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antique brass freestanding tub filler

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“If you also have a bathtub dream,

please don't give up!”

Many people have a bathtub dream,

always fantasize:Coming home from a day's work,

Soak the whole person into the comfortable large bathtub,sprinkle some petals、light the aromatherapy、

listening to melodious music,Enjoy unparalleled relaxation。

antique brass freestanding tub filler

Let's talk to you today,How to realize a bathtub dream。

(antique brass freestanding tub filler)Install a bathtub,can be like this:

two bathrooms,Can choose one

(antique brass freestanding tub filler)Today's large apartments are basically equipped with a main guard and a secondary guard.,

The best arrangement is:One-piece bathtub,take a bath;another room with shower。

antique brass freestanding tub filler

There are exactly two bathrooms,Just installed a bathtub in the second bathroom。This makes it easy for the baby to take a bath,I like to take a bath,Kill two birds with one stone。 —@wear

Indeed it is,In addition to satisfying their own little vanity,Many families install bathtubs in consideration of children。

It is best to choose one of the two bathrooms。The main guard is1.7m2the bathtub。The northern winter is particularly dry and cold,It's a blessing to take a bath at home once a week,You can also choose your favorite bubble bath and bath salts,Not only relieve fatigue,The skin is also very hydrated。 —@four hi balls

The bathtub is sometimes its own spiritual support,Whenever I struggle outside with scars,tired,Go back and lie there and let the hot water soak you。Resurrected the next day,Continue to engage with the world enthusiastically。

a toilet,Must have shower area

(antique brass freestanding tub filler)if only one bathroom,Be sure to reserve a spot for the shower area。

like in japan,The bathtub is not for washing the body,

It's more about the comfort of taking a bath。

Usually cleaned outside,just took a bath,

Therefore, most Japanese families share a tub of water for bathing.。

Shower area should or should be kept,Otherwise, wipe the bathtub,

rub it until it breaks you,I can't wait to push it into the river。

antique brass freestanding tub filler(antique brass freestanding tub filler)

Since you want to keep the shower area,

Can you take a bathtub?+shower room,unify?

like this:

antique brass freestanding tub filler

Although it saves a lot of space,

goose…In terms of practicality,not friendly at all。

wash yourself first,Then wait until the tub is full,

At the end you have to wipe it off,

Clean out the bubbles inside、water stains。

(antique brass freestanding tub filler)antique brass freestanding tub filler

There are also security risks,It is easy to slip and fall while standing on it。

I was in a bathtub in an old-fashioned hotel,

One stumbled and fell with all fours,Tears come out in pain。

(antique brass freestanding tub filler)even so,Many people still choose this design。

Like a friend who bought a house of 70 to 80 square meters in a first-tier city,

They also have certain requirements for the quality of life,But the space is not enough,

Only in this way。

If space and budget are sufficient,Who doesn't want to have a big bathroom??

antique brass freestanding tub filler(antique brass freestanding tub filler)

If you also insist on choosing a bathtub+One shower room,

I recommend adding a non-slip mat to the bottom of the tub,Glass can be used for partitions,

(antique brass freestanding tub filler)Pulling the shower curtain really doesn't work,Splashes will flourish。

(antique brass freestanding tub filler)2 Built-in bathtuborfreestanding bathtub

There are two types of bathtubs: built-in and free-standing。

Freestanding bathtubs have this kind of direct floor:

antique brass freestanding tub filler

Also often appear in movies,

good looks,Let countless people plant grass“Chaise bathtub”

antique brass freestanding tub filler

The freestanding bathtub is characterized by more flexibility,Can be moved to a spacious location for use,Not limited to bathrooms。

But if there is not much space at home,

big bathtub,may considerbidet

antique brass freestanding tub filler

length dimension1m~1.5m

Before starting,To measure bathroom dimensions,

The best case is that the bathtub can be against the wall on three sides,no dead ends。

antique brass freestanding tub filler

If no suitable size is found,It doesn't matter if you choose the smaller one,

The gap between the bathtub and the wall,can be sealed with stone。

Built-in bathtubdivided into two:With or without skirt。

Let's talk about what a skirt is?The skirt can be understood as the side baffle of the bathtub。

This is what a skirted bathtub looks like:

antique brass freestanding tub filler

antique brass freestanding tub filler

The skirt is mainly used to keep warm,

(antique brass freestanding tub filler)own support,Simpler to install。

A bathtub without a skirt has only one body:

antique brass freestanding tub filler

antique brass freestanding tub filler

Both built-in bathtubs require a base,Therefore, it is necessary to build。

If the bathroom area at home is not particularly small,

It is recommended that you install the embedded,To be truly dead-end。

3 bathtub material

Currently on the market,There are many bathtub materials:acrylic、cast iron、man made rock……

Acrylic is the most used,light weight,good finish,High degree of plasticity,The key is the cheapest price。

antique brass freestanding tub filler(antique brass freestanding tub filler)

But acrylic is not resistant to high temperature,Also prone to scratches and chemical attack,It has been used for three to five years without yellowing,The quality is good。

(antique brass freestanding tub filler)by contrast,If you are wealthy,Cast iron will be much better than acrylic。

where to say hello?

(antique brass freestanding tub filler)That's basically“easy to clean”、“High temperature resistance”“Keep warm for a long time”。

In the case of sufficient budget,

Select cast iron bathtub,Use50No problem。

Artificial stone prices are the highest-end bathtub on the market,Surface is a high-rise hard agent protection layer,Insulation、Mildew antibacterial function。

antique brass freestanding tub filler(antique brass freestanding tub filler)

But when the protective layer is damaged,It will also be yellow as acrylic。

4 Bathtub installation consideration

① I want to take a bathtub is a thing that can't hesitate.,Before the waterway renovation,Because the position of the hot and cold water export and the lower water is reserved in advance。

(antique brass freestanding tub filler)② There must be a bathtub cover with a bathtub.,Water temperature can be given during bath,Can smoke when you don't need,Can even put a book or putipadLook at it。

(antique brass freestanding tub filler)③About Tucao says the shower,Also tubby,In fact, there is a bathtub on the Internet.,2A piece of money,Direct set up。It is also available in the hotel.,Can bubble bath tub without worrying about health issues。

④Installing the bath is a personal effort,Cast iron tub,Need5、6Individual can move,So the installation cost is not cheap。Find someone to send goods installed1000Yuan or so,If the seller is responsible for delivery, it will be cheaper.。

antique brass freestanding tub filler(antique brass freestanding tub filler)

Bath sometimes just like a good medicine in life

(antique brass freestanding tub filler)Let your body get cured with your mind

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