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antique brass clawfoot tub overflow plate

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Where there are aquarists丨there will be aquariums

antique brass clawfoot tub overflow plate(antique brass clawfoot tub overflow plate)foreword

In the early stages of designing a fish tank

(antique brass clawfoot tub overflow plate)Just after deciding to make a bottom filter

The second step is to start to struggle with which overflow area to use

Many aquarists ask hooligans,Which overflow works best?

my standard reply:Choose according to personal preference,as long as it is well designed,same effect。

Why is the effect the same??

(antique brass clawfoot tub overflow plate)First we need to understand,What is the function of the bottom filter overflow area??

effect1:It is to prevent power outages,The water in the fish tank flows into the filter。This can be done with any overflow zone,This is the basic requirement。

antique brass clawfoot tub overflow plate

effect2:poop and oil absorbing film,These two functions affect when the poo is next to the overflow area,Can it be taken away in time。

antique brass clawfoot tub overflow plate

effect3:beautiful。which is beautiful?It's personal preference。

antique brass clawfoot tub overflow plate

In fact, the main thing that everyone is most concerned about is the problem of sucking poop.。

In principle,any overflow,The effect of sucking poop can do the best。

(antique brass clawfoot tub overflow plate)For example, the difference between triangle overflow and four-corner overflow,It's just that the glass is assembled and the shape is different。The factor that affects stool absorption is usually the design of the opening of the fish comb。So whatever the overflow,As long as the fish comb is well designed,It's good for urination,unreasonable design,Natural suction is less effective。Is this related to triangle or four-corner overflow? 。Even triple overflow or siphon,it doesn't matter 。any kind of overflow,Just design

did not do this reasonably,will affect the effect of inhalation。

antique brass clawfoot tub overflow plate

detail design

an overflow area,Composed of three parts:

(antique brass clawfoot tub overflow plate)1、after a power outage,Overflow glass of fish tank water flowing into filter。

2、block most of the water,change water flow,Windshield that allows poo to be sucked in from the bottom of the overflow area。

3、Covers the entire overflow area,Acrylic fish comb for decorative beautification。

antique brass clawfoot tub overflow plateantique brass clawfoot tub overflow plate(antique brass clawfoot tub overflow plate)Design of overflow plate

(Take the most common triangular overflow and quadrangular overflow as an example)

Design points of overflow plate:

(antique brass clawfoot tub overflow plate)1、height is the height of the water level minus the height10~20mm。(for example,What is your fish tank water level requirement?500mm,The height of the overflow glass is500-10~20mm=480~490mm)

And hooligans are usually500mmhigh overflow plate,water level is510~520mmbetween。

affect this10~20mmThe height factor is the length of the pump and overflow area。same length,The higher the flow rate of the pump,The higher the overflow height。

formula:Overflow glass plus overflow height(generally1~2cm)equal to the water level of the fish tank。

antique brass clawfoot tub overflow plate

2、Length and width of overflow area。(the width of the glass)

This is basically designed based on the space actually occupied by the pipe fittings。The principle is not to come into contact with the pipe fittings。no matter how big you are,how small,Whether yours is a single hole or a double hole。Just put the water in it,an overflow area。

antique brass clawfoot tub overflow plate


The function of the baffle glass is to let most of the water flow from the bottom of the tank into the overflow area。

Key points of windshield height:

1、Formula without acrylic fish comb:overflow glass+5cm

(antique brass clawfoot tub overflow plate)2、Formula with acrylic fish comb:overflow glass-2cm

antique brass clawfoot tub overflow plate(antique brass clawfoot tub overflow plate)When using an acrylic fish comb,Need to use acrylic to make oil film holes,Use acrylic to limit the flow of water above。At this time, the blocking glass does not need to be higher than the overflow glass.。flush on top。

When not using acrylic fish comb。The windshield should be taller than the overflow glass,Then open a hole at the water level as an oil absorbing film。

simply speaking,Acrylic fish comb and windshield can coexist or replace each other。However, it is recommended to use both the windshield and the acrylic fish comb for large tanks.。prevent excessive water pressure,Deformation of acrylic。

antique brass clawfoot tub overflow plate

Length and width design of overflow glass:

Keep with overflow glass there1~2CMClearance。make a windshield。

antique brass clawfoot tub overflow plate

acrylic fish comb

The role of this plastic part is mainly aesthetic,And make the effect of a fish comb,In order to prevent small fish from easily sucking in,There are also restrictions on the flow of water into the overflow area.。This increases the suction power underneath。

You can usually buy directly from Taobao。gap above5mmwidth,Bottom opening gap8~10mmabout,high15~20mm。These numbers are completely fine to use on general fish tanks。

antique brass clawfoot tub overflow plate

Structure diagram of triangular overflow:

antique brass clawfoot tub overflow plate(antique brass clawfoot tub overflow plate)in principle the same,just looks different。The effect of sucking stool depends on how your acrylic fish comb is designed。

General acrylic fish combs can be bought on Taobao。


so,Don't ask again which overflow is better,only ifDIYwell designed all the same,And the triple overflow on Taobao,The suction effect is also possible,The key rogue also took three or four years。