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3 5 8 brass overflow tube dipwell dipperwell 8a

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(3 5 8 brass overflow tube dipwell dipperwell 8a)

 one、The relief structures

(3 5 8 brass overflow tube dipwell dipperwell 8a)The relief valve structure shown in FIG.,Relief valve is mainly made up of body、Spool、And adjusting spring and screws。In the figure(a)Type spherical valve,(b)Type is conical valve。Ball valve in the low pressure、Low flow hydraulic system;Valve cone low flow rate in the higher pressure in the hydraulic system,Conical valve plug seal effect is better than the spherical valve。The relief structures:1--Spool;2--spring;3--Body;4--Screw。

3 5 8 brass overflow tube dipwell dipperwell 8a

(3 5 8 brass overflow tube dipwell dipperwell 8a) two、Relief works

When the relief work,A pressure spring is adjusted、The control of pressure of hydraulic oil。It can be seen from FIG.:When less than the operating pressure of the hydraulic oil pressure is required,The valve body is pressed against the spring pressure oil inlet,When the pressure of the hydraulic oil exceeds its allowable operating pressure, that is greater than the spring pressure,Hydraulic oil from the valve body by a top,Hydraulic oil flows,Outflow port from the right in the direction shown,Back to the tank。The greater the pressure of the hydraulic oil,The spool is hydraulic oil from the top, the more Gao,Hydraulic oil flows through the relief valve back into the larger tankoThe hydraulic fluid through the pressure is less than or equal to the spring pressure,The spool fall,Sealed hydraulic oil import。

Since the pressure of the hydraulic fluid pump output is fixed,The working pressure of the hydraulic cylinder with oil pump than the total output of the hydraulic oil pressure is small,So in normal working there are always some hydraulic oil back into the tank from the pressure relief valve,In order to maintain the operating pressure of the hydraulic cylinder balance、normal work。This shows,Action is possible to prevent the spill of hydraulic oil pressure in the hydraulic system exceeds the rated load,Play a security role。in addition,With relief valve and throttle,The size of the throttle valve regulates the flow of hydraulic fluid,Speed control of the movable piston。

3 5 8 brass overflow tube dipwell dipperwell 8a

three、Relief valve type

According to the different structure,Relief valve can be divided into direct acting and pilot-operated types。Direct acting type relief valve is acting with the main oil hydraulic pressure adjusting spring force on the valve body of the relief valve directly to equilibrium。The valve and the load port different surface structure,Forming three basic structure。Whatever structure,They are direct acting type relief valve and a pressure regulating spring handle surge、Overflow、Three parts constituting the load surface。 Comparison of pilot-type relief valve direct-acting relief valve:Direct-acting relief valve: Simple structure,high sensitivity,But changes in pressure by overflow traffic greater impact,Large control deviation,Not suitable for high pressure、High flow at work,Often a safety valve or pressure regulator for high precision applications。

Pilot-operated relief valve:Frictional force to overcome the main spring of the main valve spool,Small spring stiffness。When the flow changes due to overflow the main valve spring compression change,Smaller spring force changes,Therefore, the valve inlet pressure change is small。High precision pressure regulator,Widely used in high pressure、Large flow system。 Relief valve spool during the move is subject to friction effect,Japanese off valve port opening direction opposite friction hour,That the relief valve opens when the characteristic difference is generated and the characteristic closed。

3 5 8 brass overflow tube dipwell dipperwell 8a(3 5 8 brass overflow tube dipwell dipperwell 8a)

Four、The main role of the overflow valve

Constant pressure overflow effect:In quantitative pump throttle adjusting system,Metering pump to provide a constant flow of。When the system pressure increases,Traffic will be reduced demand。At this point relief valve open,So that excess flow back to tank overflow,To ensure that the relief valve inlet pressure,That pump outlet pressure constant(Often with the port open pressure fluctuation)。

The role of regulator:Relief tandem in the oil back on the road,Back pressure relief valve,Increased steadily moving member。

