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A employee's self-exposure company bankruptcy clearing Weibo,Pulsted the past valuation70Billion unicorn's last shoal cloth。

10moon30Day late,“Yunbird Technology”Official micro-procure company arrears of employees for months,“CEOHan Yi has no money、To bankrupt clear”。Immediately attracted more employees and drivers' auction。

According to the lead in the lead,This crisis is the earliest from9moon。“9At the end of the month, a large amount of urban withdrawal and compromise,At that time, a certain panic has been caused.。”Yunbird Science and Technology, a person in charge of the person in charge, Xu Liang, said to the pencil。

to date,The salary wind wave is still in fermentation。Today morning9point,There are also dozens of Yunbird Technology's drivers gathered to Yunbird Science and Technology Headquarters,But there is still no practical progress。

Official website display,Yunbird Technology is established2014year11moon,Is a dedicated to“Tongcheng supply chain distribution”Internet platform,Be called“Logistics industryofo”。According to Yunbird Science and Technology Employees,The company has3000Many employees and19000Multiple in-service drivers,Driver service fee and deposit involve more than 100 million,Arrears of employee wages involved6000More than 10,000。

In order to raise funds,Yunbird has done a lot of efforts,Such as mutual benefit——This is a wealth management product launched by a cloud bird.。“Buying mutually beneficially is to give a financing party,Show the company's cash flow is positive。”A person who knows people reveals the lead in the lead,In order to complete the indicator,Yunbird employees have sent a share of credit card。

But since this year8Moon,Mutual benefit money will not be able to get it slowly。Previously a month30Store,1You can take it out,Later, it was not good.。In order to raise funds,Yunbird has never given up financing。According to media reports,In Yunbird Technology Headquarters,Legacy in the scattered office area2Business plan,The money is this year, respectively.8Month9moon。

(1 4 brass tube brushes)Today, the cloud bird in cash flow,There have also been there have been a scene of scenery.。2015-2017year,Yunbird Technology has been completed4Round financing,Total2.2

One hundred million U.S. dollars;2019year,Yunbird Technology has been70100 million yuan《Hu Run Global Unicorn List》First264Position 。

(1 4 brass tube brushes)Now, although the cloud bird has fallen,But it has also been continuing for the value of the industry.,This crisis will also give later people more inspiration and lessons.。

Note:The content of this article is mainly from the interview with the lead in the lead, and has an open information of authoritative source.,The discussion is inevitably,There is no deliberate misleading。

Arrears1.6100 million Boss

(1 4 brass tube brushes)“This time,Yunbird really flying(run)In。”

10moon30Day late,@Yunbird Technology Official Weibo released a top Weibo,Self-exposure company has rumored in recent time“Run”information。Weibo said,“CloudbirdCEOHan Yi has no money,Bankruptcy。I have suffered a few months of salary.,Hard drivers and colleagues have hard work!Let's go to Han Yi.!meet on Monday!”

(1 4 brass tube brushes)But seeing good Monday,And there is no chance to honor。11moon1Day morning,@Yunbird Technology Weibo for the company's bankruptcy clearing is deleted,evening,Official Weibo display has been sold,All delete。

11moon2day,Official Weird Monitoring WeChat Public Number“Yunbird Distribution”,post article《Ten Yunbird TechnologyCEOHan Yi,Anger?When the employee driver is repaid?》Continue to crusadeCEOHan Yi。As of,Han Yi still has no response。

1 4 brass tube brushes

There is a cloudless science and technology employee called the media,11moon1Day publishing announcement in the company,Company cash flow has been exhausted,Decide to apply for bankruptcy,Follow-up will try to promote creditor debt disposal。

according to《Ten Yunbird TechnologyCEOHan Yi》One article,Yunbird Technology has in the country3000Many employees and19000Multiple in-service drivers,Drivers deposit and freight involve more than 100 million yuan,Arrears of employee wages involved6000More than 10,000。

(1 4 brass tube brushes)10moon31day,There have been a media to interview the operator of Yunbird Technology official Weibo.,The other party said that he is the employee of the Yunbird Technology Beijing Headquarters Market Department.,Has been arreled by the company for two months。“Borrow company account released Weibo,It's because I have no road.。”

