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brass tube 4mm x 20mm

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In the civil engineering project,We want to calculate the wall、column、Beam、Board, etc.,These components have formed our construction in the main building.。

The overall system of the installation project is a wide variety of wires.、cable、Bridge, etc.,There is a drawingPVC20,JDG25,You don't know what it is.,It is definitely unable to do。Materials in the installation are like the columns in the earth.、Beam is as important,You don't know, you can't affirm it.。

one、Common material

Common materials commonly used in weak electricity works、Specification、A wide range of models,Main metal materials,Non-metallic material,Wire and cable, etc.。

Metal material can be divided into,Black metal materials and non-ferrous metals materials。 Black metal materials include,Carbon structural steel、Low alloy structural steel、Cast steel、Cast iron、Steel。(Usually rarely used non-ferrous metals)

Steel can be divided into three:

  • Steel:Round steel、Steel、flat steel、HSteel、Ingral steel、TSteel、Angle steel、 Trough。
  • Plate:Thick plate,Medium,sheet。Hot rolled sheet and cold rolled sheet according to its rolling, Among them, the cold rolled sheet is only thin plates.。
  • Pipe:Commonly used seamless steel pipe、Welded steel pipe(Galvanized steel)Steel products(Welding material ,Fitting fitting,valve)。
brass tube 4mm x 20mm


brass tube 4mm x 20mm


brass tube 4mm x 20mm


Non-metallic material

Contains inorganic non-metallic materials and polymer materials。

Inorganic non-metallic materials include:Refractory,grass、Ceramic material, etc.。

Polymer materials include:rubber,plastic,Synthetic fiber, etc.。

Plastics are commonly used in weak electricity,Plastic is divided into:Hot plastic plastic and thermoset plastics。


The thermoplastic material is the main component of thermoplastic resin,After the processing is plasticized,Chain Linear molecular structure,Softnate after being hot,Can repeated mold forming。Polyethylene,Poly Chlorine Ethylene,Polypropylene,Polystyrene, etc.。

2、Heat-solid plastic

The thermosetting plastic is the main component of thermosetting resins.,After processing curing,Mesh body Shape structure,No softening after heat,Decomposing damage under heat,Cannot be repeated。 Phenolic plastic、Epoxy plastic, etc.。

two、Common pipe

1、Welded steel pipe

(brass tube 4mm x 20mm)It means that the steel strip or steel sheet bending is circular、Square and other shapes and then soldered,Steel tube with seams on the surface,Black tube。

brass tube 4mm x 20mm(brass tube 4mm x 20mm)picture4

2、Galvanized steel

(brass tube 4mm x 20mm)Refers to improving the corrosion resistance of welding steel pipes,General steel pipe(clarinet)Galvanizing,Also known as white tube。

Galvanized steel pipes can be divided into two,Hot galvanized and electroplated zinc 。Hot-dip galvanized galvanized layer thick,Coating。Electroplated zinc layer thin,Disasy,But low cost。

brass tube 4mm x 20mm


3、plastic pipe

Polyvinyl chloride(PVC)plastic pipe,Is electric stone and chlorine(Electrolytic salt production)Prepared ,How much is added to the plasticizer,Plastics that can be made into different hardness。

The advantage is:Compare Stablize,Have high insulation performance,Acid-resistant,preservative,Can resist atmosphere,Sunlight,Moist effect,Good protective layer and insulator as a cable and wire,Common for civil buildings,indoor Acid、Site of alkaline corrosion。

Disadvantages are not high temperature,In high temperatures, the tubing is old Acceleration,so40℃The above high temperature places are not suitable for use,Also mechanically impact,collision,Friction, etc., it is not applicable.。

brass tube 4mm x 20mm



JDGTube,Silk metal pitcarat pipe for scientific and electrical installation。 It is replaced by replacing various traditional wire catheters.,Is an electrical circuit for the latest protection catheter,Connecting casing and its metal attachment using wire pipelines composed of screws。

JDGTube adopts a rutary steel pipe and a thin-walled steel pipe,Overcomes the complex construction of ordinary metal catheters,Disadvantages of construction loss,At the same timePVCTube refractory poor、Problem, etc.。More used in integrated wiring、Fire wiring and other construction。

brass tube 4mm x 20mm


5、Metal casing

Pulka metal sleeve:Pulipa tube specializes in the flexible metal hoses produced by foreign processes。Pulca flexible metal sleeve is wire、The most ideal product for cable protection sleeves。

Pulika tube is the update of the wire and cable protection sleeve,A lot of species ,But the basic structure is similar,Both are rolled up by galvanized steel strip,Flexible metal casing。

Excellent water resistance,Corrosion resistance,Chemical stability,Suitable for indoor and outdoor moisture ,Or places with water vapor、Can be used in a place where humid or corrosive gases。

brass tube 4mm x 20mm


6、Metal bellows

Metal bellows also called metal hoses,Snake tube,Mainly used in wires,Lathe,Milling machine, etc.。Use0.5mmThe above double-sided galvanized steel strip processing is rolled out。

brass tube 4mm x 20mm


Bridge is divided into slots、Tray and ladder、Net format and other structures,Bracket、Trunk and security Equipment, etc.。Can stand independently, It can also be included in various constructions.(Construct)Strong and gallery bracket superior,Simple structure、Beauty、Configuring flexible and maintenance convenience,All parts need to be galvanized,Installing the bridge in the open air outside the building。

(brass tube 4mm x 20mm)Suitable for laminating computer cables、 Communication Cable、Control cable of thermocouple cable and other high sensitive systems, etc.,Its control cable Shielded interference and corrosive environments have a good effect.。

brass tube 4mm x 20mm



Slot slot and traveler slot、Wiring tank、Row trough(Vary from place to),Is used to put power cord、Correlation of wire specifications of data cable,Fixed electrician appliances on the wall or on the ceiling。

1、Metal wire groove

Alternative wall thickness2mmClosed rectangular metal wire groove,Direct laying Concrete ground、Cushion in place in place reincar concrete floor or prefabricated concrete floor。 The floor mount metal wire groove is divided into two structural forms of single slot and double groove separation type。

(brass tube 4mm x 20mm)When the power and weak electricity circuit need to be laid,To prevent electromagnetic interference,Strong、Weak wire Road separation with double slot separation line slot laying。

brass tube 4mm x 20mm


2、Plastic wire slot

(brass tube 4mm x 20mm)Squeezed molding of plastics from refurbished hard polyvinyl chloride projects,Bottom of the slot、Slot cover And attachment composition,Indoor location in the normal environment。Mainly used for electrical equipment internal wiring,exist1200VAnd the above electrical equipment is mechanically protective and electrical protection。

brass tube 4mm x 20mm


six、Network floor

Network floor is a kind of adaptation to modern office,Floor facilities for easy network wiring。 Route floor、Foreign countriesnet floororcable floor。

Usually used materialsPVCPlastic floor,Face layer is square,Size is usually 500mm* 500mm,Be divided into35mmThick and40mmThick。Cross slot、Word slot And combined with three specifications without grooved plates。

brass tube 4mm x 20mm


brass tube 4mm x 20mm


brass tube 4mm x 20mm