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youngblood brass band tuba

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(youngblood brass band tuba)

《Changan 12 hours》Already sat firmly this summer domestic drama head。

till this moment,score8.6,The first year of the national drama。

Joint actor,Lei Jiayin、Yi Yi Qianzhi、Heat……Topple。Even a bowl of potted pubs can be hot。

(youngblood brass band tuba)Invincible?

Do not。

SirI feel that there is another,Can《Changan》Brace。

(youngblood brass band tuba)Although slightly low-key。

Broadcast for more than a month,Tonight,But there is not much person to know。

(youngblood brass band tuba)Eye-catching,8.1,First half of the national drama second

second season,Not arranged?

《Big Song Junior》

youngblood brass band tuba

It is seen from the beginning:

No propaganda、No preheated、No big coffee。

Even the poster of the drama of the network……

No news before broadcast,Positioning《Sealing》,Properly。

I don't even know that I am playing.,Can onlyDIYA propaganda material。

youngblood brass band tuba

Soaring promotion technique,Starring from a group:

Zhou Yuzhen,Xincomb,Wang Youshuo,Zheng Wei……

honestly,SirI didn't know one at the time.。

Close-up road is more。

Another ancient impair is not like costume,Net red face modern makeup,Hair glue is thick than idol drama,Really a three-run web drama??

youngblood brass band tuba

(youngblood brass band tuba)Adopted plot,It is simply a spare tire reverse,Black horse。

From the first day of broadcast,Keep arriving now,Second half of the national drama second high(8.1)s position。

(youngblood brass band tuba)Later Zhang Zhen《缘》,Liu Yuran《Kyushu》These big production,I can't shake it。

How much?

Since the play is called《Big Song Junior》,SirDecided to disassemble:

Big Song、juvenile、Sign。

youngblood brass band tuba

Big Song

(youngblood brass band tuba)If the tang's keyword isProsperous

Big Song?

It seems that there is no word to summarize,Even call it“Big Song”All。

Song,Strictly speaking, not a big one。

(youngblood brass band tuba)Northern Liao,West。

(youngblood brass band tuba)Story start,I also fight defeat。

Song Qing Dynasty,Summer enrollment border,Song Jun encounters ambush,completely annihilated——

UncomfortableYuan BinSurvive。

(youngblood brass band tuba)

youngblood brass band tuba(youngblood brass band tuba)

Sound tone has been fixed。

《Big Song Junior》There is no ambition of prosperity。

instead,it isCountry in a sashimi,A group of small people's people。

(youngblood brass band tuba)The general of defeat is still,Causes the suspicion of countries。

then,Opening is the three kings。

Song,Liao,summer,Interlocation,Veion fine。

It's all exquisite。

Like a soft girl,You think that she is a young building,Turn around,Song Dynasty secret。

(youngblood brass band tuba)

youngblood brass band tuba

youngblood brass band tuba

Love to eat candied fruit,Smiley businessman,Big Lai Dark。

youngblood brass band tuba

And the prison smiled and smiled,West Summer Prince。

youngblood brass band tuba

But the true protagonist,It is a bunch of temporary team of teenagers.。

To fight against foreign enemies,Song Dynasty secretly group a team of teenage agents,Mid。

Male one yuan Zhong Xin,Female one Zhao Jian,Male two kings wide(Claim“Three”,Three brains are best);

Different three people、Small view、Xue Ying(Claim“Three stupid”,Be responsible、Acting cute)。


(youngblood brass band tuba)youngblood brass band tuba

△ From left to right:Small view,Xue Ying,Yuan Zhongxin,Zhao Jian,Wang Guan,Wei Zi

(youngblood brass band tuba)some of,Except for women,Others are temporary workers。

(youngblood brass band tuba)I won't have the second generation of officials、Trick or treat students driven by the school、Brain lack of root stupid……

Solden background、Non-emitted small people。

how to spell?

《Big Song Junior》First attraction,Focus“Work”

Surface on the surface,It is a young juvenile drama,Take a look at love,Demonstrate。

(youngblood brass band tuba)fortunately,It doesn't。

Instead, it makes a stimulating spy battle piece。

SirStatistical:Former five episodes,More than ten times。

Here you must mention a name,The behind-the-scenes of this game:screenwriter,King tired

Maybe you have not heard。

But search for his record,not simple。

Ten major works,The score is all eight points+。

youngblood brass band tuba

Wang tired drama,More than、Reflect。

for example,Second episode。

Male two kings widely tied,On the way, you will be on the way.。

But he guess this is where it is.,Pay attention to his line:

“The carriage starts from the south,All the way west,In the old Cao Gate,Turn to Yulin Lane,Guanyine,Two sweet water lanes,Straight to the street,Then north,From distance,It should be the Xuande Building,Go to the past,Can only be big inner。”

This is casually?

