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vintage brass lipstick tube

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Everyone's ideal small home is inseparable from home decoration,From minimalist to industrial,From avant-garde to feeling luxurious,From the garden outside the house to the interior setting,Every Design Matters。Home decoration full of temperature and design can always surprise people,In every corner, you can see the owner's heart that loves life。

(vintage brass lipstick tube)vintage brass lipstick tube

The exposed water valve as a household necessities is an important existence in home improvement,On the one hand, it carries the important responsibility of domestic water use,On the other hand, it is also a display of home decoration taste and style.。But the market is the same“simple”Metal-look water valve lacks design sense,Added resistance to the presentation of many art home styles。

(vintage brass lipstick tube)vintage brass lipstick tube

So,Isn't there a water valve that has both high appearance and practicality??

ARCOLipstick triangle valve is such a special existence。

vintage brass lipstick tube(vintage brass lipstick tube)

Pleasant appearance design

VITAQ®systemUnique lipstick design,Showing industrial style retro nostalgia at the same time,Fully integrated with modern textured matte texture elements。Simple and low-key, there is no lack of high-end sense,Energy and industrial simplicity、Perfect integration of various high-end home designs such as Nordic light luxury style,Let every detail contain the beauty of art of life。

Practicality with high comfort

  1. powered by innovationVITAQ®system,Ensure the smooth operation of the water valve,Increased water valve durability。
(vintage brass lipstick tube)VITAQ®The system is equipped with a subversive traditionalVITAQ®system。This isARCOThe company specially develops professional solutions for valve anti-scaling and anti-corrosion。The ball valve core is made of more wear-resistant and recyclable green materials。through material and craftsmanship,Effectively solve the problem of scale accumulation and corrosion in the valve body。Not only keeps the water valve running smoothly,At the same time ensure the durability of the water valve,Greatly prolongs the service life of the triangular valve。

  1. Ball valve core design,more water output。

The design of the ball valve core has beenARCOThe R&D team continuously optimizes the structural design,Makes valve opening and closing easy,Simple and smooth waterway,The water output of the valve is well guaranteed。Tested to prove,Compared to valves with ceramic spools,ARCOThe lipstick triangle valve has a larger water output under the same water pressure。

  1. Imported European standard brass material,Double sealing system,Anti-corrosion and leak-proof are more assured。

ARCOThe lipstick triangle valve adopts the European standard selection imported from SpainDRbrass。This material has both excellent compressive properties,compared to other brass,It has better corrosion resistance。At the same time, this triangular valve adopts a double-layer sealing system inside and outside.,The overall sealing performance of the triangular valve has been guaranteed multiple times.,Improves the anti-drip capability of the valve,Easy to achieve zero leakage effect。

  1. Universal caliber design,Provide ultra-high fit。

ARCOThe lipstick triangle valve adopts the national general4Port diameter,Can be installed in the kitchen area、toilet area、In multiple scenes such as the sink area and the water heater area,Suitable for most home installations。

vintage brass lipstick tube

as design and manufacture water、The industry leader in valves for gas and heating control systems,ARCOThe brand has been actively exploring and innovating,Continuously improve process technology,Developed a variety of safe and durable high-quality valve products。thisARCOThe lipstick triangle valve not only achieves a qualitative leap in performance,It also achieves an unprecedented artistic sense in appearance,Triangle valve with both strength and beauty,It can provide more choices for consumers' art home,Create your ideal home with ease。

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