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aged brass tub faucets

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Want to decorate a good home environment,It must be done in any detail,Take the faucet,We must also understand before buying.Water tap material species,What do you know what aspects that should pay attention to purchasing a faucet?,If you don't know, you will hurry to see the Shenyang decoration network sharing knowledge.。

What are the types of water tits?

one、All-copper faucet

The quality of the whole copper faucet mainly looks at its copper content and its process level,If the faucet is fully copper refined,And the surface is also chrome-plated,Then, his grate is very high.,And its corrosion resistance and anti-wear performance are very good。

two、Stainless steel faucet

(aged brass tub faucets)What is the material of the faucet??In fact, the stainless steel quality faucet is very good.。Now more use is the stainless steel quality faucet,This type of water is not lead,And acid and alkali、Uncomfortable、Will not pollute the water source、Will not release harmful substances, etc.。Stainless steel quality faucet does not require electroplating,As long as you polish it surface, you can display the true color.。

three、Plastic faucet

Plastic water faucets relatively other materials of the faucet,The security used is higher,Because it isABSPlastic,And the color of the faucet is relatively,More choices in consumers。But the plastic faucet is not strong enough,So use the life of the tiger is short。

Four、Alloy faucet

(aged brass tub faucets)The price of alloy faucets will be much affordable than all copper faucets.,And also mass production。However, this type of faucet is made of zinc alloy.,And zinc alloy will cause certain injuries to the human body.,Not affordable。

Fives、Ceramic faucet

The advantage of the ceramic faucet is that it does not oxidize、stainless、Not easy to wear,And it is beautiful and generous with the ceramics.。

aged brass tub faucets

How to buy a faucet


The weight is always good,Virtual weight will make water quality。Generally selected the faucet, we will choose all products made of brass.,How can the real brass??If you have to ask why the bronze made of the faucet made??We can analyze from chemistry,Brass's faucet can inhibit the growth and reproduction of E. coli in tap water。Therefore, the brass faucet is better than other materials.,Weight weight also。

(aged brass tub faucets)second:Look out

Jin Yu's test is all the time we have spoked.,But some of some products are also very important。When you pick a faucet, we must look at its surface carefully.,The exquisite faucet must be surface light, such as mirror、Exquisite。Everything is the most afraid of the torrents that are in contact with water is rusty,Rust not only affects the value,It also pollutes water quality。Therefore, the plating layer of the faucet must be thick.,It is also a reliable。

third:Recognition brand

Brand is always better than three productsnMultiplication,A product is called a brand is not there.。In addition to the superior propaganda,The strength of the product itself is alsoOKof。Big brand faucet is not only material superior,Detail processing is also more exquisite。

fourth:After-sales attitude

Customer is God,The attitude of manufacturers to God should be endless pet。Intimate service attitude can help us better solve the problem of home,Even if the faucet is faulty,Manufacturers can also repair the maintenance in the first time。

aged brass tub faucets

The above is the relevant knowledge about the material of the faucet.,I hope I can help you.。