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3 8 inch brass tube

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17day,iQOOofficial releaseiQOO8Series Gaming Phones。iQOO8The series of mobile phones have upgraded the gaming-grade full-sensing control experience,And equipped with independent display chip,not only120WSuper fast flash charge,can also be achieved50WWireless Flash Charge。as a highlight,on the screen,iQOO8Series deploymentE5High brightness luminous material screen、2Ksuper retina screen。

today,we getiQOO 8 ProTrack version for evaluation,The trial product is12+512GBVersion,is the top version。

as a configuration highlight,iQOO 8 Protake a piece6.78inchAMOELD E5Hyperboloid screen,First SamsungE5Material,Power consumption ratioE4material reduction25%,Brightness has increased,where the local peak brightness1500nit,global maximum brightness1000nit。

3 8 inch brass tube

And this screen has3200x1440Resolution,PPIsub-pixel resolution571,YesiQOOThe first model to support high score screen,support120Hzrefresh rate and300HzTouch sampling rate,introducedLTPOtechnology realized1-120HzFree switch,as well as10.7billion color、P3color gamut、HDR10+Wait。

(3 8 inch brass tube)on the system configuration,iQOO8ProSnapdragon is configured888PlusCPU+Samsung PlusLPDDR5+Samsung PlusUFS3.1strong composition of,GPUis stillAdreno660。in the upgrade version number,Snapdragon888PlusCPUOn the basis of the same power consumption of the previous generation,supersized coreCortexX1operating frequency from2.84GHzpromote arrive2.995GHz,DSPComputational level reached24TOPS,CPUThe performance improvement is approximately5.2%。

Charging,iQOO8series adopts120WSuper fast flash charging50WWireless flash charging solution。use120WThe fastest flash charge18minutes can beiQOO 8 Proof4500mAhbattery from1%charge to100%。The battery capacity is4350mAh。

3 8 inch brass tube

Image aspect,iQOO8ProonboardVISFive-axis anti-shake micro-head imaging system,rear5000megapixel sonyIMX766VBig bottom gimbal main camera+4000megapixel sonyIMX598Ultra wide angle lens+1600Megapixel telephoto portrait lens。

In the last three shots,The main camera adopts the best comprehensive main camera this year.IMX766V,have5millions of clarity and1/1.56inch outsole,The equivalent focal length is23mm,The newly added micro-cloud platform technology is also in line with the main camera,At this stage, the micro cloud platform is still the strongest mobile phone anti-shake technology,Chose the delicate“Double Ball Cross”structure,rightX、Y、ZAnti-shake compensation for three viewing angles,far more than ordinaryOISBody image stabilization technology,especially when shooting video。

wide-angle lensIMX598,clarity4800Ten thousand,Lens focal length14mm,angle114°。finally,iQOO8ProRetains a portrait lens at medium and long lens focal lengths,The equivalent focal length is60mm,camera correspondence2.5Multiplier variable camera lens。In order to better improve the usability of telephoto,The camera lens also selectedOISBody image stabilization。

iQOOalso usedvivoofMulti-TurboTechnology,The technology integratesCenter Turbo、AI Turbo、Net Turbo、Cooling Turbo、Game Turbo、ART++ Turboincluded6species“Turbo”Technology,Fixed game frame drop、network latency、Phone cooling and other issues。

3 8 inch brass tube

this timeiQOO 8 ProAdoptedVCPower pump liquid cooling process,One of the large area soaking plates(VC)copper alloy material+99.999%The composition of the liquid material of pure water,Heat conduction faster and better。At the same time, the internal copper mesh capillary structure+FiberPower pump increases fluid circulation force,Complete coverage of the core heating unit。Coupled with the optimization of the internal stacking structure of the fuselage,This complete cooling solution allows Snapdragon888 PlusStable and continuous high-performance output even in high game load scenarios,Avoid throttling。

3 8 inch brass tube


iQOOThe brand has been building in-depth e-sports performance since its establishment,This is also different from the parent brandvivomain aspects of。This trial evaluationiQOO 8 ProThe Track Edition is the flagship version of the series,The hardware configuration is the current mainstream flagship architecture,In terms of battery life and heating related to user experience,iQOO 8 ProMade deeper optimizations。After all, games are a high-level behavior for mobile phones.。

althoughiQOO 8 ProAs a gaming phone,But compared to the competition,In terms of imaging systems, it also cooperates with the parent brandvivoon par,Regardless of hardware configuration or software optimization,have continuedvivoDepartment of excellent head genes in the industry。From this it appears,iQOO 8 ProMore than just a great gaming phone,A powerful camera phone。

3 8 inch brass tube

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