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brass tube gauge chart

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brass tube gauge chart

▍Rebar Theoretical Weight

Angle steel:Weight per meter=0.00785*(Edge width+Edge width-Edge)*Edge

Round steel:Weight per meter=0.00617*diameter*diameter(Threaded steel and round steel)

flat steel:Weight per meter=0.00785*thickness*Edge width

Pipe:Weight per meter=0.02466*Wall thickness*(Outer diameter-Wall thickness)

Plate:Weight per meter=7.85*thickness*area

Brass:Weight per meter=0.02670*Wall thickness*(Outer diameter-Wall thickness)

Purple copper tube:Weight per meter=0.02796*Wall thickness*(Outer diameter-Wall thickness)

Aluminum floral plate:M2 weight per square meter=2.96*thickness

Non-ferrous metals:Copper plate8.9Brass8.5Zinc plate7.2stereotype11.37

Calculation formula of non-ferrous metal sheets:M2 weight per square meter=proportion*thickness

How to calculate the weight of various specifications of rebar,Is there a standard??how many?

0.617Be a circle10Reinforcement per meter。Reinforcement weight and diameter(radius)Square proportion。

(brass tube gauge chart)G/m=0.617*D*D/100

Weight of each meter(Kg)=Rebar diameter(mm)×Rebar diameter(mm)×0.00617

In fact, remember that the weight of steel bars commonly used in construction is also very simple.φ6=0.222 Kg φ6.5=0.26kg φ8=0.395kg φ10=0.617kg φ12=0.888kg Φ14=1.21kg Φ16=1.58kg Φ18=2.0kg Φ24=2.47kgΦ22=2.98kgΦ25=3.85kgΦ28=4.837kg............

Φ12(Contain12)BelowΦ28(Contain28)Reinforced general decimal decimal point after taking three digits,Φ14toΦ25Reinforced general decimal decimal points


(brass tube gauge chart)Φ8=0.395Kg



(brass tube gauge chart)Φ14=1.21Kg





(brass tube gauge chart)Φ25=3.86Kg

(brass tube gauge chart)Φ28=4.83Kg



(brass tube gauge chart)Φ40=9.87Kg

(brass tube gauge chart)▍Steel theoretical weight calculation

flat steel、Steel plate、Steel belt W=0.00785×width×thick

Steel W=0.00785×Edge length2

Round steel、Wire、Wire W=0.00617×diameter2

Steel Pipe W=0.02466×Wall thickness(Outer diameter--Wall thickness)

(brass tube gauge chart)Equipped angle steelW=0.00785×Edge(2Edge width--Edge)

Inequal corner steelW=0.00785×Edge(Long side+Short side wide--Edge)

Ingral steel W=0.00785×Waist[high+f(Leg wide-Waist)]

Trough W=0.00785×Waist[high+e(Leg wide-Waist)]

(brass tube gauge chart)Remark

(brass tube gauge chart)1、Angle steel、The accurate calculation formula of the toolbang and tank steel is very,Table column simple use to calculate approximation。

(brass tube gauge chart)2、fvalue:General model and beltaFor3.34,beltbFor2.65,beltcFor2.26。

3、evalue:General model and beltaFor3.26,beltbFor2.44,beltcFor2.24。

4、Each length unit is millimeter

▍Steel weight

1.Theoretical weight of steel

The theoretical weight of steel is the nominal size and density of steel.(Past called a proportion)The calculated weight is called theoretical weight。This is the length size of steel、The cross-sectional area and dimensions allow the deviations to be directly related。Allowed deviation due to steel in the manufacturing process,Therefore, the theoretical weight calculated by formula has a certain entry into the actual weight.,So just as an estimated reference。

2.Practical weight of steel

The actual weight of the steel refers to the steel according to the actual weigh.(Overweight)Weight,Actual weight。The actual weight is accurate than the theoretical weight。

3.Steel weight calculation method

⑴Gross weight is“net weight”Symmetry,Is the total weight of the total steel itself and packaging materials。Transport enterprises calculate shipping time by gross weight。But steel purchase is calculated according to net weight。

⑵Net weight“Gross weight”Symmetry。Steel gross weight reduction weight after weight of the packaging material,Actual weight,Net weight。Generally consolidated in steel purchase and sale。

⑶Weight of skin weight steel packaging materials,Be called skin weight。

⑷Weight tons are calculated according to steel gross weights of weight units.。Its legal metering unit is tonne(1000kg),Long ton(British weight unit1016.16kg)、Short ton(Multi-system weight unit907.18kg)。

⑸Chargeable Weight Also known as“Billing ton”or“Freight ton”。Steel weight of the transportation department charges shipping。Different transportation methods,Different computing standards and methods。Railway vehicle transportation,Generally, the carcoller is refunded as a billing weight.。Highway transportation is charged with the vehicle's load-bearing tonnage。railway、LTL,Then, a few kilograms of gross weight is the weight of the calculation.,Insufficient progress。

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