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author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-12 05:51:11

Today's square tube spot market is still maintained“fiery”Gain,The expectation of the two sessions is still,But there are some subtle changes to you need to focus on:

(brass square tube for sale)
brass square tube for sale

​ It is foredog that no matter how steel trade is still terminal,Market mentality reproducing difference,I don't have a rising business, I'm going to sell the price.,Part of the fear of prudent business has begun to rush to rush to promote,Terminal part is still in stock,But most of them are purchased on demand,And the enthusiasm of purchasing begins to show the signs of cooling.。When the future payment of market sentiment is unified,For example, the market is universally encountered,The risk is increasing。

From the futures market,This year's two soldiers have been3544High Point,Just in the market, there is a risk of adjustment,The market has rushed up yesterday night disk.,Up to date3583Yuan,This is the highest point in the year.,Leave3600Yuan integer gateway is only one step away,Break through this gateway,Then use two conferences that still have it to lift it up.,Otherwise, the risks of rising falling are relatively large.。

Overall,At present, there is always a kind of feet of the market.+Message,See the top or not far from the stage,There is a certain risk at this time.。