Do not,Some people dig out the map of the Northern Song Dynasty,Wang Guan said,Little is not bad。

youngblood brass band tuba

(youngblood brass band tuba)△ Click to open,According to line,Can draw a road map

(youngblood brass band tuba)There is also a man who introduces the female owner.:

“Li Sijia in front of the alum,Have a very good meat;Nine songs in front,Zhou's fruit trees are also an absolute,Zhou Jiapea for the southern meal,His family's red silk crystal and cake should try it.。”

Don't think it is a lot of water。

These snacks come from《Tokyo Meng Hua》,Author South Song people Meng Yuan Lao,That is the style of the North China。

I can tell,Even if not《Changan》That large-scale excellent production。

But at least in the details,《Big Song》I also got a job.。

It can't do the bustling city。

At least in the plot、In the horizon,Strive to dream back to the big Song Fengyun。

youngblood brass band tuba

(youngblood brass band tuba)juvenile

《Big Song》Although it is slightly impetuous in the service road,But the characters are shaped is the clearing of domestic dramas.。

Not cool,Vivid is not greasy。

Look at the current drama,It is difficult。

SirI want to say three people,Have their own characteristics。

Yuan Zhongxin,Male one。

Key words:Refined

An appearance,Ancient spirits。

Yuan Zhongxin originally does not want to join the secret,It's already a secret cabantian Zhao Jian.,But I want to pull him into the cabinet。


Reliable news,Will have a darkness of Liao Country to touch him。

(youngblood brass band tuba)Zhao Ji wants him for the big Song,And Liao people。

(youngblood brass band tuba)How did you guess Yuan Zhong Xin??

——Reach out,fifty thousand。‍

youngblood brass band tuba

This is not the hardest。

Later, the big lack of Liao Dark came to him.,I want him to sell big Song。

You guess him how to do it.?

——Ten thousand more。

(youngblood brass band tuba)And this time I directly put the Song Guo's deployment。

youngblood brass band tuba(youngblood brass band tuba)

For your own betrayal behavior,Also vibrate:

“Don't say anyone,Everyone cooperates with each other,Each takes the needs。”

You have your home country,I have my small abacus。

Protagonist,Yuan Zhong Xin does not have a half point protracance。

Remove the light,Self-insurance,Private interest,Fine alignment in all parties forces,Flexible walking。

(youngblood brass band tuba)But he is not a pure rotten person。

The drama is also secretly pointing his complex life.,Established the motivation of the character。

The brother of the general yuan。

His background,It seems that the military family is born,Don't say Ronghua,That should also be named。

Why does it fall??

Two clues:

(youngblood brass band tuba)First place,Yuan Zhongxin jumped to escape,Good friends Wang Guan revealed:

Yuan Zhongxin often。


Kaifeng often dies and death,Yuan Zhongxin often dried the body to make money。

Second place,Qi Zhai tortured prisoners,Prisoner。

Everyone is doubtingly for the mouth of the official.。

Yuan Zhongxin said:“Credible。People who are not afraid of death,I will also be afraid of pain。”

Abuse is painful,I will tell the truth。

(youngblood brass band tuba)Wang Guan:Where did you learn?

(youngblood brass band tuba)Yuan Zhongxin:If I said,I often have been tortured in a child.?

Wang Guan:You are a person who is a Yuan family.。

Yuan Zhongxin:If you are tortured,Is a Yuan family?。

youngblood brass band tuba

Three words,His suffering he has seen,Experienced betrayal point out。

His fine,Not only the abacus is smart。

It is also a passionate of yourself.,Welflight。

Wang Guan,Male two。

Key words:Shou

He is aware of the political affairs,Equivalent to the prime minister。

His council。

He said“Golden sentence”,Both is the rule of school:

(youngblood brass band tuba)Gentleman Week is not better than,Do one,岂 外 外。

Jiusi,Shengzhong,岂能 虚 虚 诳诳 诳诳。

youngblood brass band tuba

Steady,Hold a sense of justice,But he is not white lotus。

For example, facing your marriage contract。

He and Zhao Jianzhi have a small doll,Although the two have no feelings,But he has always thought that the two is a couple.。

You think he is dead,He feudal。

But when Zhao Jian is born birth,After the two people release the marriage contract,He said faintly:

“I keep my own principle,Can never constrain others,Each bottom line,Mutual understanding。”

Wang Guan is a frontal role,But different from traditional frontal roles。

(youngblood brass band tuba)His guard,Not a mourning,But the firm bottom line。

finally,Zhao Jian,Female one。

(youngblood brass band tuba)Key words:Big moderator

Royal,By the most mysterious。

Her appearance,The most prestige。

Convinced,Lens look up,She is smothering on the roof。

youngblood brass band tuba(youngblood brass band tuba)

(youngblood brass band tuba)honestly,She has a shadow of all domestic big women's owners。

Come to talk,Also full of female slogans:

Small view:Does the woman are not all want to marry??

Zhao Jian:Then become the vassal of others,Living in the wings of others in a lifetime,Be attached to others?

Small view:Is there anything wrong??

