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3mm id brass tube

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Hydro-electric pipeline material introduction directory

  1. PPR-Water pipe
  2. Stainless steel pipe
  3. PVCDrainage pipe
  4. PPTube、PETube、ABSTube、Galvanized tube
  5. Powerful materialBVString
  6. KGBLine tube
  7. Weak electric material
(3mm id brass tube)3mm id brass tube

3mm id brass tube

3mm id brass tube

Commonly used water supply pipe material:stainless steel pipe、Copper tube、Galvanized tube、Composite tube(Steel-plastic、Aluminum plastic、Copper plastic and stainless steel composite pipe, etc.)Plastic tube(includePE、PPR、PVCWait)

3mm id brass tube

1 PP-RWater pipe introduction

  • PPRThe tube is called never fouling、Never rust、Never leak、Green advanced water water。
  • PPRTube can be used as a cold water pipe/Hot water pipe/Pure drinking water pipe,Non-toxicity、Light、Withstand voltage、preservative。
  • PPRThe interface of the tube uses hot melt technology,It is completely integrated between the pipes.,Not scaling。
  • PP-RThe various properties of the fittings product reach or exceed the national standardGB/T18742Provisions indicator。

PPRWater tube common specifications:Ф20×2.8 Ф20×3.4 Ф25×3.5 Ф25×4.2 Ф32×4.4

3mm id brass tube

PPRHot water pipe


PP-RTube characteristics:

  • 1、health、Non-toxic,Health indicatorsGB/T17219standard requirement。
  • 2、Stainless:Under a large temperature rangePHvalue,Range1~14High concentration of acid and alkali corrosion。
  • 3、durable、Not more fouling。
  • 4、Reduce vibration and noise:Excellent sound insulation performance,Vibration and noise caused by liquid flow can be significantly reduced。
  • 5、Good anti-frozen crack。
  • 6、Defense,Less heat loss。
  • 7、Avoid generating electrical corrosion。
  • 8、Installation simple connection firm,Weldability。
  • 9、Pipe piece cross-sectional area,Can guarantee that fluid does not increase flow resistance in the pipe part。
  • 10、Reclaimed reuse。
  • 11、Life under the predetermined conditions of use50year。
  • 12、Small expansion:due toPP-RMaterial elastic modulus is small,Small expansion force due to temperature changes,Suitable for direct buried darkness in embedded walls and floor surface。

PP-RSpecifications identification of the tube:

“Φ”and“DN”Generally used to express diameter,Did out:

  • “Φ”Identify the diameter of the ordinary circle,Or the outer diameter of the pipe is multiplied by wall thickness,Such as:Φ25×3Old diameter25mm,Wall thickness3mmPipe;
  • “DN”:Nominal diameter of pipe fittings such as tubes and valves,Usually close to the inner diameter。Is the standard term established for engineering installation supporting。

PPRPipeline specification tube seriesS、Nominal outer diameterdn×Nominal wall thicknessenExpress

3mm id brass tube

3mm id brass tube(3mm id brass tube)

PP-RGood welding performance,Pipe、The fitting can be used with hot melt and electric melt.,Convenient installation,Reliable connector,ThatThe intensity of the connection site is greater than the strength of the pipe itself.

3mm id brass tube



  • Cooling water system for buildings,Including a centralized heating system;
  • Heating system in buildings、Floor、Wall panel and radiant heating system;
  • Pure water water supply system for direct drinking;
  • central(concentrated)Air Conditioning System;
  • Industrial pipe system such as transportation or discharge chemical media。
  • Pipeline system for gas path transferring in cylinder。
  • In production、construction、Non-pollution in the process during use,Green building materials。

2 Stainless steel pipe

Is the best direct drinking water delivery pipe,All raw materials are used304、304L、316、316L,All in line withJIS4305Require,Can be widely used in cold water、Hot water、Drink water、Air、Gas、Medical gas、oil、Chemical industry、Pipeline system such as water treatment。

3mm id brass tube

3mm id brass tube(3mm id brass tube)

New connection method--Typical inserted self-locking casing connection,Is one of the simplest construction methods。Simple operation,Construction personnel only need to be familiar with its operational requirements,Master。