The operator also said,“10moon30day,Yunbird TechnologyCEOHan Yi suddenly notifies executives through a conference call,The company will not send a penny,It is about to bankrupt the company,so(I)I want to send Weibo to tell everyone,I hope everyone will quickly defend rights.。”

Woodworthy,There is also the employees of the Yunbirds all over the country.。An employee from Shenzhen Branch, Li Mei, said in the lead in the lead,“10moon29No(Friday),Employees are still working on work,When is the employee asked when in the group?,City Council10moon30Normal pay。I heard the wind of other cities on Friday night.,I know the company's bankruptcy,Headquarters has always been a branch,There is no leader to synchronize。”

(1 4 brass tube brushes)An employee from Zhengzhou Branch, Zhao Jiamin, also said,“Company8I have almost have salary after the month.。10moon29Company is still working properly,Going to work next morning,I found that the company has already evacuated,What is the computer?,Then the staple is also kicked out of group chat.。”

After the salary microblog is issued,In an instant, more people's claims,However, the Yunbird Technology Leadership has never responded。FounderCEOHan Yi has directly exited the company executive group。Screenshots confirmed by employee,30Day 9:0040Minute,Han Yi is in the cloud birdVPOCore management team group talking:“Allocate,This group is dissolved as business architecture,Start change to the liquidation architecture。”Then I quit the group chat.,Another senior high-managed cloud bird technologyVPPeng Yunzhong,Also exit group chat。

1 4 brass tube brushes

Actually,10Month,Yunbird Technology has appeared“Run”rumor。“because9At the end of the month, a large amount of urban withdrawal and compromise,At that time, a certain panic has been caused.。”Yunbird Science and Technology, a person in charge of the person in charge, Xu Liang, said to the pencil。

He recalls,This year9End of the month,Yunbird Technology opened once in BeijingVPLevel meeting,Participants include the person in charge of all regions、Business owners,And the highest person in charge of the headquarters,The theme of the meeting is to discuss things with uscheng layoffs.。After the meeting,Yunbird Technology quickly withdraws the city layoff,Originate50A city becomes13City,Total number of national employees from3000Multiple people reduce1000Multi-person。

(1 4 brass tube brushes)at the same time,The meeting also developed the salary。According to Xu Liang,Yunbird Technology has a longer period of payment cycle,Generally, the last day of the month。Means of,Staff8The salary of the month will wait until9moon30Can you send,but9After the end of the month,I have not issued the current payment of employees.,until10moon8The number starts to send according to the employee level.20%、50%、80%Unequaped salary,“But overall is only a small part”。

for10Month of the month“Run”rumor,Yunbird Technology10moon11On WeChat public number“Yunbird Distribution”Post clarification announcement。Announcement,“Due to company strategic adjustment,Yunbirds operates on some cities to optimize……Employees and drivers involved in business optimization,Yunbird has negotiated with representatives of each city,And give‘Priority’+‘Installment payment’plan。”but,At present, this public article has also disappeared.。

“At that time, we also comforted that we want to build difficulties.,employee9Monthly salary10Will it be normal at the end of the month,But10I can't find what I can't find anything.。”Xu Liang said。

“Logisticsofo” Valuation70100 million

Today's fluffy cloud technology,I have also have a few years of beautiful scenery.。Such a star company,How is it going to go today??

Multiple employees also said,They are looking at the radius of the cloud bird.,It is considered that the company is in the development period to decide to join the cloud bird.。

Official website display,Yunbird Technology is established2014year11moon,Is a dedicated to“Tongcheng supply chain distribution”Internet platform。forB2B、O2O、Chain business、Distributor、Brand business、manufacturer、B2C、Express delivery and other customers provide regional and city distribution business。

(1 4 brass tube brushes)Understand,The main business of Yunbird Technology has two core sections and thunderbirds,in,Wutong plates are distributed in urban delivery,Service driver as the core,Carrying technology and big data processing platform,Joint Host Factory、Bank、insurance、Financial institution、Maintenance of the car、Training institutions and other supply chains。And thunderbird is the company as a company andCDid customers provide truck rental platforms。

