater than0.6MPaFlange seal can be made of asbestos rubber gasket,Work pressure is greater than0.6MPaFlange seal with copper or copper gasket、Asbestos winding stainless steel gasket、Polytetrafluoroethylene gasket。   

3、Selection of valves on oxygen pipeline   

(1mm wall brass tube)

Cutout valves in oxygen pipes should adopt a nine shut-off valve、Ball valve and butterfly valve。Regulating valve must be selected according to the calculated flow coefficient value。  

Cutout valves in oxygen pipes should adopt a nine shut-off valve、Ball valve and butterfly valve。The regulating valve must select the required caliber according to the calculated flow coefficient value,Single seat according to the requirements of working pressure and adjustment、Double-seat or sleeve regulating valve。   

(two)Oxygen pipeline and accessories installation   

(1mm wall brass tube)

2、Oxygen pipeline should not pass through high temperature and flame area,Insulation measures should be added to this pipe section,The temperature of the tube wall should not exceed70℃。It is strictly forbidden to open fire and oil near oxygen pipeline and valve。   

3、Oxygen pipeline should do less elbow and bifurcation head,Work pressure is higher than0.1MPaOxygen pipe elbow,Stamping is made into a valve flange production。   

4、The connection of the oxygen pipe should be welded.,But with equipment、Flange or thread connection can be used at the valve connection。A lead buckle connection should be used、Water glass or polytetrafluoroethylene film as a filler,It is strictly forbidden to use lead red numb or cotton silk,Or other oil-containing material。   

5、Clean level must be checked when the oxygen pipe is installed、Oil residue,Slein cleaning should be performed if it is unqualified,And check qualified。   

three、Purificing degreasing after oxygen pipeline construction   

Oxygen pipeline after construction,Other reasons such as welding,Easy to leave helium sediment or other debris in the pipe。Oxygen pipeline after construction,Tianmao gas prompts you because of other reasons such as welding,Easy to leave helium sediment or other debris in the pipe,Burning during oxygen delivery、explode;Or in the oxygen pipeline in the oxygen pipeline。In order to protect security,The oxygen pipeline should be purged and degreased after the pipeline is completed.。   

(one)Plow of oxygen pipeline   

(1mm wall brass tube)

(two)Sephing of oxygen pipeline   

After the oxygen pipe is blown,In order to prevent oxygen pipes from being contaminated again in the oxygen pipeline during construction,Avoid hazards during use,Deanifying the pipe,The length of the degreasing should be carried out in the length of the oxygen pipeline,Oxygen pipeline degrease pipe network is not easy。

Four、Acceptance of oxygen pipeline   

(1mm wall brass tube)

Strength and rigorous testing should be performed after oxygen pipeline installation。The intensity test of the oxygen pipeline is generally used with waterless water or dry air.、Nitrogen,Work pressure is greater than3.0MPaOxygen pipeline should do water intensity test。Strict test should also be carried out after passing the oxygen pipe strength test.。   

Fives、Analysis of the causes of combustion explosion of oxygen pipeline   

(one)Rust in the pipe、dust、Sewage slag and pipe inner wall or valve friction produces high temperature combustion。   

(1mm wall brass tube)

This kind of situation and the type of impurities、Particle size and airflow speed,Iron powder is easy to combust to oxygen,And the finer granularity,The lower the burning point;The faster your speed,The more you use burning。   

(two)Pipeline or valve、Rubber and other low-combing materials,Ignition at a local high temperature。   

(three)High temperatures generated by thermal insulation compression make combustible materials。 E.g:Before the valve15MPa,Temperature20℃,The valve is normal pressure0.1MPa,If the valve is turned quickly,The oxygen temperature after the valve is calculated according to the thermal compression formula.553℃,This has reached or exceeds the fire point of some substances.。

(Four)The reduction in combustion point of combustible materials in high pressure pure oxygen is the cause of oxygen pipe valve combustion.。   

Oxygen pipes and valves in high pressure pure oxygen,Its danger is very large,Tianmao gas reminds you,Test prove,The detonation energy of fire is inversely compared with the pressure square,These have a great threat to oxygen pipes and valves。

six、Oxygen pipeline use and maintenance requirements

(one)Engaged in oxygen pipeline operation and maintenance personnel must understand the knowledge of oxygen equipment and its risk,Understand the security procedures and measures that must be taken when an accident or failure occurs。  

(1mm wall brass tube)(two)Manual cutting valve must be opened,Do not allow impact or rapid operation of valves。When using a valve with a bypass valve,Bypass valve,Charge downstream side,When the difference between the main valve is equal to or equal0.3MPaTime to open the main valve。

(1mm wall brass tube)(three)Equipment in contact with oxygen、valve、Pipes and containers,Oil pollution is strictly prohibited during maintenance。Exhaust treatment must be performed after maintenance,After confirming the degreasing,Square investment。

(Four)No non-adjusted valve is used for adjustment

(Fives)Oxygen pipeline or valve,The upstream gas source should be cut immediately。

(six)Maintenance precautions:Oxygen pipelines should often check and maintain,Rust brush paint,Every3~5Once a year。Safety valve on the pipeline、Pressure gauge,To check regularly,1year1Second-rate。   

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