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Made in pure copper or copper alloy, various shapes include rods、String、plate、belt、strip、Tube、Foil, etc.。Copper processing has rolling、Squeeze and drawing,The plates and strips of copper materials are hot and cold rolled.;The strip and foil are cold rolled.;Pipes and bars are divided into squeezed and drawn products;Wire is drawn。

(4 brass tube)Copper classification



Mainly necessary varieties

Copper plate

Copper plate is a high stability、Low maintenance roof and curtain wall material,Environmental friendly、Use safe、Easy to processed and extremely resistant。

Aluminum bronze plate,Brass,Tin bronze plate,Silicon bronze plate,Beryllium bronze board,Tungsten copper plate,Copper plate,Brake,Oxygen-free copper,Various specifications/Model copper board。

Copper stick

(4 brass tube)The copper rod is a kind of tare metal processing bar.,Good processing performance,Highly conductivity。Mainly divided into brass rods(Copper zinc alloy,Cheap),Purple copper rod(Higher copper content)。

Aluminum bronze rod,Tin bronze stick,Silicon bronze rod,Beryllium bronze board,Brass,Copper plate,Copper plate,Brake,Tungsten copper plate,Oxygen-free copper,Various copper plates。

Copper tube

Copper tube is also known as a purple copper tube。Non-ferrous metal tube,Is suppressed and drawn seamless tubes。Copper tube has strong、Corrosion resistance,It has become a tap water pipe in all residential commercial housing、Heating、Refrigeration pipeline installation preferred。Copper tube is the best water supply pipeline。

Aluminum bronze tube,Tin bronze tube,Silicon bronze tube,Beryllium bronze tube,Brass,White copper tube,Purple copper tube,Red copper tube,Tungsten copper tube,Oxygenless copper tube,Variety of copper tubes。

Copper belt

Copper strip is a metal component,Product specifications0.1~3×50~250mmVarious state copper belt products,Mainly used in production electrical components、Lamp head、Battery cap、Button、Seals、Plug-in,Mainly used as a conductive、Thermal conductive、Corrosion resistance equipment。Electrical components、switch、washer、Gasket、Early empty device、heat sink、Conductive base material and car water tank、heat sink、Cylinder tablets and other parts。

(4 brass tube)Aluminum bronze belt,Tin bronze belt,Silicon bronze belt,Beryllium bronze belt,Brass,White copper,Copper,Red copper,Tungsten copper,Oxygen-free copper,Various copper strips。

(4 brass tube)Copper wire

Good conductive、Thermal conductive、Corrosion resistance and processing properties,Can weld and brazed。Containing reduced conductive、Less thermal impurity,Micro oxygen、The performance of thermal conductivity and processing is not much affected.,It is easy to cause“Hydrogen”,Not suitable at high temperatures(Such as>370℃)Restorestability atmosphere(annealing、Welding, etc.)and use。

Aluminum bronze line,Tin bronze line,Silicon bronze line,Beryllium bronze line,Brass,White copper wire,Purple copper wire,Red copper wire,Tungsten copper wire,Oxygen-free copper wire,Various copper wires。

Copper row

(4 brass tube)Copper row is a large current electromechanical product,Suitable for high and low voltage electrical appliances、Switch contact、Distribution equipment、Bus bar slot and other electrical engineering,Also widely used in metal smelting、Electrochemical plating、Ultra-large current electrolyte smelting projects such as chemical boar。The electrical copper row we supply has low resistivity.、Multi-range。

Aluminum bronze row,Tin bronze row,Silicon bronze row,Bronze row,Brass,White copper,Copper row,Red copper row,Tungsten copper row,Oxygenless copper row,Various copper rows。

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(4 brass tube)

Copper is very close to the human relationship.,Not only rich resources in nature resources, not only excellent in conductivity、Thermal conductivity、Ductility、Corrosion resistance、Excellent properties such as wear resistance,Widely used in electric power、electronic、Energy and petrochemical、Machinery and metallurgy、transportation、Light industry、Emerging industries and other fields,In the consumption of non-ferrous metal materials in China, only aluminum。

Copper industry chain

4 brass tube

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(4 brass tube)Reform and Opening40Year,Copper prices at home and abroad are stable to fluctuate,After the big arrival,The price trend is not sluggling at home and abroad.,Reflective strong economic attributes。

Copper industry price trend

(4 brass tube)

