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brass and stainless tube brushes

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-11 20:48:39

Do you have a toothbrush with brass or stainless steel brush??If you have not seen it,You must have a man who wants to use this toothbrush to brush your teeth is definitely a madman.。In fact, this toothbrush,Not used to brush your teeth,But use to clean medical equipmentCleaning brush。Just the shape of the brush and normal toothbrush,So it is easy to be misunderstood。

brass and stainless tube brushes

Cleaning brush

(brass and stainless tube brushes)Common metal varies,But why is this toothbrush type medical cleaning brush only with brass and stainless steel??

That is because the brass grinding is high.,Apparatus for cleaning severe contamination without damaging the surface、preservative、Will not generate sparks, etc.,Suitable for mild to medium clean surface。

Stainless steel corrosion、Heat resistant、Chemical drug、Excellent bending recovery、High wear resistance,Suitable for more intense cleaning,Such as,Serrated、Box lock, etc.。

brass and stainless tube brushes(brass and stainless tube brushes)Cleaning brush

These features of brass and stainless steel,So there is such a choice,Of course,Nylon's choice is also a lot,Go root,It is selected according to the characteristics of the cleaner.,It is also widely used in industrial applications.。