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brass doll tubes

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PPRThe tube is actually a low-tech product,scientifically and technically,As long as it is a regular factory,The actual difference is not big,The real difference comes from the following:

1.How much to use

2.Material purity

(brass doll tubes)3.Workmanship

4.some additional functionality

Special Note,This post is only for our experiment10Examples of individual specifications in several brands:

How customers can quickly identify:

(brass doll tubes)1.Tube Thickness and Tolerance

(brass doll tubes)2.Fitting weight

3.copper parts


1.Tube thickness and tolerance

water pipes have2specifications,One is the diameter of the pipe,One is the wall thickness,In the case of the same pipe wall size,,Varies according to pressure,for example25water pipe,he has2.3,2.8,3.5,4.2mmThese thickness specifications,And the same specification,Different manufacturers have different views on work difference control,For example, there are manufacturers who only do low-end work,4.2specification4.1,Some manufacturers just do it4.2,Some manufacturers do work。

It is clear,Manufacturers with poor workmanship use more materials,More resistant to high and low temperature and longer life,more pressure resistant。

(brass doll tubes)This detection method is very simple,Just use a vernier caliper,through our market10Several well-known imported and domestic brands25×4.2Specification water pipe inspection,It is found that imported brands prefer to use the difference,but not necessarily,One of the German brands is also only25×4.2~4.3,but other2Brands perform well,Microfarads have even reached25×4.45~4.78between。

brass doll tubes

2.Fitting weight

This detection is easier,we put on the market10Several well-known imported and domestic brands25The inner wire elbow is placed on the electronic scale to weigh,found the same specs,weight from60Doc to89Grams vary,Among them, the micro method is the heaviest,Reached89.48gram。

in this test,We found no correlation between weight and whether or not the brand was imported,Such as Jin De and Weixing ordinaryPPRof25Inward bend,all on80gram,Even Wei Xing reached81gram,It is the heaviest among several domestic brands we have tested.,Except for micromethods,Has surpassed other imported brands。

brass doll tubes

3.copper parts

(brass doll tubes)in pipe fittings,The most expensive is copper,At present, regular manufacturers on the market commonly use2kind of copper:

brass doll tubes

Germany has a standard,Heavy metals such as nickel, chromium, etc. shall not be electroplated on the drinking water outlet,cause2secondary pollution,so,The three German brands tested this time are all made of brass,while domestic brands,Currently(Incomplete)Only found WeixingA+Tube made of brass,Others are used59or62Copper Plating。


as an ordinary consumer,Just look at the following aspects

brass doll tubes

PPRAdditional features of the tube

Domestic brands likePPRAdd some additional features to the tube,thereby increasing the selling point,Foreign brands generally do not have these additional functions.,Common additional features are::



(brass doll tubes)three、Higher grade materials achieve anti-freeze and high temperature effects


brass doll tubes

Add an antibacterial layer to the inner wall of the pipe,Kills Escherichia coli,price and normalPPRmore expensive than actual5%—10%

Be careful to ask for a formal authoritative inspection report。

(brass doll tubes)complex:

usePPRcomposite with other materials,mainly cellulose,Aluminum plastic and metal three,to increase the resistance to stress,The effect of reducing thermal deformation。

brass doll tubes

Composite pipe has a problem,If the composite layer is on the outer or inner layer,have a certain impact on the construction,So inconvenient to promote,Personally think that the composite pipe should choose the middle layer composite。

higher grade material

such as WeixingA+Tube,just adoptedPP400material,in low temperature,High temperature resistance and some crack resistance than traditionalPPRa big improvement。

brass doll tubes(brass doll tubes)

PPquality and purity

This thing is actually important,But it is difficult for our general customers or merchants to distinguish,So just do a certain amount of knowledge dissemination。

Currently,PPRbrand,Both domestic and foreign brands,Without exception, they all advertise themselves as the raw material of Borealis,Actually,Personally(represent personal opinion only),Only a very small number of original German brands may fully adopt100%raw materials of Borealis,Even German brands do not fully adopt,Domestic ones may be more mixed,Even many manufacturers, especially small ones, add a lot of recycled raw materials.,That's how the poison pipe came about。

commonPPMaterial manufacturers are good or bad:

first grade:Borealis

second grade:European Basel or Saudi Chemicals

(brass doll tubes)third grade:Hyosung,Daehan Petrochemical

fourth grade:Yanshan Petrochemical,Yangzi Petrochemical, etc.

(brass doll tubes)fifth grade:some SMEs

sixth grade:Recycled material

A simple way to see the purity of materials:

(brass doll tubes)1.The color difference of several batches of tubes before and after:

For example, the micro-method directly imports the materials of Borealis,And not transparent particles add color by themselves,But with color into raw materials,这样前后色差就相对少,This is relatively less than the color difference.,再加色,And transparent particles are mixed。

2.切割后看切口润泽(Plus color)

3.上手手感(The front and rear color difference are relatively large.)

4.煮很久后看重量变化,After cutting, look at the cuttle。

不同户型,This must be expertise:

原则一:Get your feelings

原则二:This is a lot of experience,或同径,Cook for a long time to see weight changes

(brass doll tubes)brass doll tubes(brass doll tubes)

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