(4 brass tube)
(4 brass tube)time


(4 brass tube)Trend

The first stage:1978-2001year

(4 brass tube)Steady fluctuation period

This cycle,Copper price1978year1Month1365Dollar/t,Wave rises to2001Year1569Dollar/t,Rising amplitude15%。The average annual increase is only0.65%

second stage:2001-2008year

High speed rising period

Accompanied by ChinaWT0The rapid growth of the economy,Domestic demand for copper products is constantly enhanced,Pulling the price of copper concentrate during this period。Copper price2001Year1569Dollar/t,Wave rises to2008year6Month8698Dollar/t,Increasing554%。Average growth rate61。5%

The third phase:2008-2012year

VType development period

2008The world has experienced the most serious economic crisis in recent years.,All kinds of big mineral products price breakfall,Among them, the copper price is only in half a year.8698Dollar/tFalling to the end of the year3041Dollar/t。哼 哼 哼65%。With the end of the mine with the financial crisis, it has also ushered in an opportunity.,Later3Year,Mine products have risen,The highest price appears2011Year,for9880Dollar/tCompared to low valley prices during the financial crisis,Hopple325%

Fourth stage:2012-2016year

Mining winter

This period is a more difficult situation in the global mining market.,China and global exploration funds have declined year by year by year。at the same time,With domestic supply side reform and production adjustment,Big commodity prices have fallen continuously。Among them, the copper price is2012Yearned7995Dollar/t,Wave falling to2016Year4942Dollar/t,Decline38.2%

(4 brass tube)Fifth stage:2016-2018year

Take the bottom

With the bottom of the mining market,Global exploration market investment has increased slightly by year,The price of mineral products has also gradually returned to normal intervals。Copper price2016Year4942Dollar/t,Wave rises to2017At the end of the year7200Dollar/t,Rising amplitude45.7%

Sixth phase:2019End of the year-2020year

Stable rise

2019At the end of the year2020The trend of the copper price of the Metal Exchange in the beginning of the year has been relatively stable.。2020In the fourth quarter,Respond to the global consumption、China consumption is better than expected、Global currency loose、Multiple factors such as the overall downtown downtown,Proppen、External disc copper metal price is connegad。2020year12moon,LMEThe average price of the month and the March of March is7755Dollar/Tonne7772Dollar/Ton,Upper ring9.8%,Uploaded27.9%and27.7%o 2020year12moon,SHPFEThe average price of the month and the March of March is58158Yuan/Tonne57687Yuan/Ton,From the previous one8.7%and7.3%,Uploaded19.3%and18.1%

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(4 brass tube)Reform and opening up,my country's non-ferrous metal industry continues to develop rapidly,Overall strength step into the new era。my country's copper industry has developed rapidly,Entering big country ranks in world copper production and consumption。According to data display,2020my country's copper production2045.5Tens of tons,Added28.31Tens of tons,Year-on-year growth1.4%。

2015-2020my country's copper production and growth rate

4 brass tube

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From the production of copper production in various provinces and cities,2020The first five copper production rankings for Jiangxi Province、Jiangsu Province、Zhejiang Province、Guangdong Province、Anhui Province,Steel production is384.77Tens of tons、369.83Tens of tons、274.21Tens of tons、262.06Tens of tons、236.33Tens of tons,Exceed200Tens of tons。

2020my country's copper industry productionTOP10

4 brass tube(4 brass tube)

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From my country's copper imports,2019my country's copper imports have reached498Tens of tons,Accumulate6%;2019my country's copper import amount reached324.71One hundred million U.S. dollars,Accumulate13.3%。2020my country's copper imports are reached668Tens of tons,Accumulate34.1%;Import amount reached431.71One hundred million U.S. dollars,Year-on-year growth32.9%。

2015-2020my country's copper industry import quantity and growth rate

(4 brass tube)

4 brass tube

Data Sources:Public information

2015-2020my country's copper industry import amount and growth

(4 brass tube)4 brass tube

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From my country's copper exports,2019my country's copper exports reached84.1Tens of tons,Year-on-year growth6.2%;2019my country's copper import amount reached6053.11One million U.S. dollars,Accumulate1.6%。2020my country's copper imports are reached74.45Tens of tons,Down11.5%;Import amount reached5437.37One million U.S. dollars,Down10.2%。(TJL)

2015-2020my country's copper industry export quantity and growth rate

(4 brass tube)

4 brass tube

Data Sources:Public information

2015-2020my country's copper industry export amount and growth

4 brass tube

Data Sources:Public information

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