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32mm brass tube

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What are the usual pipes??How specification?I believe that it is familiar with the water engineering business.,Today, double-hired small bracelets take a restoration.,I hope that new information can be added for everyone.。

What are the commonly used pipes in the water supply??

Commonly used water pipes: PPRTube、Copper tube、Aluminum plastic tube、Galvanized tube、PVCTube、Thin wall stainless steel pipe、liningPVCstainless steel pipe。

1、PPRTube:As a new type of water pipe material,PPRTube has a unique advantage,Health and non-toxic,Can be used as a cold water pipe,Can also be used as a hot water pipe,advantage:fair price、Performance stability、Heat heat preservation、preservative、Inner wall smooth、Pipeline system is safe and reliable,Not penetrate,Used years can be reached50year。shortcoming:But require special tools when connecting ,Connection surface needs to be heated ,The heating time is too long or the insertion of the socket can cause water to block.。

32mm brass tube

2、Copper tube:Is the upper and other products in the water pipe,Copper is very low in chemical active sorting ,Before the hydrogen is still ,Thus performance stabilization ,Be uncomfortable。According to relevant information ,Copper can inhibit bacteria growth ,Keep drinking water clean hygiene。advantage:high strength,Performance stability,Can sterilize,Not easy to corrode。shortcoming:High price、Construction is difficult,In cold winter,Easy heat loss,Energy consumption,High use cost。

(32mm brass tube)32mm brass tube

3、Aluminum plastic tube:Aluminum-plastic tubes have been a more popular pipe on the market.,Due to its light、Durable and convenient construction,It is more suitable for use in home improvement.。In the renovation concept, more new Guangdong and Shanghai,Aluminum plastic tube has gradually no market,It belongs to the product being eliminated。advantage:The price is cheap,Arbitrate,Glossy surface,Convenient construction。shortcoming:Easy aging,Hidden danger,Delivery,Practice prove,Its pipeline connection is extremely susceptible to leakage phenomenon。

32mm brass tube

4、Galvanized tube:Long time no need for water pipes,You suddenly opened the discovery“Yellow”water,It is very prone to happening in the galvanized iron tube in the old house.,Such“Yellow”Water is also harmful to the human body。from2000Disable galvanized pipe,Currently, the cold water pipe of the new community has rarely used galvanized tubes.。advantage:Complete variety,Pipe fittings。shortcoming:It belongs to the country's disabled products,Vulus corrosion rusty,Leading the flow of water,Easy to cause water pollution。 5、PVCTube:In fact, it is a plastic tube.,Adhesive adhesive at the interface。Because its antifreeze and heat resistance are not good,So it is difficult to use it as a hot water pipe;Strength does not apply to the pressure of the water pipe,So the cold water pipe is also very useful.。In most cases,PVCSuitable for wire pipelines and sewage pipes。in addition,MakePVCGet more soft chemical additive,Kidney in the human body、liver、Testicular effect is very large,Will lead to cancer、Kidney damage,So don't recommend everyone to buy。advantage:light,Installation is easy,low cost,Not easy to corrupt。shortcoming:The quality will be very crisp,Easy to break,It is easy to deformed。

32mm brass tube

6、Thin wall stainless steel pipe:Thin-walled stainless steel tube is not easy to rust,Use safe and reliable impact resistance,Thermal conductivity is relatively low。But the price of stainless steel pipe is relatively high,In addition, the stainless steel model of chlorine ion in water resistant water should be used.。Wall stainless steel pipe connection is welded、Thread、Sealing and other means。advantage:Not easy to oxidize,Impact,Thermal conduction is lower。shortcoming:higher cost,Stainless steel models of chloride ions should be used。

32mm brass tube

7、lining PVCGalvanized steel:lining PVCGalvanized steel pipe has a large metal pipe strength、Advantages of rigidity and corrosion resistance of plastic pipe,At the same time, it also overcomes the shortcomings of two types of materials.。advantage:Pipe fittings、Complete specifications。shortcoming:The actual use of the pipeline is small in the pipeline. ;When the ambient temperature and medium temperature changes ,It is easy to generate alleviation, resulting in a decrease in pipe quality。

(32mm brass tube)32mm brass tube

How to express the common specifications in the water supply engineering?

(32mm brass tube)Water pipe4Partial water pipe,6Partial water pipe,1Water pipe,1Inch2water pipe,1Half water pipe,2Water pipe,2Half water pipe,3Water pipe,4Water pipe,5Water pipe,6Water pipe,8Water pipe,10Water pipe, etc.13More。Its specifications contain15mmYes4Partial water pipe,20mmYes6Partial water pipe,25mmYes1Inch of water pipes,32mmYes1Inch2water pipe,40mmYes1Half water pipe,50mmYes2Water pipe,65mmYes2Half water pipe,80mmYes3Water pipe,100mmYes4Water pipe,125mm是5Yes,150mm是6Water pipe,200mm是8Yes,250mm是10Water pipe。常用的有以下4Yes:15mm4Water pipe,20mm6分水管,25mm1Yes水管,32mm1寸2水管等,Water pipe。

以上就是小编给大家整理的知识,Commonly used?其规格怎样表示?Water pipe。

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