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air brake brass fittings for nylon tube

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PA12 Nylon12,Denosenamide、Poly moon lactamide,Is a long carbon chain nylon。

air brake brass fittings for nylon tube

1. history

(air brake brass fittings for nylon tube)Understand a material,Have to mention his history,Its development history is as follows:

  • 1966 year, Emser Company and Huls The company successfully developedPA12 。
  • 20 century 70 Era,nylon 12 First of all, from the winning economy group(Evonik)Pre-front Germany Durch Company Marl Take the lead in achieving industrial production,Subsequent Switzerland EMS、Akama, France(Arkema)And Japan Yu Min(UBE)Announced news from industrial production,Four major manufacturers have firmly mastered nylon 12 Production technology in close half a century。
  • 2018 year,Akma, France announced in China Changshu Park to enhance its global PA12 Material 25%Capacity,And expected 2020 Informed production in the year。Germany's winch is also announced investment 4 Billion euros Marl Industrial park expansion PA12 Material 50%Capacity,And plan 2021 Start running。
  • 1977 year,Jiangsu Huaiyin Chemical Research Institute and Shanghai Synthetic Materials Research Institute are taking butadie to the raw material for nylon 12 Synthetic research work。Subsequent Baling Petrochemical Co., Ltd.(Yuan Yueyang Petrochemical Trend)Nylon is carried out with ring ketones 12 Small test synthesis research。
  • 2012 Start from year,Wanhua starts nylon 12 Application for material related patents,2013 Wanhua Nylon 12 Try project officially launched。After many years of research and development accumulation and trials,Wanhua's nylon 12 Technology is identified by China Petrochemical Federation,Already reached the international leading level。along with 2019 End of Wanhua Years 4 Warn nylon 12 The project is approved,Enter the implementation of industrialization,Right to achieve localization,Break overseas manufacturers。

2. Structural performance

nylon12 Non-polar methylene group,And the quantity is large,This makes nylon12 The softness of the molecular chain is large;nylon12 The amide group in the middle is polar,And the internal polymer is very large,Hydrogen bond can be formed between its molecules,Let the alignment of the molecule。So nylon12High crystallinity,The intensity is also higher。nylon12(PA12)Low water absorption rate,Low temperature,Well-confidential,Alkali、Good oil performance,Mid-resistance and inorganic dilute acid and the performance of aromatic hydrocarbons,Mechanical performance and electricity performance is also good,And self-extinguishing materials。

air brake brass fittings for nylon tube

air brake brass fittings for nylon tube

Nylon performance comparison


nylon 12 The relative density is only1.01-1.03,Is the smallest in all engineering plastics,This is alleviated by car quality,Reduce fuel consumption has a certain role。If compared to unit volume,nylon 12 Advantages in price and performance。

2)Mellow point

nylon 12 Melting point172-178℃,Slightly lower than nylon11,It is fully able to meet the working environment temperature requirements for automobile fuel pipes and gas-braided tubes。

3)Water absorption

Well-known,The biggest shortcoming of nylon products is that the water absorption is large.,Dimensional stability is difficult to guarantee。but,Due to nylon 12 Central submethyl molecule increases,It greatly reduces the effects of hydrophilic groups,therefore,nylon 12 Minimum water absorption in nylon products,This reduces the performance and size of the article due to water absorption.,This makes nylon 12 Great advantage。After absorbing water,nylon 12 The tensile strength is lowered,Nylon66Nylon 6There is a big change。

(air brake brass fittings for nylon tube)

4)Impact strength

Anti-impact strength is an important technical indicator,Nylon that is often exposed to the air 12 Tube,This indicator is especially important。nylon 12 exist-20℃and-40℃Test according to standards,No fracture,Fully in line with the requirements。nylon 12 It is very excellent in impact resistance。

(air brake brass fittings for nylon tube)

5)Low temperature performance

nylon 12 The lowest brittle temperature,Reach-70Degrees Celsius,therefore,Can be widely used for low temperature resistance。The following table lists the brittle temperature of the nylon resin.:

air brake brass fittings for nylon tube


Plasticizer on nylon 12 The influence of physical properties is concentrated on the elastic modulus of the resin。nylon 12 Three basic types of resins,Their main difference is to form different flexibility due to different plasticizers.。As the plasticizer can extract the content of the component,Resin elastic modulus decrease。

7)Low wear and low friction performance

nylon 12 Have excellent low wear and low friction performance and self-lubrication performance,So nylon 12 Product friction noise is very low。The following table gives nylon 12 Numerical to be obtained with other plastics。

air brake brass fittings for nylon tube(air brake brass fittings for nylon tube)

8)Fuel resistant performance

On the car,Oxygen-containing fuel currently used、High aromatic hydrocarbon fuel and alcohol mixed fuel can lead to decomposition of many hose materials。Experiment,Nylon11、nylon 12 And carbon fluorine elastomers can be used in this environment。Under the action of automobile fuel,All nylon will rise,Resulting in size changing,Especially in gasoline containing methanol,Nylon, nylon containing a large amount of amide group6Nylon such as nylon than containing a small amount of amide group 12 % Many dissolution volumes。Research found,Contain15%The fuel of methanol has a big impact on nylon.。