Unloading system:Remote port solenoid valve spill overflow concatenated low flow rate,When the solenoid is energized,Remote port relief valve to tank,At this point the hydraulic pump unloading。In this case the relief valve is used as the unloading valve。

Security role:When the system is working properly,The valve closes。Only exceed the prescribed limit load(System pressure exceeds the set pressure)The open overflow,Overload protection,So that no further increase in system pressure(Typically the set pressure relief valve system maximum operating pressure higher than10%~20%)。

Practical applications are generally:For unloading valve,For remote relief valve,For the high and low pressure multi-stage control valve,For sequence valve,Used to generate backpressure(String in the oil return path)。

(3 5 8 brass overflow tube dipwell dipperwell 8a)

3 5 8 brass overflow tube dipwell dipperwell 8a

Fives、How to adjust the hydraulic pressure relief valve

Loosen the screws full relief,Equipment operation,Slowly tighten the screw,See pressure gauge,Boost stop after a few MPa,Let the device steady running a few minutes at this pressure,Then repeat Boost,Operation process,Until the set pressure is adjusted to。

(3 5 8 brass overflow tube dipwell dipperwell 8a)Each hydraulic pump station exit, there will be relief,Sometimes for some reason,Pressure pump sub-system outlet may be greater than the pressure required,This time you need relief of excess pressure relieved,The oil flow to tank。

3 5 8 brass overflow tube dipwell dipperwell 8a

six、Pressure relief valve increase but less than the highest-liter Analysis

But less than a liter increase in pressure relief valve to adjust the pressure of this phenomenon highest performance:Although the whole tight regulator handwheel,Pressure rose to only after a certain value can no longer continue to rise,In particular, is particularly significant when high oil temperature。The main causes are as follows。

(1)Hydraulic oil temperature high,Internal leakage increases。

(2)Pump internal parts wear,Internal leakage increases,Output flow reduction;Pressure rise,Smaller output flow,Not need to maintain high load traffic,Pressure rise less than the maximum pressure。And the performance of the transferred pressure,Pressure gauge pointer volatility,The large range of fluctuation,Pressure relief valve not tune up。

(3)Large particles of dirt or bypass spool damping orifice into the holes of the particulate take charge,Partially blocked pores,Entering the pilot valve, the pilot flow is reduced,It is difficult to establish the main valve chamber to balance the higher pressure main valve chamber under pressure,The pressure can not be raised to the highest。

(4)Since the main valve spool and loose fitting hole,strain、Appear trench,After severe wear or use,Into the spring chamber through the main valve damping orifice part oil flow back through the gap flow port(Such asYValve、Two concentric valve);forYFOther three concentric type valve,Since the main spool sliding bore of the valve cover mating engagement surface wear,With the gap is large,Flow into the spring chamber through the main valve orifice through the gap and then returned to the tank through the spool bore。

(5)Between the poppet valve and the pilot valve seat due to the hydraulic oil in the dirt、Moisture、Air and other chemicals and wear strain,Not a good adhesion,Pressure also rose less than the maximum。

(6)The pilot valve and seat contact surface of the cone notches。Yuan Cheng jagged or lose,Not so good adhesion therebetween。

(7)Regulating handwheel adjustment screw has threads or bumps、strain,So that the hand wheel regulator can not be tightened to the limit position,While the pilot valve can not be completely compressed spring to the proper location,It can not be transferred to the maximum pressure。

(8)Regulating spring due to wrong installation into a soft spring,Or fatigue due to reduction in rigidity of the spring,Or because of broken,It can not be transferred to the maximum pressure。

(3 5 8 brass overflow tube dipwell dipperwell 8a)(9)On the main body because of the main spool bore or outer burrs、Taper or dirt and the main spool stuck in a small opening,Articles by Changzhou Zehnder pump network consolidation was slightly open state is not fully open。at this time,Although the pressure can be adjusted to a certain value,但不能再升高。

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