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flexible brass tub drain kit

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I don't know if you have seen such a bathtub.,I don't care, I thought it was a hammock.。Harsh20Citon,On both sides,How to drain this bathtub now,I saw it.,People don't want water pipes,Direct bath under the bottom of the bath,The ground is another hole to form a straight line,Drainage is more convenient than your bathtub.!

flexible brass tub drain kit

This is the popular bathtub installed,In the future, my family must put this way.,Let me take you to see how it achieves drainage.。

One drainage in the bottom of the bathtub

Here is the same as normal bathtub,Generally, it will be a drained export at the bottom.。Usually use the bathtub, you can close the drainage.,After use,Open the drain outlet,Will not cause blocked embarrassment。Hammhati bathtub also has this design。

flexible brass tub drain kit

A drainage floor under the row of drains

Since this bath is a hanging style,Flow through the drainage water flow to the ground。This design is very clever,Directly give a floor below the ground of the drain.,The water of the bathtub can be drained directly through the ground,Ensure that too much water is not formed on the ground,It looks cleaner clean and tidy。

flexible brass tub drain kit

I have to say it is really cool.,Such a bath tub doesn't want to have!People not only drainage,This2Point is also very attractive。

①Will not form a sanitary corner of the hanging hanging

Bathtub hanging,Bottom space is convenient to clean hygiene,Will not hide。

flexible brass tub drain kit

flexible brass tub drain kit

②More space

(flexible brass tub drain kit)Not the same as the domestic common cumbersome,Such a bathtub appearance is more refined,Smaller occupation area。The bottom of the two sides can also be used to store。

flexible brass tub drain kit(flexible brass tub drain kit)

flexible brass tub drain kit

Share it again2Compare personality bathtub design,I can apply it to my home.。

(flexible brass tub drain kit)Ground under the floor

Bathroom,Even the bathtub is not used!Sinking ground is taken as a bathtub,Spacious space,It also saves the money to buy a bathtub.。This is a certain requirement of this design.,I can't affected the neighbors of the downstairs.。

flexible brass tub drain kit

Double bathtub

The bathtub can also be divided into two separate spaces.,Made in the middle,On both sides can be used at the same time,Do not affect each other,No need to place another bathtub,It's a bit awkward when you use it.。

flexible brass tub drain kit

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