9)Zinc chloride solution

Zinc chloride will appear in the underwater environment。At a certain temperature and humidity,Salt in the road and the galvanized steel plate or zinc-containing primer,Form a small amount of zinc chloride。Zinc chloride has a strong corrosion,Nylon 12 The ability to zinc chloride solution is very strong。Ozone aging、UV irradiation、Temperature conditions, etc.,Bring all the damage to the part to different degrees,Reduce service life。Due to nylon 12 There is no need to be obedient with ozone + 2 3 2 + Unsaturated double button,Therefore, there will be no ozone aging。

in addition,nylon 12 High crystallinity,High melting temperature,Its heat resistance is also better,After adding a thermal stabilizer,Heat resistance is more likely to improve。Sunlight,Its energy can cause chemical bonds of organic matter。Nylon 12 middleC-H、C-O、C-NThe key to the key is very large,UV is not enough to destroy them,Can only destroy the key to smallerC-Ckey;therefore,Add appropriate anti-aging agents to raw materials,nylon 12Ultrafielding performance is excellent。

(air brake brass fittings for nylon tube)

3. synthesis

nylon12 The initial feedstock is butadiene,After a series of intermediate steps to make nylon12 Monomer dodexamide,Then after the polycondensation reaction to generate nylon12,Its synthesis method is butadiene tri-cyclo-12 carbon trihne,Ring dodecanic trilene hydrogenation、Oxidation、肟、Beckerman rearrangement、Denosenamide,Twelve lactam open loop polymerization PA12。

(air brake brass fittings for nylon tube)


nylon 12 It is the most widely used long carbon chain nylon,In addition to most of the general performance of nylon,Lower water absorption rate,And have a high dimensional stability、High temperature、preservative、Toughness、Easy to process, etc.。With another long carbon chain nylon material PA11 compared to,PA12 The price of the raw material butadiene is only PA11 One-third of raw castor oil,Replace PA11 Applied to most scenes,In car fuel pipe、Gas-making hose、submarine cable、3D There are extensive applications such as many areas.。

1. car parts

nylon 12 Can be widely used in automotive fluid delivery lines,Including fuel lines、Clutch pipeline、Vacuum brake supercharger、Air brake pipeline、Battery coolant line and connector of the above line,Because of its safe and reliable,Is excellent car lightweight material。

(air brake brass fittings for nylon tube)
air brake brass fittings for nylon tube

UBE Official website nylon 12 Some applications in the automobile

air brake brass fittings for nylon tube


air brake brass fittings for nylon tube

Yu Minxian UBE PA12hose

2. Pipeline cable

(air brake brass fittings for nylon tube)PA12 Materials have been applied to land and sea flexible risers for many years、Gas pipe、Liner、Steel tube coating,Can prevent seawater brush erosion and oil fluid corrosion,Flexible risers for manufacturing transport subsea oil and gas products and fuse、Up to up to 20bar Natural gas distribution system under pressure, etc.。nylon 12 Low extinction temperature,Weather resistance,Especially for full weather(-50~70℃)Manufacture of using required field special purpose communication cable。

air brake brass fittings for nylon tube

nylon 12 Applicable to plastic fiber(POF)Tuyuan winch company official website

air brake brass fittings for nylon tube

PA12Application on oil and gas pipelines

3. 3DPrint

Compared to other materials,PA12 Powder has high fluidity、Low static electricity、Low water absorption、Excellent characteristics such as high dimensional accuracy of melting point and high dimensional precision,Featuring fatigue and toughness can also meet workpieces that require higher mechanical properties,So nylon 12 Gradually become engineering plastics 3D Print ideal material。

air brake brass fittings for nylon tube

air brake brass fittings for nylon tube

△3D Print material performance comparison(by 5 Be divided into full points)。source:Sculpteo Official website

air brake brass fittings for nylon tube

PA12 3DPrint racing manifold,HP

air brake brass fittings for nylon tube

PA12 Material3DPrint breathing valve

(air brake brass fittings for nylon tube)air brake brass fittings for nylon tube

3DPrint car hub Picture2019Annual Work Bochuan Huayao High-Science Booth

4. Medical care

PA12 Also used as nursing medical materials,The mechanical properties of the catheter material are especially important.,The catheter made must be easy to thread,But can't be bent and never ruptured。PA12 High-explosive pressure,Flexibility,Chemical drug,Compatible with body fluid and non-toxic,Compliance with the US Food and Drug Administration and the EU medical product requirements,Is a material for the production of catheters。

5. Daily necessities

PA12Excellent fatigue resistance,Spray,Speed frame available for glasses。

air brake brass fittings for nylon tube

PA12Glasses frame Photo taken in the meeting booth

air brake brass fittings for nylon tube

PA12Glasses frame Photo photo in Akama booth

6. Advanced coatings、Adhesive

Nylon12Coated metal,Application of coating material is best,Therefore, it is often used to produce advanced coatings and adhesives.。PA12Can be applied in a bowl frame in a new dishwasher,Ensure that the metal bowl rack is not worn under high temperature detergent environment,Longer service life;Can also be applied to outdoor furniture,Park bench,CoatingPA12Metal corrosion can be effectively prevented。

7. Film sheet

PA12Film transparent、Non-toxic,Water vapor and gas(O2、N2、CO2)Low transmission,Store a year performance in boiling water constant,With polyethylene blowing extruded composite membrane can be used to produce thin film sheets,Use it to protect and pack food,Spoon、Steam disinfection and low temperature good advantages。nylon12Good adhesion to metal,Bonding food,Seal value100%,High peel strength。

(air brake brass fittings for nylon tube)

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