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(edm brass tube)

Copper as electrode material is widely used in electric spark processing of the mold factory。Many people think that only when making large electrodes, the mold processing is not high or rough,Graphite materials will become alternative considerations。

Today,Europe in manufacturing technology,Mold companies exceed90%Electrode material adopts graphite。But in China,Most mold companies still use copper as the main electrode material。According to the characteristics of graphite materials,The following analysis of the advantages and deficiencies of the electric spark processing。

1.Electric spark processing characteristics of graphite materials

(edm brass tube)(1)Discharge processing speed

Graphite is a non-metallic material,High melting point,Can withstand greater current setting conditions。When the discharge area and the electrode size zoom are larger,The more efficient and coarse processing of graphite materials。The thermal conductivity of graphite is copper1/3,The thermal energy generated during the discharge can be used more efficiently to remove metal materials.,Therefore、Intensive,Its processing efficiency is also higher than the copper electrodes.。Generally,Under the correct use conditions,The discharge processing speed of the graphite electrode is faster than the copper electrode.1.5~2Multiplication。

(edm brass tube)(2)Electrode loss

(edm brass tube)Graphite electrodes have characteristics that can withstand large current conditions,in addition,Under suitable coarse processing settings,Carbon particles in the decomposition produced at high temperatures when the carbonaceous steel artifacts produced during processing,Under the effect of polarity effect,Partial etched、Carbon particles are adhered to the surface of the electrode form a layer of protective layer,It is guaranteed that the loss of graphite electrodes in roughing is extremely small.,Even“Zero loss”。The main electrode losses in the electric spark processing come from roughing,Finishing setting conditions Although the loss rate is high,However, due to the reservation of parts, there are fewer processing and elixation,The overall overall loss is small。Overall,The graphite electrode is less than the copper electrode in the roughing of the large current.;The loss in the finishing may be slightly larger than the copper electrode。

(3)Surface Quality

The particle diameter of the graphite material directly affects the surface roughness of the electric spark.,The smaller the diameter, you can get a lower surface roughness value.。Use the particle diameter a few years agoφ5 μmGraphite material,The surface of the electric spark processing can only reachVDI18(Ra0.8 μm),Today's granules of graphite materials can be achievedφ3 μmWithin,The surface of the electric spark is stable.VDI12(Ra0.4 μm)Or more fine level。

The resistivity of the copper material is low.,Tissue structure dense,Electrical spatant processing is easy to obtain a stable machining state,Stable processing under more difficult conditions,Surface roughness can be less thanRa0.1 μm,Mirror electric spark processing。This is visible,If the discharge processing pursues extremely fine surface,Use copper materials to do electrode more appropriate,This is the main advantage of the copper electrode than the graphite electrode。However, the copper electrode under large current setting conditions,The surface of the electrode is easy to become rough,Even cracks,And the graphite material does not have this problem,For surface roughness requirementsVDI26(Ra2.0 μm)Left and right cavity processing,use1The graphite electrode can complete the processing process from the coarse to fine,Effectiveness of uniformity,There is no defect in the surface。in addition,Due to the different structure of the graphite and the copper structure,The corrosion point of the graphite electrode surface is compared to the copper electrode,ThereforeVDI20And the same surface roughness,Workpiece surface particles with graphite electrodes are more distinct,This effect is better than the discharge surface effect of the copper electrode.。


The coefficient of thermal expansion of graphite materials is small,The coefficient of thermal expansion of copper materials is graphite material4Multiplication,Therefore, the copper electrode is not easily deformed than the graphite electrode in the discharge process.,More stable and reliable machining accuracy。Especially when the processed dark rib part,Local high temperature easily makes the copper electrode bending deformation,And the graphite electrode will not;Copper electrode than large deeper than large,Repens for a certain thermal expansion value when machining settings,And the graphite electrode does not need。

(5)Electrode weight

The density of graphite materials is small,The same volume of graphite electrode is only copper electrode1/5。It can be seen that the larger electrode is very suitable for using graphite materials.,Greatly alleviate the load of the spindle of the electric spark machine tool,Electrode does not cause inconvenience due to large weight、Processing in processing,It can be seen that the use of graphite electrodes in large mold processing is very meaningful.。

(6)Electrode production difficulty

(edm brass tube)The graphite material has a good mechanical processing performance,Cutting resistance is only copper1/4,Under the correct processing conditions,The efficiency of the milling of the graphite electrode is the copper electrode2~6Multiplication。Graphite electrode easy to clean angle,The workpiece that is usually to be completed by multiple electrodes is designed as an integral electrode to process。Unique granule structure structure of graphite materials,Make the electrode milling molding without burr,For complex shapes that are not convenient to remove burrs directly to meet the requirements,The process of polishing the electrode is eliminated,Avoiding the shape change caused by polishing、Dimensional error, etc.。have to be aware of is,Since graphite is dust stack,Milling graphite will generate a lot of dust,Therefore, the milling machine must have a seal and vacuum cleaning device.。If you need to use an electric spark wire cutting processed graphite electrode,Its processing performance is not as good as copper materials.,Cutting speed compared to copper slow40%。

(7)Electrode installation and use

Keybable resistance,Method for milling the graphite with clamps can be used using a conductive adhesive、Discharge processing,Process of processing screw holes on electrode material,Save time time。Graphite material is more crisp,Especially small narrow electrode,It is easy to break when using external force in use.,But you can know that electricity is damaged immediately.。If it is a copper electrode, it will only be bent and will not be broken.,This situation is very dangerous and difficult to discover in the process of use.,It is easy to cause workpiece scrap。

(edm brass tube)(8)price

Copper material is non-renewable resources,Price trends will be more and more expensive,And the price of graphite materials tend to stabilize。In recent years, the prices of copper materials have risen,And major graphite manufacturers continue to improve the production of graphite, making it more cost-effective advantages。

(edm brass tube)At present, different suppliers of different suppliers of graphite suppliers can choose from different gauges.。Usually classified according to the average particle diameter of the graphite material,Particle diameter≤φ4 μmDefinition as fine graphite,Particleφ5~φ10 μmDefined as in graphite,Particle10 μmThe above is defined as crude graphite。The smaller the particle diameter, the more expensive,Suitable graphite materials can be selected according to electric spark processing requirements and cost。

(edm brass tube)In summary,In graphite electrode8Niencaping,Its advantage is obvious:

  • Milling and cutting electrode efficiency is superior to copper electrodes;
  • Excellent discharge processing efficiency is better than copper electrodes;
  • Light weight,very suitable;
  • Good stability in size,The sheet electrode is not easy to deform;
  • Milling electrode no burr,Automation preferred

Defink of graphite materials:

  • Milling electrodes requires special graphite processing machines
  • Be less suitableVDI12(Ra0.4 μm)The following fine surface discharge processing;

The superiority of the graphite electrode material will gradually be recognized and accepted by the domestic mold manufacturing industry.。Correctly selected graphite electrode material,And cooperate with improved related process links,It will bring high efficiency to mold manufacturing companies、Low cost-effective。

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