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brass tube fracture

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-11 21:58:53

Does metal water pipes must be welded??Welding complement is a traditional method of repairing metal water pipe cracks,However, welding needs to be carried out by professional training operators and professional tools.,And the welding is also possible to form a weld,If the metal repair agent with gathering glue is repaired, it is more simple than welding.,Metal repair agent is main body with a polymer resin、Metal powder is a special cold welding material for reinforcing filler,Paste is not thin,Have a good fill effect,Adhesive strength can reach the strength of cold welding。

brass tube fracture

Metal replenishment of polymetallic glue to repair the crack of the water pipe,First find the location of the crack next to the premise of water,Stop pipeline delivery,Working with a grinding tool to ground the position of the crack to expose metal primary color(To expand the grinding area properly),And clean up,Industrial alcohol flush,Put the right amount of metal repair agent and mix average according to the correct weight.,Apply to crack sites,And repeatedly compact,Ensure that metal trimming can fill in a small crack,Room temperature6-8Over the hour to use。

brass tube fracture

Gather,Focus on solving the sand of metal parts、Pore、crack、Defects such as wear,Special person to provide technical support,More exciting video shakes pay attention to gathering metal glue~