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4m brass crimp tube

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(4m brass crimp tube)The three elements of the terminal pressure are:Wire and terminalofrelation;The relationship between terminals and connectors;The relationship between terminals and supporting terminals。Wire processing line beam is usually composed of both ends or connector。The purpose of the wire harness assembly is for electrical conductivity,The three elements of the terminal are missing,Otherwise, the current cannot flow normally.。

4m brass crimp tube

1. Peeling

Before crushing,All wires must be peeled to the correct length。When the pressure is connected to the terminal“Brush(Brush)”and“Line visible area(wire witness)”When the bare wire is displayed,Get the correct peeling length,As shown below:

(4m brass crimp tube)4m brass crimp tube

Be careful when peeled,Get a good peeling effect。

Below we also give four bad peeling examples and a well-peeled example

4m brass crimp tube(4m brass crimp tube)

2. Calculate crimping height

(4m brass crimp tube)The first step is to calculate the overall wire conductorCSA,And the cross-sectional area of the terminal lead crimping sleeve。

(4m brass crimp tube)In order to determine the wire conductorCSA,Identify its structure,Use2.1Finding table in section。(JimmyRemark here,Everyone can see the standards of their respective wires,Identification structure,Generally a standard structure)

or,If the structure of the conductor is a non-standard structure,Use the following formula:

CSA(mm2)=[Shares diameter(mm)]2*Shares*0.7854

In order to determine the wire crimping sleeveCSA,First flatten the wire crimping sleeve to the horizontal shape,And measure this flat length(mm)。Multiplion by the thickness of the material to get the cross section。See the figure below。

4m brass crimp tube

Make sure these two numbers aremm2Unit, And add them to a wholeCSA。If more than one wire is pressed into the terminal,The wires need to beCSAAdd to total calculationCSAmiddle。

Use the table below,Find the closest total according to the value you calculatedCSANumerical value。Cross reference to decide the required standard crimping width(W)mmAnd its standard mold code(STC)。This determines the width of the crimp mold,The width of the mold is necessary to get a good crimping.。

(4m brass crimp tube)3. Calculate crimping height

surfaceC,OriginalCSA,Crimping width and crimping height

(4m brass crimp tube)4m brass crimp tube

Standard mold crimping size,Based on crimping height and width ratio65%,Compression ratio is85%

Once the crimp width is determined(W),Put the original totalCSADivideWTo obtain a crimping height(H)。This figure is tolerance±3%。Finally, make sure the calculated crimping height(H)In the crimping width(W)of50%-80%between。See below:

(4m brass crimp tube)4m brass crimp tube(4m brass crimp tube)

Here is a chestnut:

Two stranded wires need to be crimped in a standard‘F’Type-controlled terminal。A wire(electric wire1)The strand structure is30/0.25,Used to carry system current,The second(electric wire2)The structure is1/0.60,Used to carry neon current。

electric wire1ofCSA(According to tableA)=1.473mm2(0.25*0.25*30*0.7854)

(4m brass crimp tube)electric wire2ofCSA(According to tableA)=0.283mm2(0.6*0.6*1*0.7854)

The flat length of the wire crimping sleeve=7.5mm,Material thickness=0.3mmTerminal lead crimping sleeveCSA 7.5x0.3=2.25mm2

Total originalCSA 1.473+0.283+2.25=4.006mm2

TableCFind the most recent original originalCSA,surfaceCGiven3.902mm2 This is also given2.45mmStandard crimping width(W)

(4m brass crimp tube)Put the total originalCSADepending on standard crimping width(W)To determine the crimping height(H):4.006/2.45=1.63mm±3%.

This given standard crimping height(H)for1.58-1.68mm

High-band ratio when checking the limit tolerance50~80between?1.58/2.45=64%


The final wire sleeve is compressed as follows.:

4m brass crimp tube(4m brass crimp tube)

4. Crimping examination

The quality of the crimped should be visually inspected,To ensure good crimping connection。also,In addition to checking crimping width and height,Other features should be checked according to the following details。

also,When developing a crimping process and setting,The crimping sleeve cross section of the crimping sleeve and the insulating layer should be obtained.,To ensure that the following test standards are visually met。Safety standards require insulation pressure to be as good as the conductor crimping。

Crimping checklist

4m brass crimp tube

4m brass crimp tube

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