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(brass tube fittings catalog)It happened for a reason,The water leakage of the water pipe is caused by the joint deformation of the pipe fittings

“This is leaking,It was invisible at the time,It's easy to change over the years。”Do home improvement Mr. Huang, who has more than ten years of rich experience in the industry, said to the owner, Miss Li。Miss Li frowns:“This is the new wedding room that I have just lived in for three years.,It's just getting colder recently,Kitchen decoration renderings)The pipes started leaking,Watermark marks on the wall are becoming more and more obvious。We cherish our own house,When choosing water pipes, also choose good quality,It's only been two years,I had to knock on the wall to replace it.。”

Master Huang holds a water pipe interface in his hand,tell everyone:“Now home improvement The plumbing is like thisPPRTube,Among them, the copper at the joint of the water pipe is very important。look,This copper is definitely real copper with high copper content.,And the copper surface should be nickel-plated,To prevent acid etching and passivation of copper。Now there are often some that are not copper on the market,Copper plating on the surface,Or the copper is not nickel plated,These are easy to age after a few years,Then there is a leak like this。Technology is updated now,Higher quality material red copper is also on the market。”Speaking of technical issues,This old master is talking。

brass tube fittings catalog

Industry data,There are often three gears for copper for pipe fittings

(brass tube fittings catalog)According to industry statistics,OnePPRAfter the piping system is put into use after the welding pressure test is completed, 90%~95%of leaks come from pipe connections,Among them, the copper wire port connection accounts for a large part,The quality of copper used in the wire mouth determines the leakage probability of the future system。

At present, there are three types of copper commonly used in various brands of pipe fittings on the market.:

1、miscellaneous(slag)copper(Scrap Recycled Copper),Market price approx.20Yuan/Kilogram。

(brass tube fittings catalog)2、Copper content55-65%of brass,Market price approx.30-50Yuan/Kilogram。

3、The copper content is82%-88%high elastic alloy red copper,market price80~85Yuan/Kilogram。

by25mmExample of inner wire elbow,market price at15~25Yuan/All kinds of miscellaneous pipes are basically slag copper.,This copper has a complex content of various heavy metals,Toxic and not environmentally friendly,Fragile during tightening,Great security risk。while the market price is25~40domestic one、Second-tier brands,Most use copper content in55%-59%between the brass,This kind of copper can basically guarantee the construction quality,But the label copper pairPPRAging of raw materials is catalytic,can accelerate its contactPPRAging rate of plastic raw materials,make normal10-15agedPPRraw material in2Aging and cracking,To solve this problem,Only one layer of silver plating0.03mm thick nickel,Nickel is a polluting heavy metal,In European and American countries, it is prohibited to contact with drinking water by law.,Therefore, all domestic、Second-tier brands cannot be exported to countries in Europe and the United States with relevant laws and regulations,And the copper wire pieces with silver appearance have also become the unique symbol of domestic products.。

brass tube fittings catalog

German experts,Elastic alloy red copper solves quality and environmental problems

According to a detailed analysis by experts from the German Clean Water Technology Department, a well-known brand in the industry,Currently there are2-3Used by a European import brand62~65%of high quality brass,Retail price around40-60Yuan/indivual,This copper has no need for nickel plating,Quality can be guaranteed。The best copper is86%High content special elastic alloy red copperred brass,The copper is environmentally friendly red copper,less impurities,close to pure copper,Sterilize、toughness、Extensibility is good。But due to the high price,Uncommon in the market。German Clean Water is one of the few brands that uses red copper。compared to other brands,Germany's unique copper casting process also ensures that it is not easy to peel off at high temperatures,At the same time, its heavy metal content is far below the EU standard.,is in line with the stringent environmental hygiene protection standards of any country。The expert promises,The relevant copper parts used by the German clean water brand are all high-quality red copper。

brass tube fittings catalog