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1mm id brass tube

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1mm id brass tube


(1mm id brass tube)DN/De/D/Φ/PN/SDRDifference

D:Generally, the inner diameter of the pipeline,Diameter in the inner wall in the pipe

(1mm id brass tube)

DN:YesNominal diameter,Average outer diameter,Neither the outer diameter of the pipe is not an inner diameter,But the average of outer diameters and inner diameters。This is the standardized diameter series of pipelines and their accessories。Adopt nominal diameter facilitates the standardization of components,Also convenient、manufacture、Construction and management,Reducing manufacturing costs。Pipeline,DNIs less than the outer diameter and a certain size of the inner diameter。Corresponding to a nominal diameter of the pipeline,The outer diameter is a certain value,Inner diameter changes with the wall thickness。It corresponds to the correspondence between the English units as follows:

1mm id brass tube(1mm id brass tube)

(1mm id brass tube)Φ:Refers toOuter diameter of pipe,That is, the outer edge diameter of the tube including the pipe wall thickness。General seamless steel pipe、Spiral steel tube is usedΦTo identify the size of the specifications,Be labeled into an outer diameterXWall thick form。Such as:Φ108×4,An outer diameter is108mm,Wall thickness4mmPipe。

De:Refers toPipe outer diameter,PPR、PE Tube、The outer diameter of the polypropylene tube is generally used.DeLabel,Common standard injectionOuter diameterXWall thick form。Such as:De110×6.6。

We are accustomed to useDNTo mark the welded steel pipe,Using rarely without wall thicknessDeTo mark the pipe;But the labeling plastic tube is another thing.;Still related to industry habits,We are briefly called during the actual construction process.20、25、32Waiting for pipesDe,NotDN。

In addition, according to the practice experience in the scene:

a、The connection method of the two pipeline materials is nothing more:Silk buckle connection and flange connection。

(1mm id brass tube)b、Galvanized steel、PPRThe tube can use two types of connections,Just less than50Pipeline is more convenient,more than the50Flange is more reliable。

1mm id brass tube

Nominal diameter and outer diameter comparison table of each pipe

(1mm id brass tube)DN 、De、ΦRelationship :

DeThe amount is the diameter of the outer wall of the pipeline;DNYesDeNumber of thickness to reduce half of the wall;ΦRepresents the diameter of ordinary circle。

De、DN、d、фEach representation:

De-- PPR、PETube、Polypropylene tube outer diameter;

DN-- Polyethylene(PVC)Tube、Cast iron pipe、Steel-plastic composite tube、Galvanized steel pipe nominal diameter;

d -- Concrete tube nominal diameter;

ф-- Seamless steel pipe or colored metal pipe“Outer diameter×Wall thickness”。

PN:YesCelebrity,Use in pipes and pipe fittings、The pressure of housing equipment such as valves。letterPNThe figures are not measuring,Such asPN1.0MpaofPEWater pipe,1.0Represents pressure pressure level,Nominal pressure refers to pipe material in secondary temperature( 20℃)Working pressure of water,That is, the maximum continuous operation pressure acting in the inner wall of the pipe is working.。We are now commonly usedPEPipe 0.6、0.8、1.0、1.25、1.6 Five pressure grades。

SDR:YesRefers to the standard size ratio or standard dimension rate of the pipeline。PEPlySDRRefersNominal outer diameter of pipelinedeNominal wall thicknessenBetween ratios,which isSDR=de/en。Commonly used in plastic tubes such as outer diameter control,Is the thickness of the control tube wall、Important parameters decided to withstand internal pressure。for examplePEPipeline:SDR26 PN0.6Mpa、SDR21 PN0.8Mpa、SDR17 PN1.0Mpa、SDR13.6 PN1.25Mpa、SDR11 PN1.6MpaWait。

(1mm id brass tube)2

Expression method of pipe diameter

1、TubeUnit should bemm。

2、The expression method of the pipe diameter should meet the following requirements:

