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brass square tube frame

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(brass square tube frame)use

Widely used in mechanical manufacturing、Construction industry、Metallurgical Industry、Agricultural vehicle、Agricultural greenhouse、auto industry、railway、Highway guardrail、Container skeleton、furniture、Decoration and steel structure。

(brass square tube frame)Engineering building、Glass curtain wall、Doors and windows、Steel structure、Guardrail、Machine made、Car manufacturer、Home appliance manufacturing、shipbuilding、Container manufacturing、electricity、Agricultural construction、Agricultural greenhouse、Bicycle rack、Motorcycle frame、Shelf、Fitness Equipment、Leisure and tourism supplies、Steel furniture、Various specifications of oil casing、Tubes and pipeline tubes、water、Gas、Sewage、Air、Heating and other fluid delivery、Fire and bracket、Construction industry, etc.

(brass square tube frame)Classification:

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Foundation tube according to production process:Hot rolling seamless square tube、Cold pull seamless square tube、Squeezed seamless square tube、Welding square tube。

Among them, the welding tube is divided into

(brass square tube frame)1、According to process——Arc welding、Resistance welding square tube(high frequency、Low frequency)、Gas welding、Furnace welder

2、Search according to weld——Straightened welding square、Spiral welding square tube。

Material classification

Square tube according to the material: Puocarbon steel square tube、Low alloy square tube。

1、Puocarbon steel is divided into:Q195、Q215、Q235、SS400、20#steel、45#Steel, etc.。

(brass square tube frame)2、Low alloy steel:Q345、16Mn、Q390、ST52-3Wait。

Production standard classification

Square tube according to production standards:National standard,Daily label,British square tube,Beautiful label tube,European standard,Non-standard square tube。

Section shape classification

Square tube is classified according to section:

(brass square tube frame)1、Simple cross section:Square square tube、Rectangular square tube。

2、Complex section:Floral square tube、Open-way、Corrugated square tube、Profile。

Surface treatment classification

Square tube according to surface treatment:Hot-dip galvanized square、Electroplated zinc square、Oil、Wash square tube。

Use classification

Square tube is classified according to the purpose:Decorative、Machine tool equipment、Mechanical industrial、Chemical、Steel structure square tube、Shipping square tube、Automotive、Steel beam、Special use square tube。

Wall thickness classification

Square tube is classified according to the wall thickness:Ultra-thick wall square tube、Thick wall square tube and thin wall square tube。

Foshan Chuki Iron and Steel As a professional steel wholesaler,The different use of the square tube determines the material of the square tube,The material of the square tube has created a lot of different physical and chemical properties.。So before using it, please consult a detailed profession.。

brass square tube frame