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7-g64 test tube clamp brass stoddard

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(7-g64 test tube clamp brass stoddard)

Made in pure copper or copper alloy, various shapes include rods、String、plate、belt、strip、Tube、Foil, etc.。Copper processing has rolling、Squeeze and drawing,The plates and strips of copper materials are hot and cold rolled.;The strip and foil are cold rolled.;Pipes and bars are divided into squeezed and drawn products;Wire is drawn。

Copper materials can be divided into according to ingredients:

brass:Is alloyed by copper and zinc

White copper:Is copper and nickel alloy

bronze:Is copper and an alloy formed by elements other than zinc and nickel,Main tin bronze,Aluminum bronze, etc.

Copper:It is copper with high copper content,Other general impurities are in1%the following。

Brass:Pure copper,Apron,Pure copper density is8.96,Melting point1083℃。Has good conductivity and thermal conductivity,Excellent plasticity,Easy hot press and cold pressure processing,A large number of manufacturing wires、cable、Brush、Electric split electrical etch copper, etc. require good conductivity。

(7-g64 test tube clamp brass stoddard)


Copper copper,Copper stick,Copper tube,Copper belt,Copper wire,Copper row and other copper materials。

Copper stickIs a kind of colored metalworking bar,Good processing performance,Highly conductivity。Mainly divided into brass rods(Copper zinc alloy,Cheap),Purple copper rod(Higher copper content)。

Copper rod classification:Aluminum bronze rod,Tin bronze stick,Silicon bronze rod,Beryllium bronze board,Brass,Copper plate,Copper plate,Brake,Tungsten copper plate,Oxygen-free copper,Various copper plates。

Common grade:H59、HPb59-1、HPb59-3、H62、H65、H68、H70、H80、H90、C2600、C2680、C2700、C5210、C5191、C51000、QBe2.0、C1100、T2Wait。

General specifications:diameter:φ1.0-200mm、length:2500-6000mm。

7-g64 test tube clamp brass stoddard

Copper tubeCopper tube also known as。Non-ferrous metal tube,Is suppressed and drawn seamless tubes。Copper tube has strong、Corrosion resistance,It has become a tap water pipe in all residential commercial housing、Heating、Refrigeration pipeline installation preferred。 Copper tube is the best water supply pipeline。

Common grade:H62、H65、H68、H63、H70、H80、H90、C2600、C2680、C2700、C5210、C5191、C51000、QBe2.0、C1100、T2Wait。

General specifications:Wall thickness:0.1-100mm,Outer diameter:1-600mm。

Copper beltIs a metal component,Product specifications0.1~3×50~250mmVarious state copper belt products,Mainly used in production electrical components、Lamp head、Battery cap、Button、Seals、Plug-in,Mainly used as a conductive、Thermal conductive、Corrosion resistance equipment。Electrical components、switch、washer、Gasket、Early empty device、heat sink、Conductive base material and car water tank、heat sink、Cylinder tablets and other parts。

Common grade:H62、H65、H68、H63、H70、H80、H90、C2600、C2680、C2700、C5210、C5191、C51000、QBe2.0、C1100、T2Wait。


Copper wireGood conductive、Thermal conductive、Corrosion resistance and processing properties,Can weld and brazed。Containing reduced conductive、Less thermal impurity,Micro oxygen、The performance of thermal conductivity and processing is not much affected.,It is easy to cause"Hydrogen",Not suitable at high temperatures(Such as>370℃)Restorestability atmosphere(annealing、Welding, etc.)and use。

Common grade:H62、H65、H68、H70、H80、H90、C2600、C2680、C2700、C5210、C5191、C51000、QBe2.0、C1100、T2Wait。

Specification:Linear path:0.01-15.0mm

Copper rowIs a large current electromechanical product,Suitable for high and low voltage electrical appliances、Switch contact、Distribution equipment、Bus bar slot and other electrical engineering,Also widely used in metal smelting、Electrochemical plating、Ultra-large current electrolyte smelting projects such as chemical boar。The electrical copper row we supply has low resistivity.、Multi-range。

(7-g64 test tube clamp brass stoddard)

Common grade:H59、H62、H65、C2700、C2680、C2600、H68、H70、C5210、C5191、C51000、QBe2.0Wait。

(7-g64 test tube clamp brass stoddard)


two、Test items:

Grade identification

Material identification:Titanium alloy、steel、Aluminum alloy、Copper alloy, etc.、Material Identification of Alloy and Its Products;

Mechanical performance:Room temperature tensile test、High and low temperature tensile test、Young's modulusEAnd Poissonμ、rvalue、nvalue、Room temperature compression test、Bending test、Repeated curvature、Anti-bending strength、yield、fatigue、Reverse、stress、Stress relaxation、Low temperature shock、High temperature shock、Wear、Hydraulic pressure、Tensile creep test、Shear strength、Pulse static pressure experiment、Rotation and stress、Fatigue test, etc.;

Process performance:Filament stretching、Fracture inspection、Repeated curvature、Two-way twist、Hydraulic test、Flaring、bending、crimping、Flattening、Loop expansion、Tensile、显微组织、Microstructure、金相分析等;

Cup protrusion、检测标准

DB34/T 1237-2010 Gold phase analysis, etc.

GB/T 20302-2014 阳极磷铜材

JB/T 5706-1991 three

JB/T 8494.2-2012 金属打包液压机 Detection standard2部分:Copper processing enterprise energy measuring appliance equipment equipment equipment and management requirements