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a needle,in the body“lurking”close30year,Doesn't it sound incredible and scary??

12moon21day,The Second Affiliated Hospital of Chengdu Medical College·Wang Xiangan, Deputy Chief Physician of Thoracic Surgery, No. 416 Hospital of Nuclear Industry,Found after removal of a metal foreign body in the chest wall for a patient,This should be an ordinary embroidery needle。Inferred from the carbonized state,It may have been inadvertently inserted into the body of the patient during infancy。That is to say,It may have been present in the patient for nearly30year。

12moon23day,The patient has recovered and been discharged。

woman feeling nothing

Physical examination revealed a metal foreign body in the chest cavity

12moon20day,Patient Xiao Liu(pseudonym)go to the hospital。She doesn't have any unusual feelings,Was informed that there was a metal foreign body in the chest during the unit physical examination,Referral to the hospital for thoracic surgery。

(brass tube 30 mm)“(Checkup Tips)Metal foreign body on right chest wall,but the patient cannot recall any relevant trauma history。”Wang Xiangan said,No family member can say exactly how she was injured.。Wang Xiangan examines the patient,No scars were found on the body,“Only when pressing the area where the foreign body is present,mild tenderness。”However, the imaging results showed that,Metal foreign bodies do exist。

Wang Xiangan, Deputy Chief Physician of Thoracic Surgery, No. 416 Hospital of Nuclear Industry。

Wang Xiangan says,Doctors and patients are very strange,How do foreign bodies get into the body??

The doctor found from the results of the imaging examination,The metallic foreign body is inserted from the patient's right chest wall against the right border of the sternum,length approx.1.5centimeter。Due to a certain inclination angle,not penetrated into the chest cavity,but very close to the pleura。“Once penetrated into the pleura,may affect the heart、Damage to the lungs or large blood vessels。if it is serious,life-threatening。”

Image examination display,Metal foreign body in chest。

Precise positioning and removal

Only three or four millimeters from the pleura

12moon21day,Wang Xiangan performed foreign body removal surgery for the patient。Intraoperative findings,Metal foreign body has been carbonized,Explain that its time in the body is very long。According to the metal foreign body approx.1.5Length and shape in centimeters,The doctor deduced that it was an ordinary embroidery needle。

(brass tube 30 mm)“found during surgery,The location of the tie is deeper,The needle tip is only three or four millimeters away from the pleura。”Wang Xiangan says,this depth,It also brings certain difficulties and risks to the operation。because during surgery,Needle may shift,If you keep going down,It is likely to damage the heart and lung organs and important blood vessels。Precise positioning is the key to surgery,in the use of surgeryCAfter the arm is positioned,Accurately locate the foreign object。

Foreign body removed from the patient:A carbonized embroidery needle。

Wang Xiangan inferred,This embroidery needle should have been made during the patient's infancy,Accidentally plunged into the body when the perception ability is extremely weak。“if it happens in2over the age of,Needle stick injury can cause severe pain,but the patient has no memory of any pain。”Wang Xiangan says,The needle is very thin,the wound is small,so it is not easy to find,Foreign bodies also rarely cause severe inflammatory rejection,The body adapts to the presence of foreign bodies,So the patient has no obvious feeling for such a long time,very rare clinically。“(severe inflammatory rejection)Wound infection and exudate、purulent、pain,If there is,has already been discovered。”

Wang Xiangan reminds parents,Taking care of children is no trivial matter,Never take it lightly。Keep sharp objects away from children,Especially after sewing clothes,Never leave a needle on your clothing,cause unnecessary harm。

Red Star News reporter Yu Zunsu photo report Part of the map according to the hospital

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