Yunbird Technology's official website display,The company has been in the north, etc.50First line second-line city to carry out business,Has covered North China、East China、South China、China、southwest,Serve multiple supply chain customers10000Bed。to date,Yunbird Technology Cartody Pool has exceeded10010,000 drivers。

(1 4 brass tube brushes)Yunbird has been called“Logistics industryofo”,AlsoO2OThe hot age has harvested a number of investment institutions favored。InvestigateAPPshow,2015-2017year,Yunbird Technology has been completed4Round financing,Total2.2One hundred million U.S. dollars,Behind the investors include Jinsha River Venture、Jingwei China、Sequoia capital、Grand capital、Waiping investment and other well-knownVC。

1 4 brass tube brushes

Yunbird still is a unicorn company。2019year10moon,Yunbird Technology70100 million yuan《2019Hu Run Global Unicorn List》First264Position 。2019year11moon15day,Hu Lun Institute released《Shimao Strait·2019In the third quarter Hu Runda Central Unicorn Index》,Yunbird Technology70Billion RMB valuation list。

(1 4 brass tube brushes)As a founder, Han Yi is a continuous entrepreneur。InvestigateAPPshow,Han Yi is the Yunbird Technology Real Control Man,End benefit shares28.2867%,It is still20Home affiliate。Public information,Han Yi was a vice president of Silicon Valley Power、Wireless Entertainment Corporate Founder,I have also been a Weisher founder.,but11moon2day,Weight is easy to publish the statement,Han Yi is already2014Years leave the micro-broadcast,No longer participating in the company's management activities,Only one of many shareholders。Secondly,Weille and Yunbird Technology are the independent legal person main body,The two companies do not have any business associations or financial transactions.。

2019year,Han Yi is also gains“new China70Year Chinese logistics owner70people”title,Also appear on the list, there is SF Wang Wei、Salara founder Zhou Shengzhen, etc.。

This year5On a launch of a month,Han Yi also delivered a speech to sharing how he is3In the year, the Yunbird made the only unique unicorn in the city.,And tell the cloud bird's strategic layout will lead the development of the industry。Han Yi once said“The success of a company not only needs a good lead,At the same time, strong teams also need。”

However, just over5Month,Faced with hundreds of millions of arrears,and3000Many self-employees and tens of thousands of drivers,Han Yi“Unicorn speaks”Some irony means。

Can't get rid of cash flow

Yunbird Technology11moon1Announcement in the company group:“Yunbird Technology2014year11Month,7I have been committed to using the yearITAnd technology to change urban delivery efficiency,Constant exploration of business direction、Adjust business model,But gradually caught in trouble。2020Year,The business is seriously affected by the epidemic,Although multi-work、Financing funds,I still can't get rid of business difficulties,Current cash flow has been exhausted。”

As early as a few years ago,Yunbird Technology explodes a cash flow crisis。Report,Yunbird Technology has beenofoSynthetic bicycle dispatch supplier,UnexpectedlyofoStrain,As of2018year9moon,ofoArrears of Yunbird Technology1.1Billion。Yunbird Technology helpless contract business,Large reduction expense,exist2018After the year, it disappeared in the field of public fields.。

With the bubble crack of shared economy,is called“Logisticsofo”Yunbird TechnologyDNo new financing after the round。

(1 4 brass tube brushes)While Yunbird Technology suffers from financing,,Other giants in the same city freight market are constantly upgrading。2019-2021year,Silfish China invested in Yunbirds participated in the goods.D、E、FRound financing,Three rounds of financing23.15One hundred million U.S. dollars;2018year,I have helped the Yunshajiang venture capital to start the startup of Yunbirds.Ewheel19Billion yuan financing。

In the same period,Fast dog tax、Drip freight, etc. also harvested huge financing。In the express industry analyst,Giant bet,Reflects2018Years later,The freight market has come out of the initial stage,The capital market began to be rational。