  • Water gas delivery steel pipe(Galvanized or non-galvanized)、Cast iron pipe and other pipe,The pipe is suitable for a nominal diameterDNExpress;
  • Seamless steel pipe、Welded steel pipe(Stamping or helical seam)Equal pipe,The pipe is suitableD×Wall thickness;
  • Copper tube、Thin wall stainless steel pipe and other pipe,The pipe is suitable for the outer diameter of the nominalDwExpress;
  • Building water supply water supply plastic pipe,The pipe is suitable for the outer diameter of the nominaldnExpress;
  • RC(Concrete)Tube,The pipe is suitable for an inner diameterdExpress;
  • Composite tube、Structural wall plastic pipe and other pipe,The pipe diameter should be expressed according to the product standard method.;
  • Nominal diameter is used in the designDNTime,Negotiable diameterDNCompared with the corresponding product specifications。

1mm id brass tube

Pipe pipe diameter standard expression

3、The labeling method of the pipe diameter should meet the following regulations:

  • Single pipe,Pipe path should be2.4.3-1Way label;
  • Multi-reported pipeline,Pipe path should be2.4.3-2Way label。

1mm id brass tube


Common pipeline characteristics and advantages and disadvantages

plastic pipe

Plastic tube is a product made of synthetic resin additives。Additives have plasticizers、stabilizer、Filler、Lubricant、Colorant、UV absorber、Modified agent, etc.。

Common plastic pipe:Hard polyvinyl chloride tube(PVC-U)、High density polyethylene tube(PE-HD)、Crosslinked polyethylene tube(PE-X)、Ruleless copolymerized polypropylene tube(PP-R)、Pyrene tube(PB)、Engineering plastic propylene-Butadiene-Styrene copolymer(ABS)Wait。The raw material composition of the plastic tube determines the characteristics of the plastic tube。

1)Main advantages of plastic tubes

  • Good chemical stability,Not affected by environmental factors and interposed in duct,Good corrosion resistance。
  • Small thermal conductivity,Heat transfer rate is low,Insulation insulation,Good energy saving。
  • Hydraulic performance is good,Pipe inner wall,Small resistance coefficient,Not easy to foul,Circulation area in the pipe does not change over time,Pipe blocking machine rate。
  • Small with respect to metal pipe,Material light,Convenient transportation installation,Maintenance is easy。
  • Can be bent naturally or have a cold bending,Can use a coil supply method,Reduce the number of pipe connections。

2)Main disadvantage of plastic tube

  • Mechanical performance,Poor impact,Rigidity,Flatness is also poor,Therefore, the tube card and the hanger set the density high.。
  • Flame retardant,Most plastic products flammable,And thermal decomposition when burning,It will release toxic gases and smoke。
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion,Stretching compensation must be very emphasized。

3)Performance of plastic tubes

(1mm id brass tube)

  • PVC-U、PP、ABS Mechanical performance is relatively high,Is considered“Rigid tube” ,Extra well-installed。on the contrary,PE、PE-X、PB Be“Flexible tube” Suitable。

  • The temperature and heat resistance of the plastic tube are determined. PVC-U、PE、ABSCan only be used for cold water pipes,andPE-X、PP、PBCan be used as a hot water tube。When the building has a hot water supply system, heat resistance is mainly main indicators when using unified pipe。

  • Plastic pipe is high due to high thermal expansion,In the plastic line, especially as a hot water pipe,Flexible interface,More thermal compensation measures such as telescopic joints or various bendings。In which PE、PP Equal polyolefin is the most。If you don't pay enough attention to this installation,And take corresponding technical measures,Extremely easy to take the problem of distracting the section。
(1mm id brass tube)

