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brass tube 3 8 in od

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(brass tube 3 8 in od)


brass tube 3 8 in od

国标钢管外径分为三个up posture,

It belongs to the recommended series1是通用series,What is the corresponding outer diameter of the pipe

(brass tube 3 8 in od)Is a non-universal series2The outer diameter of the national standard steel pipe is divided into three series

series3series,专用a few special

(brass tube 3 8 in od)is a general series

DN15: Special series1:21(21.3),The inner diameter is determined by the wall thickness and outer diameter2:20,series3: 18

DN20: series1:27(26.9),系列2:25,系列3: 25.4

(brass tube 3 8 in od)DN25: 系列1:34(33.7),系列2:32,系列3: 30

DN32: 系列1:42(42.4),系列2:38,系列3: 35

DN40: 系列1:48(48.3),系列2:-,系列3: 45

DN50: 系列1:60(60.3),系列2:57,系列3: 54

brass tube 3 8 in od

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