(1 4 brass tube brushes)Lack of capital blood transfusion,In order to enhance their own hematopoietic capacity,Yunbird Technology has indeed thinking that many ways。

Xu Liang introduced,2019year,Yunbird Technology has introduced a humour plan、Thunderbird plan as a new direction of development。Among them, the phoenix plans to serve the driver as the core.,Provide the driver“peer to peer”or“A little more”Distribution service。

Drivers who participate in the phoenix plan want to run business4000Yuan franchise fee,After that, the cloud bird will open the line to the driver to join.,Yunbird will draw from the driver's freight8%Commission,4000Yuan is used to deduct commissions to deduct,“For example, the driver runs.1000Block,The company will deduct the management service fee of the driver.80Block,Go to4000Yuanbi light,Or the driver does not do。”

However, the driver's service is mixed on the Wutong Plan.。Xu Liang said,“Some drivers are also available,Some feedback is not,Mainly because the business is hard,The driver must load its own loading,There is still not very much money。”

According to media reports,Many drivers said to join“Wutong sharing”Logistics platform,The other party commitment the truck driver is not shipping,After signing the contract,“Yunbird Technology”Too little source information provided,Regardless no living,It's far from the initial commitment.。

Currently,Only in the driver rights group in Yunbird Technology Beijing,There is already460+Route driver complained,Amount4000Yuan-6Wan Yuan does not wait。

Main business difficult operation,Han Yi hit the abacus to the employee,Let employee invest in mutual benefit“Package”the company's“cash flow”,Some employees have put near20Ten thousand yuan。Mutual benefit is the company wealth management product launched by Yunbirds,This also makes it deep“Illegal fundraising”In the complaint,Telling tens of millions of yuan。

Li Rose said to the lead in the lead,From September last year, she entered the Yunbird Technology before.,Mutual benefit is already。The company said that the buying mutual benefit is to see the financing party.,Show the company's cash flow is positive。Each city headquarters will come down to buy mutually beneficial indicators every month.,More than 100 million cities,There are also hundreds of thousands of。basically,Town in the city,The team under the rest of the remainder。

“There is no consequence of the indicator.,But the city general publicizes this issue of collective honors,Must want to do a way,So some colleagues want to brush the credit card money to cast mutual benefit。”Li Mei said,For mutual benefits,Employee is generally very disgusted,But there is no way to resist。

(1 4 brass tube brushes)With the break of the company's capital chain,Mutual benefit money will not be able to get it slowly。Li Mei introduced:“Probably from8Month start,The money is not good.。Previously a month30Store,1You can take it out,Basically, I will arrive at 45 o'clock.,Needless to talk to the person in charge of the city。Later, it was not good.,It is necessary to ask the city's total,After that, it is regional total,Then go to the total finance。”

10moon20Day or so,Large quantity of employees who can not get mutually beneficial to find the city's total money,The city can always go to Han Yi.,So I have the following screenshots.。Show,On the same day29Personal to Han Yi applying for mutual benefit,Amount2-8Unworthy,Han Yi said in the executive group:“More panic。The more you pay。that's it。”

1 4 brass tube brushes

The direct cause of this cash flow crisis is related to the company's high-speed expansion since this year.。Li Rose said to the lead in the lead,This year3month,Yunbirds large-scale expansion,Add a thunderbird rental business,提供车辆转租处理的一站式租赁服务。

One-stop rental service for vehicle rental processing,今年6According to Xu Liang,云鸟也有过一次业务调整,This year。“当时就是打人海战术,moon。也就是因为盲目扩张,Yunbird also has a business adjustment,加上有的城市市场就那么大,The personnel are basically doubled in one and a half months.,有的亏钱,At that time, it was playing sea tactics.。”

值得注意的是,Grab the market《21世纪经济It is because blind expansion》报道,在北京市顺义区的So there is money总部,There is no way to lead the performance this piece.:《云鸟科技商业计划书》In addition, there is so much city market.《摩根士丹利简介及香港上市探讨-云鸟科技》,落款时间分别为今年8Some losses9月。

1 4 brass tube brushes

这或许意味着,according to,仍然计划通过新一轮融资进行“Century economic report”?