Connection,Pipe cutting end surface should be vertical with the pipe axis,The burrs inside and outside the incision should be cleaned up.,And use the marker to mark the depth of the insertion outside the front end of the tube,Then use force to insert the tube into the tube to the bottom to the tub.。

  1. easy installation,No need to process thread or dependent wall thickness,And avoiding uncontrollable people-oriented factors
  2. Provincial worker、save time、Province、Provincial tool、Provincial venue、Environmental friendly、Sustainable utilization and many advantages
  3. Low installation,Suitable for a variety of installation environments,reusable,energy saving
  4. Not reveal、shockproof、Anti-air deflation,Use safe,Durable

Stainless steel pipe feature

  • health、healthy:Stainless steel material is a health material that can be implanted into the human body。
  • Pay attention to:All raw materials are used304、304L、316、316L,All in line withJIS4305Require。The above grade has a performance stable、high strength、Thermal expansion coefficient is low, etc.。
  • Durable:Stainless steel surface thin and dense zero-rich oxide film,Make stainless steel pipes with good corrosion resistance in all water quality including soft water,Even excellent corrosion resistance even buried;
  • High temperature、High pressure:Stainless steel-270℃-400℃Long-term safety work at temperatures,Whether it is high temperature or low temperature,Will not precipitate harmful substances,Material performance is quite stable;Stainless steel water pipe tensile strength is greater than530 N/mm ,And have good ductility and toughness。
  • Wide range of use:Stainless steel pipe can be widely used in cold water、Hot water、Drink water、Air、Gas、Medical gas、oil、Chemical industry、Pipeline system such as water treatment。
  • Energy saving and environmental protection:Stainless steel pipe inner wall,Water resistance is very small,Reduce pressure loss,Reduce delivery costs。Due to low coefficient of thermal expansion of stainless steel,Effective reduced thermal loss in the hot water pipeline。Stainless steel material is100%Renewable materials,Will not cause public hazards to the environment。
  • Economical and practical :Self-human20Century invented stainless steel,Stainless steel is currently ordinary materials。At present, the performance ratio of various material water pipes,The most powerful stainless steel pipe。This is corrosion with stainless steel material、high strength,Excellent performance of strong anti-punching。Its service life can be said to work with the building。A time input,Benefit for life,Be“Die for all”。

3 PVCDrain pipe

PVCTube(full namePolyvinylchlorid),The main ingredient is polyvinyl chloride,Also add other ingredients to enhance their heat resistance、toughness、Damage。The uppermost layer of such a surface film is a paint,The main component of the middle is polyvinyl chloride,The lowermost layer is back binder。

(3mm id brass tube)According to the material characteristics:UPVCTube、PPTube、PETube、ABSTube。


3mm id brass tube(3mm id brass tube)

1、Is a plastic tube,Adhesive adhesive at the interface,UPVCThe antifreeze and heat resistance of the tube are not good.,So it is difficult to use it as a hot water pipe,Since its strength cannot be applied to the pressure of the water pipe,So the cold water pipe is also very useful.。In most cases,PVCSuitable for wire pipelines and sewage pipes。


  • Corrosion resistance(Not more fouling,Can inhibit bacterial growth)、Flexible、Light weight、Advantage of transportation,Special applicable to water supply pipe network。
  • It does not conduct electricity,Therefore, it is not easy to be with acid、Base、Electrochemical reaction in salt,acid、Base、Salt is difficult to corrode it,So there is no need for external anti-corrosion coating and lining。
  • Flexible,Can produce yield without rupture under load。I have made this test:Put oneDN50mmofUPVCPipe on the ground,Crown3.0The car is over.,Tube is just flat,But no broken。Then we let the Dongfeng cars full of carriers from the pipe,The same tube is only deformed without fragmentation.。
  • UPVCThe tube has a smaller elastic modulus to reduce the amplitude of the pressure impact to alleviate the impact of the water hammer.。


  • ①、Water-saving irrigation pipeline,UPVCThe use of spray drops irrigation systems compared to ordinary irrigation,Water-saving50%-70%,At the same time, save fertilizer and pesticide,Crop production can be improved30%-80%。
  • ②、Construction pipe project。
  • ③、UPVCPlastic tube has excellent insulation capabilities,Also widely used as a post and telecommunications cable catheter。
  • ④、UPVCPlastic pipe-resistant、preservative,Many chemical plants used as infusion piping。Other use in chiseling works、Medical pipe project、Mineral saline transport pipeline、Electrical pipeline, etc.。
  • ⑤、UPVCFor buildings,Sewage pipe,Can replace general cast iron tube、Galvanized tube,Convenient installation,Can be installed with flanges and corresponding kits,Construction is not limited。
3mm id brass tube

