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antique brass clawfoot tub overflow

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-11 22:20:02

(antique brass clawfoot tub overflow)work day,The best way to relieve fatigue:

Except for foot massage,That's a bath。

well known,

It takes a while to soak in the water。

(antique brass clawfoot tub overflow)During this time of water release,

Many people choose to shower or do other things,

sometimes forget the time,

(antique brass clawfoot tub overflow)The water in the bathtub overflows easily。

not only waste water,Gotta clean the toilet。affect relaxation。

to solve this problem,

Whimsical student invented“scale bathtub”。

antique brass clawfoot tub overflow

“scale bathtub”

It was invented by Li from Huaxin Primary School in Shenzhen.。

Creativity comes from once,

Mom pouring water ready to take a bath,

But because I'm so addicted to watching TV,

I forgot I was throwing water,

(antique brass clawfoot tub overflow)As a result, the water in the bathtub overflowed and leaked out.,

get it all over the place。see here,

(antique brass clawfoot tub overflow)Li thinks:Can you invent a bathtub that reminds you that it's full??

antique brass clawfoot tub overflow

“scale bathtub”there is one

A device that can adjust how much water you put in,

(antique brass clawfoot tub overflow)Just put the humidity sensor down

own required water level,

(antique brass clawfoot tub overflow)When the water level reaches the height,

(antique brass clawfoot tub overflow)will trigger the buzzer to sound,

Remind people to turn off water in time。

antique brass clawfoot tub overflow

“scale bathtub”

Won the first prize of Futian District Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition。

(antique brass clawfoot tub overflow)Li also said,creation“scale bathtub”the process of

let him learn a lot,

Also realize that invention and innovation are so simple,

(antique brass clawfoot tub overflow)As long as you are willing to brainstorm,Everything is possible。

Yes,as long as the child is creative,

We'll be able to play with invention in the classroom

realize his whimsy。