  • Due to low thermal conductivity,The thermal insulation of the plastic tube is excellent in thermal insulation and reduces the thickness of the insulation layer or even no heat preservation.。When the heat insulating heat between the different plastic tubes is in addition to the heat conductance coefficient,Also related to their respective pipe wall thickness。
(1mm id brass tube)

Metal tube

1)Galvanized steel

The substituted metal tube is neither a metal tube is replaced,It is not imposed that galvanized steel pipes are replaced throughout the construction of the building.。

Galvanized steel pipeLow price、Superior,Good fire prevention performance,long lastingEtc,Will also in the fire water supply system,Especially in automatic water sprinkle fire extinguishing systems。Plastic tube(Subtle) Should not be in the fire water supply system and life-Fire,Production-Application in fire all systems。

(1mm id brass tube)

2)Copper tube

The most advantageous copper tube is,Copper tubeHas a long time,More advantageous,Full of pipe and fittings,Interface mode,More applications in hot water pipes,The main problem at present is copperEasy to exceed the quantity。

3)Cast iron pipe

The water supply iron pipe is compared to the steel pipeBe uncomfortable、Low cost、Good durabilityEtc,Suitable for embedding。weakness isCrisp、Weight、Small lengthWait。Connection method generally adopted。

Clamp cast iron drain is a new type of construction drain pipe,60Enter the international market began,After decades of promotion and application,This type of pipe has been widely recognized internationally.。This pipe has many advantages over the traditional inserted iron drainage pipeline.,Is an update product,But because this pipe and accessories are relatively expensive,Therefore, it has not been popular in China.。

Composite tube

Composite tube includes liner lead tubes、Lining tube、FRP tube。Most of the composite tube is from the working layer(Require water resistant corrosion)、Support layer、The protective layer(Require corrosion)composition。

Composite tube is generally metal support material,Lined by epoxy resin and cement,Its unique features areLight weight、Inner wall smooth、Small resistance、Good corrosion resistance;Also support with high strength soft metal,Not metal pipes on both sides,Aluminum-plastic composite tube,Its unique features areThe inner wall of the pipe does not corrode the fouling,Guarantee water quality;There is also a metal tube inside,Not metal tube is outside,Plastic copper tube,This is the heat-conducting and protective effect using plastics.。

According to the metal material:Steel-plastic composite tube、Stainless steel-Plastic composite pipe,Plastic stainless steel pipe、Plastic copper tube、Aluminum-plastic composite tube、Crosslinked aluminum-plastic composite tube、Lining plastic aluminum alloy tube。

It should be said that the composite pipe is a pipe diameter.≥300mmThe most ideal pipe for the drainage pipeline。It also has a large metal pipe strength,Advantages of rigidity and non-metal pipe corrosion resistance。But it is currently developing a slower pipe.。This is because:

  1. The combination of two pipes is higher than the price of single pipe.。
  2. Two material thermal expansion coefficients differ,If the bond is not strong, the ambient temperature and the temperature of the medium are more severe.,Easy to disengage,Causes quality decline。

The connection of the composite tube is suitable for cold processing method,Thermal processing mode is easy to cause the telescopic of the inner lining plastic、Deformation and even melting。Generally thread、card cover、Clamp etc.。

Other pipes

In addition to the above,stainless steel pipeAlso favored by engineers and technicians,Relevant parties are reducing wall thickness, Reduce price,Make useful to promote。

Aluminum alloy tubeIt is the new variety launched by the aluminum factory to the drainage industry.;Nickel-plated steel pipes and galvanized steel pipes have recently been, Corrosion resistance is far more than a novel pipe for galvanized steel pipes,After solving the reduction of the plating cost and the construction site of the pipeline, the nickel process,It is expected to be adopted within a certain range。

Coated steel pipeIt is a tube that is optimistic in metal pipes.,And pipeline arrangement and laying、Interface mode and construction mounting are the same as galvanized steel pipe,Make this pipeUltimate。And due to its coating、Low price,It is also easier to be promoted。

1mm id brass tube