Different parts of the water pipe:

  • With washbasin、Wash basin、bathtub、Drainage branch of the bathroom,Tubedn40/50。
  • With urinal、The drain branch pipe diameter connected in the urine isdn50。
  • The drain pipe diameter connected to the big casing isdn110。
  • In touch with the stool、Drain riser pipe diameter is not less thandn110。
  • Small tank drain pipe or connection3The drain pipe diameter above the sauce is not less thandn75。
  • Sewage pool in the hospital、The pipe diameter of the drain pipe is not less thandn75。
  • Public canteen、Washing pool in the restaurant、The drain pipe diameter of the sewage pool is not less thandn75。Public canteen、In the restaurant、The drainage pipe diameter of the public bathroom must not be less thandn75,The dry pipe diameter is not less thandn100。
  • The drain riser diameter in the residential is not less thandn75。
3mm id brass tube

4 PPTube、PETube、ABSTube、Galvanized tube

(3mm id brass tube)■ PPTube(Polypropylene)Non-toxic、health、High temperature resistance and recycling,Universal applications in chemical workers、Chemical fiber、Chlorine、dye、Drainage、food、medicine、Sewage treatment industry。

■ PETube(Polyethylene)Has been successfully used for many years drinking water and wastewater,Harmful waste,Safe delivery of compressed gas。

ABSCan be used for water、Drainage pipe,Tap water、Chaos water supply pipe,Air conditioning project pipe,Ice water system,Sea water delivery tube,Sewage pipe,Fluid treatment,Electrical pipe,Swimming pool tube,Drink delivery tube,Compressed air piping,Environmental engineering tube, etc.。

3mm id brass tube

Galvanized tube

3mm id brass tube

1、Most of the old houses are all galvanized tubes,Now gas、The kind of iron tube for heating is also galvanized tube,Galvanized tube as a water pipe,Use a few years,A large amount of rust in the tube,The flow of yellow water not only pollution cleans,Moreover, it is mixed with a non-smooth inner wall.,Corrodes cause excessive heavy metal content in water,Severe harmful human body。Sixty-decade,Developed countries have banned galvanized tubes。China Construction Department and other four committees from2000By bustling, the use of cold galvanized steel pipes,The hot-dip galvanized steel pipe is also used within a time limit.。

2、Classification:Galvanized steel pipe、Hot-plating,The former has been disabled,The latter is also temporarily used by the state。

3mm id brass tube(3mm id brass tube)Plug

3mm id brass tube(3mm id brass tube)Wiring valve

3mm id brass tube

Wiring valve

Common plastic code and meaning in water supply pipeline:

  • PP-R Crosslinked polypropylene high density mesh engineering plastic
  • PE High-density polyethylene
  • PP Polypropylene
  • PB Polybutene
  • PEX Clearance polyethylene

■ Copper pipe

3mm id brass tube

Plastic copper tube with pure copper(Copper)Tube,OverstockPEplastic,Plastic copper tube is slightly better than aluminum-plastic composite tube。For example, strength is better,Longer life,Heat resistance is also better。But the thermal insulation performance is slightly poor。 Pure copper has extremely high corrosion resistance,After using a period of time,A layer of green oxide occurs in the inner surface。But the life of the pipe、flow、And resistance to fluid,Basically, there is no impact。Copper green is healthy to human body health,And there is a certain killing ability to bacteria。 The installation method of the plastic copper tube has two types of card sets and welding.,Welding is more reliable。Copper can inhibit bacteria growth,99%Bacteria in the copper pipe5Disappeared after an hour,Ensure cleaning and hygiene of drinking water。

■ Dimen plastic galvanized cast iron pipe

3mm id brass tube

Wide plastic in a normal galvanized pipe inner wall,Make it with corrosion resistance,Small resistance、Insulation,At the same time, there is a characteristic of high strength of galvanized tube itself.。Most of this pipe uses ribbed connections。