(youngblood brass band tuba)Zhao Jian:Why can't the woman can't be like a man?,Successful business,Xing Guoang?

youngblood brass band tuba

But her counterattack,But did not take the old road of domestic big women。

most obviously,It's all at all.Strong“manly”

She and Yuan Zhongxin were in prison.,Pick up a handkerchief。

She knows,This is what the temple East Gate Embroidery is made.。

(youngblood brass band tuba)Yuan Zhongxin:How can you know this??

Zhao Jian:I am a woman.。

Yuan Zhongxin:Do you want to surpass the world??

(youngblood brass band tuba)Zhao Jian:I transcend it is also a daughter.,I have never used himself as a man.。

(youngblood brass band tuba)

youngblood brass band tuba(youngblood brass band tuba)

Based on this line,Can speak Zhao Ji's role,Really touched the true meaning of big women。

SirAlways think——

Big moderator,Not a man, a man。

(youngblood brass band tuba)But recognize women's identity,but,Not this as an advantage or disadvantage。

Men and women,This is the difference,Not a gap。

(youngblood brass band tuba)In the case of recognition difference,Their talents,Do a job。

《Big Song》Where is it??

(youngblood brass band tuba)a big part,Just in these vibrant teenage characters。


all,Have different ambitions。

youngblood brass band tuba


《Big Song》Aspiration,It is also the ambition of small characters。

It is called“YOUNG BLOOD”。

Young blood。

But this blood,At the beginning is cold。

(youngblood brass band tuba)Yuan Zhongxin Tuili,Zhao Jiji fame,Wei Zi……A plate of broken sand。

The ambition is not just shouting,Not relying on people,But rely on grinding。

To put a role in truster to the mud、precipitation。

Final chemical。

Growth of everyone,MostSirimpressive,Wei Zi。

(youngblood brass band tuba)Start,Completely。

Oral,Two sentences。

one:“Do you know who I am!”

two:“Do you know who I am?!”

(youngblood brass band tuba)

youngblood brass band tuba

His starting point,Also fall the most painful。

Seven Zhai,In addition to hostile probes,Talk to the enemy traitor。

衙 内 内——When Taishi Wengran,Unwester the name of the emperor,佯 佯 行 行 图 图 给 夏,In order to disturb the military。

(youngblood brass band tuba)This is also misunderstood by Qi Zhai.。

Arm,Ready to catch traitors。

Facing your own fathers,Grasp,Still don't catch?

Of course you want to catch。


First gift,Wei Wei directly adds directly to apologize:

“I am sorry,father,But I am a Song.。”

(youngblood brass band tuba)

youngblood brass band tuba

(youngblood brass band tuba)This kneel,Be a loyalty,Be filial piety?



National and home,With yourself,The status has been,But emotion is not minus。

Even if he finally knows the truth,Never announce,Can't retrieve your home。

The people have learned the enemy,Tove the vegetables in front of his house。

In addition to bystand,He can't do anything。

(youngblood brass band tuba)

youngblood brass band tuba

He can only bear,For the country,For your father:

(youngblood brass band tuba)“I have sacrific so much.,This play is of course a good performance.。As for the move of the people,I am actually a little gratified.。They don't know the truth,So the resentment of the betray,True。This shows that my big Song people can use,My sacrifice is worth it.。”

This sceneSirMovement。

This is the growth。

But if the growth,Means the rebellion,Lonely walk?

(youngblood brass band tuba)Do you choose to grow??

Don't grow up,Growth cost,Very big。

(youngblood brass band tuba)Don't say,Zhizhi's price to pay,Greater。

(youngblood brass band tuba)Cruel,《Big Song》Did not ignore,Instead, tear it to you。

Just like a finale。

(youngblood brass band tuba)Many fans are dissatisfied,Say too cruel。

No big reunion,No beauty,Protagonist,Zhong Xin, Zhongyuan, Zhongxin, first in the finals.。

Then I am very difficult to encourage the courage to the Zhao Ji blank,It's going to see the two people.。

Blink,Mr. fiancee was robbed。

youngblood brass band tuba

youngblood brass band tuba

(youngblood brass band tuba)Wait hard42Set of reunion and meticulous,No waiting。

Instead of suffering a bigger blow。

(youngblood brass band tuba)why?

actually,Screenplay has already been explained。

In front of her brother,Yuan Zhong Xin repeated the words of the seven,This is also the ambition of each of them:

Our Pavilion,就是要与黑暗为敌

Just as the darkness,热血不息希望不灭

(youngblood brass band tuba)Heart has a bright,但是总得有人去走

The blood is not destroyed


This path may be difficult

(youngblood brass band tuba)这就是我们七斋的责任

youngblood brass band tuba

We are the big dramatic people who don't want to experience the war.,的确有点中二,We are not eligible to escape。


Standing in the dark to welcome dawn。

(youngblood brass band tuba)甚至就整部剧来说,This is the responsibility of our seven。


SirSecond high score drama,如果真的有第二季的话。

No one mentioned the big ending.。

youngblood brass band tuba


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