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brass tube handrail

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Aluminum alloy advantage

1、preservative,Maintenance-free,Safe and environmentally friendly

Aluminum alloy in natural state, good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance,Can fully meet the anti-corrosion control requirements as a material,More suitable for use in high-rise buildings。long life,Maintenance-free,No stainless stain,Safe and secure。

(brass tube handrail)2、Good plasticity,Have more style,Structural science

Aluminum alloy good thermal extrusion performance,Mechanical structure and appearance process require the production of complex empty spaces、Solid profile,Not only can improve the mechanical properties of isometric materials,Also added the practicality and decorativeness of the guardrail product。

3、Light,high strength,Adaptive to the era.

Aluminum tablet has high structural strength,And only the quality of one-third of the steel,Added the overall load of the building。Plus good toughness,Welcomability and other functional advantages combination,Especially suitable for use in high-rise buildings。

Staircase column guardrail,The column guardrail as a emerging industry,No longer a simple decoration material,But a beautiful art ornament,Become a rich value,Luxury style landscape! Copper art staircase handrail column floor repair bar picture Daquan。

brass tube handrail

brass tube handrail

(brass tube handrail)brass tube handrail(brass tube handrail)
(brass tube handrail)

brass tube handrail

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