5 Powerful materialBVString

BVLine referred to as plastic copper wire,Name,General use single core hard conductor without sheath power cable。

Model Name:

1.Classification and use is used to distribute current,Belonging to the cloth wire,Use letters“B”Express;

2.The conductor material is copper,Use letters“T”Express,Copper core conductor omitted in the wiring wire;

3.The insulating material is polyvinyl chloride,Use letters“V”Express;

4.Plug-wire structure is simple,Above three points,Some also have a sheath,The sheath material is also used by polyvinyl chloride.“V”Express;The sheath material uses letters for rubber“X”Express。There is no need to say that there is no jacket and there is no reply.。

Such asBVV Represents copper core polyvinyl chloride insulated polyvinyl chloride sheathed round wire 。

3mm id brass tube

■ Common model:

BVLine usually uses the type of model specification with the cross-sectional area of the insulating layer.。(for example4squareBVLine copper core cross section diameter is2.25Millimeter,Calculated formula according to circular areaS=π*r*r=3.976Split millimeter)

(3mm id brass tube)Commonly usedbvLine model:0.75square,1square,1.5square,2.5square,4square,6square,10square,16square,25square,35square,50square,70square,95square,120square,150square,185square,240Equivalent

■ BVLine type:

(3mm id brass tube)Be divided into:ZR-BV andNH-BV.

ZR-BV: Copper core polyvinyl chloride insulated flame retardant wire:Insulating materials with flame retardants,Leave the open fire;Flame retardantBVLine is divided intoA、B、C、DFour grades,inABest class,Push,Most commonly usedZR-BV。

(3mm id brass tube)NH-BV:Copper core polyvinyl chloride insulated electrical wire:Normal fire in the case of normal use

BVVLine global copper core PVC insulated polyvinyl chloride sheathed round sheathed line,Lightweight polyvinyl chloride sheathed cable,Commonly known as hard care line。

(3mm id brass tube)Structural specifications:BVVandBVThe difference between the line isBVVCompareBVMore layers。

■ Electrical wire specifications:Home decoration,According to the country,illumination、switch、Socket to use2.5Square wire,Air conditioning4Square wire,Water heater6Square wire。

3mm id brass tube(3mm id brass tube)

6 PVCLine tube

Commonly used line pipesPVCPlastic tube andKBGiron tube;

■ PVCThe line tube is popular in a white hardPVCHose,Corrosion、Leak-proof、Pipe with wire。Now usefulPEBellows“Electrical casing”,High quality and low price,Beautiful and convenient。

3mm id brass tube

commonPVCThreading tube(unitmm):16、 20、25、30、40、50、75、90、110 。

common4Packet and6Branch,Is the model of the model of the electric wire tube,4The punctuation is the diameter16Line tube,6The punctuation is the diameter20Line tube,Both models are used in laying lines,Use less wire through the wire tube16of,Use more wires that pass through the wire tube20of

(3mm id brass tube)3mm id brass tube

7 KGBLine tube

KBGTube is also known as national standard buckle-shaped wire tube,KBGSeries steel catheter is processed with high quality thin-walled sheets,Double-sided cold galvanizing all-round360°Protect。

Tube and fittings are not needed to bridge ground,It is targeted,Development of electrical line installation projects such as open suit。Mainstream development direction in line with modern energy-saving and environmental protection。Commercial in major cities in China、Civil、Utility and other wires line projects,Especially for temporary or short-term buildings。

3mm id brass tube

commonKBG穿线管主要规格有:(The main specifications of the threading pipe are:,单位mm); 壁厚:1.0;1.2;1.6unit

3mm id brass tube

3mm id brass tube

8 弱电材料介绍

three、视频线路、Decorative water and electricity articles、电话线路,Water and electricity pipeline materials36V以内。Decorative water and electricity articles、电脑、Water and electricity pipeline materials(有线电视线路)、Introduction of weak current materials(输出端线路)Weak electricity generally refers to DC circuits or audio。

强电和弱电从概念上讲,video line,主要区别是用途的不同。network line。弱电是作为一种信号电,telephone line。

3mm id brass tube

3mm id brass tube(3mm id brass tube)

3mm id brass tube

3mm id brass tube

3mm id brass tube

以上就是来自 cable TV line 装饰水电篇:Audio equipment,希望对你有帮助。

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